There is only 1 God of all gods, 1 Lord of all lords, 1 King of all kings and 1 Judge of us ALL!
Therefore, who are man to determine or judge who the 1 and Only Living God calls, sends out and positions. I've never been one who gets caught up in titles, what ever gift the Lord desires to use me in for that particular time and moment that is the gift I would operate under. He did say He gave gifts unto men, some Apostles, Teachers, Evangelist, Prophets and Pastors for the edifying of the church. He know who He called and the gift He has given unto each individual. That is outside of our (man)Authority to dictate who He did or didn't call! Our focus should be on the cross that the sick may be heal etc. If we get back to the original focus, the things that shouldn't matter wouldn't matter and the things that should matter would matter!

Let's stay focus!
Much Agape
4~ever in His Power, Purpose and Plan!
Evang. Andrea Cochran

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True. It is God who calls, ordains, and establishes. We are all left with the same two decisions, to either accept or reject God's decisions. To accept God's call (task, job, position, etc.) on one's life, or to accept (recognize, submit) to God's call on another's life. To agree with God, or to appose Him.

Yet, there is also a third decision for every saint of God, i.e., to recognize and challenge those who falsely claim to be teachers and prophets of God, but it is especially important for those who have the 'gift of discernment'. Wolves are no longer at our gates - they now hide among the flock.
We are free to make judgements. But, our judgements are not to be hypocritical.


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