i saw the post some time ago and did not respond to it . I must say it was good and caused me to think. One of the main things is that we must define is preaching in and of itself but that will take a long time . I think we can go all over the country and find good preaching so what we must do is reduce the idea to main points . I believe that we can do this in a manner that is good for all . To do that i say we start by just listing those of this generation that have made a great impact. 

Dr. R. A .Williams

Dr. Ralph West

 Pastor. Jeffery Johnson

 Pastor .E. Dewy Smith 

Pastor Terry K Anderson

Pastor Tellis Chapman 

Bishop Keith Reed

Dr. Frank E Ray

Dr. John Adolph 

Dr. Marcus Cosby

Pastor H . B. Charles 

Pastor Marvin Wiley

Dr Maurice Watson 

Dr . Freddie Haynes

Dr. Johnny Ray Youngblood

Pastor. Timothy Glenn

 Dr.Tony Evans 

Dr. Howard John Wesley

Dr. Mack King Cater

Dr. R . B. Holmes 

Dr. Freddie Clark 

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ohh i forgot one my Pastor Dr. A. Louis Patterson Jr


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