Hey Mighty Men of God, I want to hear what you have to say about your role in the home as a Godly man.

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The Bible has a lot to say concerning a Godly man the Home: As far as a husband, he is to love his wife as Christ loves the church. As a father, he is to bring up his child in the way of the Lord. He is not to provoke his children into anger. A Godly man is a priest of his home. He leads his family in the Lord. He is one who has a love for God and hunger for His Word.
A Godly man's role in the home is simply to be Godly. He is to attend to the home as he would a ministry, for his marriage, and his children is his ministry, and he is responsible. He is to be an example and a teacher. But how can he teach except he himself is first taught? This implies that he must be a student of the Word and a disciple of the Lord. How can He train his children properly if he knows not the word of God? When he learns what God expects of him he governs himself accordingly. He must be one who is deemed; a son of God. For those that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.
dThank you, Mighty Man God!
AMEN! Thanks for such wisdom...
some years ago my oldest daughter would wake up at nights,crying from the other room;to my suprise all she wanted was to be covered and by the way the sheet was already in the bed.this would frustrate me and this went on for a while; afterall i thought she was old and big enough to have covered herself.nights of frustration led me to take another perspective. what if for the first timeGod was bringing me into his sovereign thought and that is THAT AS FATHERS WE DO BEST TO COVER THOSE TO WHOM WERE ENTRUSTED TO US, THAT COVERING CONTAINS IN IT THE ABILITY TO OVERLOOK ONES FAULT. when i saw that this was atest of my God given assignment and covered her graciously, never again did she wake up crying desireing to be covered.THE ROLE OF FATHERS WHETHER INHOME OR IN THE NATIONS THE PRESENCE OF FATHERS BRINGS WITH IT THE ABILITY TO PROVIDE PROTECTION FOR A GENERATION FROM THE ELEMENTS. The challenges we see today is not necessarily the ills of a generation, though painful but rather the degree to which the generation is covered
AMEN! Powerful illustration...
We as Godly women must stay in our place and be a help mate. We tend to be the strong minded woman who want to be so independent. We stagnate the man and cripple him. We tend to manipulate them and sometimes cause them to make choices to please us. We need to all be mature and stay rooted and grounded in the WORD.

Some get married before they truly know themselves and bring baggage. Marriage is a beautiful thing is both parties heed the message and really go by the BIBLE. YOU CAN"T GO WRONG!! But, first be mature enough spiritually, emotionally, mentally to fully commit and know who you are before you submit to another.
AMEN! My Sista..
Also as men we must be taught the Kingdom concept of authority. I learned a valuable lesson of authority while watching a basketball game. The most powerful person on the court (and football field) is the referee. Sometimes the smallest individual out there, but he has authority (Gk. exousia) when he doesn't have strength (Gk. dunamis).

As men we must be taught that we don't have to argue when we have authority. The husband cannot take his wife's spiritual tests anymore than a professor can take his/her students test. The professor has authority in the classroom, but does not fail when the students refuse to study. The husband has to lead graciously, lovingly, prayerfully, but is not diminished by a stubborn wife. He has authority, he doesn't need arguing strength or power.

How does he lead? By following Divine leadership. If she has the Spirit of God, she'll recognize the hand of God on him as she should recognize before the wedding. Typically, if he loves as Christ loves the church, she'll respond with respect and vice-versa!
YES! I just love it, thanks for being a Mighty Man of God.
The best ever role is to exercise divine dominion in the spirit that every thing in family fall according to divine pattern.
My brother Johncross Evo, you are not far from the kingdom of heaven. The things you say are easier said than done, but they are doable. It takes a lot of effort and work to exercise divine dominion in the spirit. When a man focuses on uch an exercise he cannot fail. Just like the natural muscles need an opposing force in order to be builded up, so also the faith of a man need exercise to be builded up. If there is nothing to oppose the effort of his faith, how then will it be strengthened. Such a man must have a determined mind to pursue the very will and divine favor of God through obedience and faith in Him. God bless you Johncross Evo, man of God.


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