Are You Auditioning for a job to preach where God has all ready appointed and sent you?...

Should you have to send an audition tape or CD to go into anothers church to preach the gospel when you are chosen and called of God?

Do you believe as I do, that those that are spiritually filled with the Holy Spirit should know and have a decerning Spirit to know those that are like spirits laboring in the vinyards of God together? ...and dost the doors are open to advance the Kingdom of God as they join in partnership.

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2 Tim 3:16....Where's the scripture? How can you speak with no scripture. LET EVERY WORD OF GOD BE TRUE AND EVERY MANS BE A LIE!
you better believe it brother... It is up to people of faith in god to do this move. I wish you much blessing my brother... Bring it on..

I agree somebody finally answered my question!
You are so right! well spoken!
Praise the Lord Psalm 51; just to make a comment on your topic above. I agree with you about what you are saying about pastors pimping the church, which God has called us to shepherd. Our purpose in the church is to feed the sheep, God has given us the right food, and we should not concern ourselves about going around preaching here and there. We also have to do more teaching in the church and stop looking at the numbers. God said He will give the increase, we don't have to worry about the multitude coming, if we do what God has called us to do. Acts2:41 say; "then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day three- thousand souls were added to them." (the church) All we have to do is preach God's Word, not man's word. I am tired of hearing pastors preach the "News" in church. that's why we have CNN, also, I want to make a comment on what an Apostle did in the days; they went "out" healing, and casting out demons; Apostles oversees not pastor; Acts 5:29 states "we ought to obey God rather than men." In these end-times man is looking for attention, fame etc..... but God is looking for "Servants" people to serve. and finally, If you find in the Bible the scripture about
"a First Lady" or "co-pastor" please let me know, because I can't seem to find it either. Don't get me wrong, I am a woman pastor, and I do respect the pastor's wife, but we need to stop adding to God's "Word". God says in His Word, we should not add to or take away from His Word. May God bless you Psalm 51 for reading and really understanding God's Word.
I love you all in the Body of Christ, but we need to study to show ourselves approved, rightly divided the Word of truth. Amen
Amen women of God.
Then we need to speak the whole word; Study to show thyself approved unto GOD, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2Tim 2:15 we cannot afford to leave out the most important words. They make a difference. But I'm with you on the co-pastor and first lady. show me in the word
I will comment concerning this, He said when he wrote out the five fold ministry. That he called " Some" Not just men, that meant mankind. Secondly, Whats wrong with woman pastors because the bible tells me when he ressurected he sent the woman to go and tell the good news. Then, lemme say this ( If you wanna be technical since Jesus was and is the word, Mary carried him, and he was inside of her, but what was inside, came out, and she delivered Jesus, the word) Now if you study then you wont have these questions such as this one you asked her. Because the bible says that God doesn't have any ignorant people.

Now thats not adding or taking away from the word of God. That scripture was common sensse when he stated he called SOME.
Amen from the husband and wife apostolic duo-- the Apostles Watkins.
This is why you must know them that LABOR among you!! Right a tape or CD won't do. You must know who is laboring among you, and by their fruits you will know them.

Fourth of all where does the qualifications of a pastor start off that he must be blameless and husband of one wife.Wrong scripture read your Word.Now let me say that promotion comes from God not man,so why try and promote yourself you are beating a dead horse.If you are truly who God has in mind then he will send you and you will wait for him to send you.


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