There are many things that are in the bible and there are many things that are not in the bible. Historically and biblically, the Catholic church exists outside of the Christian kingdom. Jesus started only one church and that was in Jersalem on the day of Pentecost. The Protestant churches are the offsprings of the Catholic church having no connection to the church that Jesus started with the apostles at Pentecost. Did any Hebrew teach of more than one God that trinity doctrine poses? Did Jesus, who was born a Hebrew teach of more than one God as trinity doctrine says? Why do we have to look outside of the bible to establish a trinitarian view and doctrine of God? No where in scripture we find that there is a God the Son, or God the Holy Ghost. No where in scripture do we find that there are 3 gods, nor do we find, according to some, 1 god in 3 persons. Wow! so many things are leeched onto our belief system of God really makes u wonder are u truly worshipping the God of the bible. Where do we get that God is a person other than being Jesus? Does the bible say that the Father is a person or a Spirit? John 4:24 Does the bible say that the Holy Ghost is a person? I think we really need to take a look at what is taught by Jesus in the scripture.

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Trinity comes from Catholism. That is history. I would hope u would be informed as such. 325ad, Council of Nicae. Earliest coined phrase trinity 180 ad. This is history. No bible ever speaks of a trinity doctrine. If u have the verse that does please share so that I might read along with u.
I never said of a Trinity doctrine only that I believe the Three are one and the same. As you stated, Jesus said He and the Father that sent Him are one. You tell me. You asked me in your other response who is Jesus? My reply to you and then you tell me who you think He is fair enough. He was the Word before He became flesh and God's son by God through the Holy Spirit (God). His earthly being is Jesus. He was ressurrected and became Christ Jesus then transfigured and now sits on the right hand of God. Christ Jesus is no longer flesh like you and me. Now your turn!
Hi Bro. John:

As a fomer Catholic (now Pentecostal), I would like to suggest that it is nearly impossible to renounce Roman Catholicism and pracitce western Christianity as we do here in America, since Christianity as we know it here is directly derived from Catholicism--ALL of it. The Potestant movement--from which all other forms of Christianaity in the west derrived, did not change most of the religious doctrines, dogmas, practices, or ICONS (white pictures of Jesus, the crucifixion, the apostles, angels, the white Madonna, etc). Mostly, it refused the pope (supreme bishop as) a monarch or dictator over the church, and the idea of Mary being part of a diety.

The sad thing is that most folks who believe Catholicism is unbiblical or is in error actually believe its doctrines and dogmas, and are actually practicing forms of it. Many "Christians" (thank God Jesus wasn't a Christian) do not know why they worship on Sundays, take communion as they do, why their preacher speak from a pulpit, or why there is a trinitarian or triune (which ever folks prefer) doctrine. We really do not study the bible--we read it--maybe, we may have a few commentaries on it, or simply believe what we have been told without question. Thre is such a wealth of information out there (that actually contains truth)--and it's a shame that the average Christian does not know the info exists, much less do they read it.
I just want to say that Satan's kingdom is founded on a "form of godliness" 2 Timothy 3:5 that has consistently substituted many of the traditions that began in ancient Babylon for the commandments of God. His kingdom has been at war with those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 12:17. Therefore God, who has control of everything everywhere, will turn against that kingdom the very sun they unwittingly still worship. The modern custom of substituting Sunday- the day originally dedicated by the pagans for worshipping the sun- in place of the biblical seventh day sabbath is one clear example of such worship. Saturday is the sabbath day and we are suppose to keep it Holy.(fourth commandment). As almost any encyclopedia will tell you, Dec 25 was celebrated in ancient pagan religions as the birthday of the sun, then later adopted as the supposed birthday of Christ. Jesus reprimanded the people of his century for substituting human traditions for God's commands. IN VAIN THEY WORSHIP ME, TEACHING AS DOCTRINES THE COMMANDMENTS OF MEN AND LAYING ASIDE THE COMMANDMENT OF GOD. FULL WELL YOU REJECT THE COMMANDMENT OF GOD SO THAT YOU MAY KEEP YOUR OWN TRADITION. ST.MARK 7 7-9.
Sister Raychell once again you are right on because of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding God has given you in His Word. Sunday is not THE day for worship and I believe Jesus preached on any day and didn't favor one day from the next as a tradition about teaching the Word of God. I don't know what day the Sabboth fell on but ask God to show me as I ask and know that Christmas isn't the time to celebrate Jesus birthday nor believe He wants us to. I don't believe Easter is a celebration for the resurrection but another pagan event mixed in with Christianity. Easter was celebrated centuries before Jesus was born. It was a holiday of Chaldeans or Babylonian origins right after Noah's flood in an area called Babel (Babylon) by Nimrod (a type of antichrist, rebelled against God). Nimrod married a woman known as Simaromes I (spelling probably wrong) whose pagan worship was carried into every primitive culture in the world. Known in Phonecia as Asteroth, in Egypt Isis, in Greece Aphrodites, in Rome venus and in Assyria Eshtar and in Menova of Assyria as Easter, the high goddess of paganism. The story goes on and I'm waiting for Easter to say more on it. Oh and here in America we eat chocolate bunnies. It's ok I believe to have holidays for us to celebrate but not on the bases of worship. I just look at them as fun things to do. I didn't teach my children to worship Easter or Christmas as anything but fun celebrations, that's all. I have a little info on both Easter and Christmas and well it's not what the masses think for sure. Have a great evening my Sister in Christ and talk soon.
Bless You! Bless You! Bless You!

I pray you are still in the faith since this comment. Continue to speak the TRUTH OF GOD IN LOVE.
Thanks Bishop Hyman and I agree and though never a Catholic have studied some things and know that is stems from the Babylonian Mysteries and that Constantine saw a cross in the sky and looked at it as a sign and henceforth stopped torturing the Jews and the Jews were glad to not be persecuted by Constantine again and so a mixture was created as you will. I truly don't like the term religion or labels like when asked what denomination are you. I just say now that I have none but am a follower of Christ and I do study the word very much and feel gifted in some ways from it. I know that Christ never thought of what He and His disciples were doing as a religion and never called it that. That tag was given by those that called His followers Christians because they followed Christ. Thank you again.
You're right about Constantine--Christiandom in the West would be shocked to know that we are really practicing a mix between Constantine's doctrine and religion and Orthodox Roman Catholicism. Sometimes, I question why do I call myself a Christian, if the one who's life and teachings I follow was Jewish? In fact, the early church wasn't even referred to as Christians--it was a negative term ascribed to the church at Antioch (a European church) as they practiced some nearly fanatical form of this "mystery" religion. Well, Jesus as you said, and his disciples/apostles never considered what they were doing as a new religion--they never called it that, I'm not a fanatical European of this mystery religion, so what does one consider me? I too am not fond of denominational tags (though I am pentecostal--it too has a lot of Catholic polity and structure, even down to casting out demons--exorcisms). I even less fond of religious tags Bro. John. Something I learned from Min. Louis Farrakhan actually matured me in this area, He preached this" ..."God is not a Jewish God, He is not a Christian, nor a Muslim--He alone is God of all creation, and is THE God of the righteous. Now THAT'S a revelation! Wonder what folks are going to do when they get to heaven, and find out Jesus NOR God were EVER Christians? LOL--thanks again for your comment.

Bishop sjh
Acts 11:26 And when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. And it came to pass, that they assembled themselves with the Church, and taught much people. AND THE DISCIPLES WERE CALLED CHRISTIANS FIRST AT ANTIOCH.
Thank you Brother Adrian I didn't point to the scripture. You can also see Is 65:15 for another reference. God bless.
What is your feeling for the Trinity?
Hello there again--you can see Min. West's view explicitly on the trinity, along with dialogue from Bro. Veals (the author of this discussion) and myself on some of the earlier pages of this discussion forum--hope you have few minutes--it's a LOT of reading. lol


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