After watching the recent debates between McCain / Obama and Palin / Biden, I figured I would give all of the members of Black Preaching Network an open forum to discuss election issues, prayers, and concerns leading up to November 4th.

Again, thank you for being a member of BPN and I pray that the network is a continued support and encouragement to your ministry.

RJ - Tre and Cassidy's Dad

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31 Days to GO!!!!

I am looking forward to this Election Day.
Guess who's goin' to be up all night Election Night?
I'll have it on CBS NEWS on our tv and CNN on my computer at the same time,
Most of all---
It is your RIGHT.

John Hanson first Black President 1781-1782 PLEASE PLEASE pass it on check out the Dick Gregory Site.

Is it me or has anyone else noticed no black politicans are ever with Obama when he is on Television.
I also noticed here in Florida very very few people have voting signs out. Last presidental election you tripped on them there was so many.

People here where I live are scared to put out voting signs in fear of windows or their homes being targeted.

Now you don't hear or see any of this on t.v.
Hi Bro Jones,

Thank you for posting. I am excited about joining the BPN Network. I have been following the election closely and watched the debate last night. Its time for a change. Obama is poised and up for the challenge!! We are praying that God continues to give him favor. I just wanted to let all know that a Philadelphia, PA family from COGIC has written and recorded an OBAMA CAMPAIGN SONG called "Yes We Can" It is to be released this week!! It is also available via mp3. If anyone wants more info you can dial 1-877-717-SONG (7664) or Peace and Blessings to all.
Sooo what happens if Obama doesn't win will we still be looking and screaming change. Why wait change begins with each indiviual "physican heal yourself"

Its Time
Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

A Christian can vote a candidate at the presidential election. A christian also holds this civic right.

But the vote(poll) is secret.

Consequently, a Christian should not post his desire to vote a candidate. a Christian must be discrete, neutral.

A true Christian can never be a politician(politicking).

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ".

Philippians 1:27


Hi brother!

I do respect your position, but tell me:

If Jesus-Christ were in our place, what would He do?

Would He choose a candidate and make a special campaign for Him?

Would He ask His disciples to endeavor to vote a chosen candidate?

Brother, you are free to vote secretly a candidate Who you think is likely to change your country.

You must pray for your country and for all the candidates.

However, As Christians we must not be identified to a political party. Our Party is the Party of the Christ Jesus.

It is up to you to decide. It's your right to do so.

However, remember that we are Pilgrims on Earth. We must make campaign for Jesus-Christ.


Bro. Germain
And so they cast lots (dice) to see who would take Judis place. Hummmm wasn't this after they had received the Holy Ghost? Yep so why did they cast lots.

Its Time
Here is the dileo. We saints keep acting like spoiled children.

Now granted we don't have it all manifested to what some call together.

Please help me understand why if we are so concerned about voting why don't we put a saint up for election afterall nobody said we couldn't but I guess it takes to much comming together for the church.

Oh yeah say what you want but I bet none of you would disageree that your spiritual father or pastor wouldn't be the best canidate to run for office.

Try it make a list of all the great men and women of the faith could run this country.

For example Joel Olstein. Say God all you want to and you will be right in a sense. We color folks have produced folks like them and taught them how to rape people with their books, smooth talking, music ministries therefore joel will be a great secturay of Treasure.

Bishop Jakes would make a great Secatary of State dealing with foreign affairs.

Now for President it could only be Bishop Eddie Long. I even would vote for him instead of my own spiritual Father who is a great man himself.

So I wonder when will the saints wake up, it is written all of the creation is moaning and waiting for the mainifestation of the sons of God. Wake up black man.

Its Time.
Wow so much for the quote "The goverment shall be upon his shoulders.

Brother are you saying this goverment the bible is talking about does not include the saints. I beg to differ and so thats why the world still continue to move like it has been doing since the asension of Christ.

Wake we are the salt but we keep letting water down folks lead and so we do lose our usefullness. We constantly keep saying God God God and he keep shaking his head no no no.

We must wake up. The saints are the goverment that is talked about being upon his shouloders. Up top so everyone can see that the Father is finally being glorified in the earth by the sons and daughthers.

Have I not said you are gods. Psalms 82 please read it and pass it on because if you cannot accept this truth of your identity yes you will die like men.

The greatest tragedy for black people was not slavery not at all. The most greatest tragedy of genocide and identity theft was done and is still being done to our folks. Now we in ignorance pass the same lies to our children.

Its Time
Although I agree with several of the positions that have been posted and dialogued, I do believe that we as a race can't afford sit to not vote for Change! Now for some of you that might be Obama, while for others that is mccain, but the point that I am attempting to make is that we will endour the presidency of one of these candidates! I believe that Obama is more concerned about the middle class! Now is he totally right no, but then name me one person other than Jesus who was! God used several people that did not have it all together! Abraham was a liar, but he still brought Change! Noah was a drunk, but he still brought Change! Moses was a murderer, but he still brought about Change! David was a luster, but he still brought about Change! All these people had issues, but there is one who died for all their issues, but he didn't stay dead! He got up with all power! All power over Abraham's issues, all power over Noah's, Moses', and David's issues! He even has power over Barack Obama's issues! He has all power and with his power we can make it! YES WE CAN!
Let's just use David because afterall he was a man's after God's own heart! Now from your question I take it that you feel that God did use David to bring about change, but even at his point of death David had lust issues. They said bring in a pretty woman and the we will know that King David is dead! So God can use people to bring change even if they have issues.
Next, I don't remember mentioning race. I thought that I mentioned that Obama seemed to be more concerned with the middle class, but because you brought it up. I believe that just race matters in every facet of our earthly lives, it should matter in this election! Not to say that there no other Uncle Toms but Obama is my choice not wholly but partially because he is in my race class!


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