After watching the recent debates between McCain / Obama and Palin / Biden, I figured I would give all of the members of Black Preaching Network an open forum to discuss election issues, prayers, and concerns leading up to November 4th.

Again, thank you for being a member of BPN and I pray that the network is a continued support and encouragement to your ministry.

RJ - Tre and Cassidy's Dad

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Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama! Change we need! Go Obama! Hey make sure that you vote! I support Obama, you have to make your choice, don't waste your right! Get out and vote!
Ach Moreh,

What has God spoken about the 2008 elections?
I believe, based on historical information, that Matthew 24, Daniel 9, and Revelation isnt referring to any future events concerning the man of sin.

In Matt 24, Jesus tells the Apostles what "they" should expect to happen in the forth-coming future. Jesus says when you see the Abomination that causes desolation in the temple, flee to the mountains. We know, in their error, that the destruction of the temple happened in 70ad, and its defilement by the Romans took place there.

In daniel 9, it talks about an abomination that causes desolation. Many biblical historians see this as the Roman man Epiphanes pouring pigs blood all over the holy of holies, and cursing the temple, and destroying it..

Revelation is exclusively about the Roman Empire---its prophecies, events, and destruction. Most Christians believe that Revelation is strickly 21st century, but its not. John the Revelator wrote in figurative language to the 7 churches of Asia. One reason why he may have done that was because he did not want the Romans figuring out the prophecies about their Empire.

John borrowed heavily from Daniel, and in the same style, prophesying the destruction of kingdoms(i.e Medes & Persians, Greeks & Romans). based on Historical background, I do not see Revelation as a book foretelling catastrophic events of the 21st century, but it told of what would happen to the saints, and to the Roman Empire around their own time.

On the other hand, I will not rule out the fact that there can arise a man of sin of this day and age, but I just like to keep scripture within its historical context, before bringing it to our day and time(proper exegesis & Hermeneutics)

God Bless
Doom and gloom is all that you see in scripture?

My bible tells me the Jesus came that we might have life and life more abundantly. Now I know you understand verb tense. Now have is in the present participle which means is perpetual, both now and forever! How is that pie in the sky?
My point is essentially the same point you just made. I know that prosperity theology is erroneusly running rampant but I am not in that number! My point is not materialistic! Although I do know that God does indeed bless us materially, these blessings are for the body and not the sole individual! Now you told me to check things out before I attacked, does not apply to you?
Blessing on you my brother. What do you think would happen if we realize that the Father don't bless us he actually has made us the blessing what we put out is it not the overflow?

The blessings ( us who are born again and matuering) once realizing what and who we are will begin to pour out of ourselves for all mankind not just those confessing to be Christians which in fact Jesus himself never proclaimed to be (Christian)
I am not being funny,but why would Jesus claim to be a follower of himself?
I encourage as many people as can vote early! We voted last week and it was a great relief to get it done.

I am sure we are ALL ready to move on!

Lovley Davis-Joseph
It is looking more and more like we will have the first black president!
Are you referring to God?
I am not suprised at all that secret societies run this country.


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