After watching the recent debates between McCain / Obama and Palin / Biden, I figured I would give all of the members of Black Preaching Network an open forum to discuss election issues, prayers, and concerns leading up to November 4th.

Again, thank you for being a member of BPN and I pray that the network is a continued support and encouragement to your ministry.

RJ - Tre and Cassidy's Dad

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Hey, it is good to see you.May God continue to bless you.

Bro Jones and Friends

Upon reading what has been written here, it came to my attention that there are a lot of mixed feelings in this election and I guess it should be. Here on one hand you have something that has never happened in history a young Harvard educated black man is running for President of the United States, a man who has come thru the ranks of politics at what may appear to be a fast pace on the other hand you have a former P.O.W. and a veteran politician running for President. These two men are obviously different in so many ways besides ethinicity and age, some people may feel as though they should jump on the band wagon of Obama because he is Black, some because he has what appears to be a new perspective, and some because of what he is proposing sounds plausable and logical. then there are those who will not get on board because they feel that he is saying what we want to hear, because he is black, and because he is inexperience. Then there are those who will vote for McCain because they feel they should vote for the devil they know, because he served his country and was a P.O.W., and others because they may feel he is more experience. Then there are those who will not vote for either for various reason steming from dislike to what religion they believe in. For whatever reason people chooses to vote or not to vote it is their right, a right that people were beaten, jailed, and killed for them to have.
Most people at this time would probably decide not to say who they are voting for or why to keep down controversy as for me I am wiling to say that I am votig for Barack Obama because his proposal for the American people makes sense although it will be a difficult task especially since he has to try to clean up the last administration mess, an administration that had eight years to creat this mess. My fears are that he will not be given a fair chance to implement all of his ideas before he will be criticize by many as just another liar or just another politician out for the rich man. People have so many ideas about how and what a person should do and be.
First and foremost we are all suppose to be believers and followers of Christ and therefore our faith is in God not in man and all of the problems of the world. Second since we are suppose to place God first in our lives we are suppose to be prayerful. We must pray for knowledge and guidnace before we vote, after voting we are to pray for the winner, and pray for the world and everybody in it because no matter what, we are all Gods children and we are suppose to love one another inspite of our difference as God loves us. If we feel that the next elected President is not where he needs to be in God's sight then it is our duty as brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for him. So people lets not ridicule anybody lets get together and pray for our nation, our world, and our president whoever he maybe.
Obama, yes we can!
You have just put a man in office who curses what God has blessed, and blesses what God curses. The Great Whore has been awakened.

Appoint for Us a King

"[Samuel,] Behold, you are old and your sons do not walk in your ways. Now appoint for us a king to judge us like all the [other] nations." (1 Samuel 8:5)

With these (paraphrased) words around 1000 B.C., the political structure of Israel changed forever. No longer would the Law of Moses be the only official ruler of the land. Now, Israel would have a political leader, who had the choice to lead the people to worship the One True God or to lead them astray.

Good Luck with your King.... For surely he is NOT mine...


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