After watching the recent debates between McCain / Obama and Palin / Biden, I figured I would give all of the members of Black Preaching Network an open forum to discuss election issues, prayers, and concerns leading up to November 4th.

Again, thank you for being a member of BPN and I pray that the network is a continued support and encouragement to your ministry.

RJ - Tre and Cassidy's Dad

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So I guess you argue that David did not lust after Bathsheba? Next, we are on the Black Preaching Network aren't we? So I assume all here are either black or have some association with blacks, so then why wouldn't say we as race need to vote for Change!
First let me say that nothing that I have said was said in sarcasm. Next, my point was that the went and had a lovely beautiful woman for the king why because he had a lust problem and he needed to keep warm and they thought that his issue would keep him warm. Next, I really did not remember bringing up race. I am not one to throw a rock and then hide my hands. But my real point is that someone is going to win this election and whoever loses will lose because people that have the right to vote didn't use despite the blood, sweat and tears of their ancestors!
The kingdom of God is in you it is written so just think for a moment doesn't this make you an indivual nation.
America is not the only country that is enjoying the grace of God the whole world is. He leaves no one out the just and the unjust. As far as America please show me how we earned the right to hoard the Grace of God who keep telling these lies. In China they say the same thing, and if one was to look at it in the natural actually America would be on the bottom of the pole if we were held accountable by God for the things we allow as saints.

Its Time
Well here is something I haven't heard nobody and I mean nobody talk about. Take a look at the US partiot act memo to the FBI. If you ask me its almost round up time. Our goverment never passes a law it doesn't expect to utalize.

A Wednesday night prayer meeting at the Fellowship of God's Covenant People in Burlington appears to be like those of many other small, Protestant churches.

About a dozen men and women sit, roughly in a circle, near the front of the church. All are white, but that's typical of many local churches.

What's different about this congregation is that it's the only Northern Kentucky church labeled a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the nation's foremost monitor of hate groups.

The Montgomery, Ala.-based SPLC has included the church on its list of hate groups because of church beliefs, said Joe Roy, chief investigator for the non-profit group. Church members believe God chose white people to become the rulers and administrators of God's kingdom on earth. Only they can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

And what of the other races? "The Bible simply does not tell us," said Lawrence Blanchard, one of the church's two pastors. "God created each individual race separately and it was good, but he chose one particular (race) for his bride."

"It's a white supremacy belief system," Roy said. "If they never left the house, that would put them in the category."

Started in 1971 as a civil-rights law firm, the center has gained a national reputation for monitoring hate activity, which it's done since 1981. Its Intelligence Project tracks more than 700 hate groups across the country.

Roy said Don Elmore, Blanchard's co-pastor, has spoken at events put on by the Christian Identity movement, including an annual super-conference in Branson, Mo. "We've had him on our radar for some time," because of people he associates with, the speeches he makes and books he writes.

There are probably 600,000 to 700,000 Christian Identity adherents in America, Roy said. Most are nonviolent, but some involved in the movement have committed acts of domestic terrorism, most notably Eric Rudolph, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bomber.

Identity members believe that Caucasians are descendants of the 10 so-called lost tribes of Israel. Elmore said his church shares that belief, but not those of some other Identity churches, such as that non-whites are soulless "mud people" created with the other Biblical "beasts of the field" described in Genesis.

The Burlington church doesn't advocate violence, either, Elmore said.

"If the impression is that we hate other races or other people, the answer is no," Blanchard said. "That's certainly not what we believe, and that's not what the Bible teaches."

The congregation resents the "hate group" label. In its view, their church isn't out of step with the modern world; the modern world is out of step with God.

"God's laws put us at variance with this country, but we are what this country used to be," Elmore said. "We're 150 years out of our time frame. We would be the norm then."

Church members believe that they are part of the true Israel - God's true, covenant people - white people. They believe the people we call Jews today are not God's chosen people, but usurpers of the title. These beliefs have not set well either with Jews or with the world at large.

"We know we're out of synch, in a lot of respects, with modern Christianity," Blanchard said.

Their belief about white people has its roots in their interpretation of events described in the Bible. In the Bible, the ancient kingdom of Israel originally consisted of 12 tribes, each named for one of the children of the patriarch Jacob. After the death of King Solomon, the kingdom split into the 10 northern tribes - called Israel - and two southern tribes, called Judah.

The Assyrian Empire invaded Israel in 721 B.C. and deported some residents. Fellowship members believe these people
So what about our ancestors dying for our right to vote! Further let he who is without sin cast the first stone, but I forgot who I was talking you are perfect and do nothing wrong! Your world and you are perfect, but I know people, common people who love God with all their heart and struggle, fight, and pray that they live an acceptable life! These people that I know need change and they will not get it standing on the sidelines wasting their right to vote! If we listen to you we should have just stayed slaves lived holy until God delivered us! But you can wait for your freedom, as for me and my house we will work! You know faith without works is dead!
I think you should quit your job, whatever it may be?, and just know that Yah will take care of you! But the God that I serve who seems different from Yah tells me to take part in my destiny! I guess you think bin laden was justified according Yah?
You really should go ahead and quit your job now! Your yah will take care of you! If there is need to vote for an indefel why work for one! In fact, we should not pump gas, buy a car, or do any earthly thing until we find out from moreh whether they meet yah's approval!
I never lied! Now I do agree that I was being sarcastic, because you are telling people not to vote because the people running have made and make mistakes! You can use all the scripture you want and in the end, ALL have sinned and fallen short! All includes YOU and I!
My point has and still is GOD-Jehovah Jireh will provide for us whoever wins! Who are we to judge who is living right?
Let me use some scripture so that we can really get into what I am saying. The Bible tells that if we confess our sins, then he is faithful and just to forgive them! Now you might hold onto someone's sins, but God is forgiving! Now we might feel like this person hasn't repented especially if they make the same mistakes, but we might be judging them incorrectly! By the way, I think there is a scripture that says judge not that ye be not judged. You don't know what Obama nor McCain confess, but then again nobody made you judge and jury despite your erroneus interpretation of scripture!
You are a very good manipulator! I am in awe at how you twist a man's words!
1. Do you or any of the persons that I was responding to believe that any American should vote for Obama or McCain?

2. Do you or any of the persons that I was responding to come of as though they never sinned or that tomorrow they can't make a mistake?

3.I posed an ignorant question hoping that you would see it as such and think about the fact that it seemed like you were telling people not to vote!

4.Trying to get you back to earth!

5.David did have a lust issue which why he fell for Bathsheba. It is what he cried about in Psalms 51. And my argument in 1 Kings, was why did they go and get a beautiful woman, because they knew he had a lust issue and they felt that he would sleep with her and keep warm!

I found what you pointed in Strong's interesting. I will let you know when I finish studying it.

I disagree with your scriptures for leaders. In my opinion, they are for ministers.

Ministers should rebuke, but in love! And before you go there, love according Corinthians is gentle and kind. Love is patient!

Now this rebuke is in love! I am not trying to force feed you just my belief and interpretation of the scriptures you gave from Hebrews.
1. This passage of scripture is refering to persons who have walked with God willingly totally turn their back and live a complete sinful life, not people who struggle with sin, and repent.

2. 1 John 1:9 and Matthew 18 talk about the forgiveness levels of God.

My point about casting the first stone was just simply saying that we all make mistakes and all have a thorn in our flesh!

My point about not going to work was just being sarcastic because it sounded like you were telling people not to vote for either candidate.

Both candidates have both bore some good fruit. Obama was instrumental in garnering all kinds of help for inner city people in Chicago. McCain was on the forefront of trying to bring some change to the Senate. But I personally support Obama because he seems more concerned with common people and there are more common people in America than rich!
I did not answer one of your questions. What has it done for our people to vote?

It has not made our ancestors just martyrs!

It has kept the dream alive!

It has proven that we are no longer slaves, but equal citizens!

With all that said, are we to the promised land yet? NO! But we are on our way!
1. Yes, we all do have a right, but for years it has been the thinking of small minded people that my vote won't count that placed is in the ruin that we are! Also, we all should refuse to allow our ancestors to have died in vain fighting to give is the right to vote!

2. If we are POWERLESS towards sin, then that seems to mean that we do have the potential to sin and that we might!

3. See point #1

4. A didfrence of hermaneutics!

5. This a classical example of you trying to manipulate my words! I said that the scripture referred to ministers! To imply anything further would be adding to the scripture! Paul was talking Timothy about ministry duties. Something that is taught at seminary is historical context!

6. This is being addressed by Obama, he has been criticized over and over for trying to help the poor. Further it takes not just one person to help the poor! It takes a village to raise a child! I personally within the last three years given over $100,000 to the poor! What have you done?
Have a nice life! GO OBAMA!


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