It is Important in this season, which is the greatest hour the Church has seen. For Christian Business Leaders, Market Place Ministries/Ministers, Pastors, and Ministry Leaders such as ourselves to dialogue. And begin to connect and network for Kingdom Purpose. It’s our duty and honor at KNC to house and facilitate commucation between Pastors and Ministry Leaders (Kingdom Visionaries) with Christian Business Leaders and Christian Entrepreneurs (Kingdom Investors). God gave me a word several months ago and begin to share how the Saudi’s royal family who inherited their wealth from the resource of the Land from oil, has funneled billions of dollars for Islamic interest around the world (Check out it for yourself ( God said “I will not be out done by the Kingdom Of Darkness, I’m getting ready to funnel billions of dollars into the Kingdom of Light. This Gospel Matthew 24:14 and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. No Longer will the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven seek to be bound by government faith based monies which reserve the right to restrict the monies, in interest of being politically correct. I believe God is raising up Kingdom Investors (Christian business men and woman/Market Place Ministers who will sow into the vision of Kingdom Visionaries). These men and women all around the globe understand their mandate. As Kings under the Kingship of Christ that their business is not their own. But they understand that their business is a ministry that God has given them to steward over his handy work. God has position these Cyrus’s and Josephs’ for great wealth and influence in the business mountain. God has released witty ideas, an inventions, and has empowered his church to posses great wealth not just for personal gain but to invest in GOD’s Stock Market we there is no loss but great gain, Some 30, 60,100 fold return. Let’s not forget our Kingdom Visionaries (Pastor’s and Ministry Leaders) who are forging their way to infect and invade culture through advancing through with great force the 7 gates or Mountains that shape culture ( These Davidic Company of servant Leaders understand we must restore worship of the true and living God in society. Theses Modern day Moses’ has received divine instructions from heaven to leave outside the fall walls of their church and infect society like yeast. My earnest prayer is and of those that stand with me, a wonderful team of Pastors, Marketplace Ministers, Christian Business Leaders and Entrepreneur. Is that you will take advantage of this pioneering move of his Spirit to connect his body to sharpen and enhance one another. This site will have the capacity to act as a Christian Chamber of Commerce, an a meeting place for Pastors and Ministry Leaders to share in insights from the Lord to better impact their communities, cities, and nations. Yours in the Gospel, Minister Jermaine Thomas and Christian Entrepreneur (

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