while i was sleeping my heart just started to pain and i was unable to sleep. I prayed whole night and i slept in morning. I feel suffering and pain in my heart. I has happen many times but i don't know what is happening to me. Every time something is wrong my heart feels pain. Is the some kind of disease or some kind sign. I know this sound ridiculous but every time there is any kind of bad news my heart feel pain and i am unable to sleep for week. what should i do to get away from this pain.

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Depends on what that bad news is. If it is the bad news of events in the world you could be feeling what the Holy Spirit feels, which is grief or if you think it is natural is it possible to go see doctor to see what the problem may be? And if it is something natural I believe God to heal it
When ever i hear people dying with out knowing christ i feel pain and i cannot sleep with all these kind of thinking. I have asked the doctor but they say nothing is wrong but still i feel the same as i listen the bad news about everything. As a christian i want to preach the gospel all around the world and save as many lives as i can but i feel helpless when i cannot do any thing. I feel the pain in my life that it is being useless. I want to do something but i don;t know how to do. Is this the pain that i have to suffer from my life or reason is different.
SOunds like you have a love for people and when you see them leave this world without security in Christ, it hurts; being filled with God's spirit you are going to feel things like that because of the endowment of His love in you. 
today i had an accident in which i was saved with just a small cut on my knee and few bruses on my hand. I don't remember any thing what happen today but i think go saved me from having serious damage. I thank him for saving my life. may be he saved my life to work for him because on these kind of accident people die or admitted to hospital but i was not injured that seriously. this is what the power of God means. he sees his children all the time and take care of them when we are in trouble. I want to help people with my life just like jesus saved my life i want to do the same but i am still known how to do that. I made a project called hope in which i want to save the lives of people with body and soul. So please pray for me .


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