So many times our wives are in positions and dealing with situations that cause them (some of them) to want to give up or just figure they don't want to deal with this. They are misunderstood, disrespected and some say they were not called to this, not this. We as Pastors which ever side you're on male or female (many female pastors) where the husband is the spouse.
We really need to understand our spouses position, the shoes their walking in. Somebody will you encourage the spouse, the helpmeet, the one we love, sleep with, companion. There are so many divisions in Leadership lets keep division out of Gods work, we all know who authors division. Satan tries any weak spot. Nehemiah mounted the wall and said I will not come down. Pastors, spouses don't come down, you're doing a good work. When a good work is going on, look up there he is, trying to hinder, tear down, stop any good work. Lets help each other, come this sight, no pray first then come to this site and talk to someone who's been there and acquainted with your grief and be restored. hb

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You are correct Pastor Brown there is much stress in pastoring and it can affect those who we are married to, people ask ministers to be more and do more than they do anyone else. Sometimes they make unreasonable demands, part of the stress is the stress his or her spouse has to deal with; being compared to the former pastor's wife for example. Many pastors have a hard time trying to pastor their home. But God did not call us to pastor at home. At home you are a husband and father (wife and mother). This does not mean that you become less than a Christian at home, but to be holy and pastoral at church and then come home to be holy and pastoral there too, that's just too much holiness. There needs to be a balance between church work and family, there should never be a work versus home conflict. Understanding your spouse's position is a good start, making time for her/him and the children is another. How about every Friday for instance, let it be known to everyone concerned that this is time set aside for your family.


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