It's time out for just going to church every sunday worshipping behind your four walls! We in the church arguing about what colors we gon' wear for the choir anniversary! We in the church arguing about the credit you didn't get for this program and such. We're arguing in the church, and there are lost souls out there to be won!

When will the church wake up? It doesn't matter how many members you have if your church is not making more of an impact than on the "Church Channel!" The only people you're reaching on there is other church folks! When we gon get out into the streets? When are we gon stop just coming to church out of habit?

When are we gonna feed more than just the soul of a man? When are we going to have a better answer for someone hurting other than "I'll Pray for you?" When are we going to stop worrying about if our hats match our outfit, and worry about getting more souls won for the kingdom?

We gotta wake up church!

This is my official wake up call to the church! Will you respond to it?

Min. BCam

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This is a call to all sleeping GAINTS: Evangelism is a 1st call on our life. We are to serve those who need to hear about our SAVIOR and stop recycling Christians with attitudes of me, me and me.

One of the problems of the church is 3 things which is affecting the church leadership:
1. Jealous = Gossiping/Insecurities with self
2. Competition = Complaining
3. Corruption = Destruction/Sabotage

These types of leaders become a wild beast out of the control.

Strong-minded leaders (no spiritual guidance) are the down fall of the churches and communities.

Leaders are the Gatekeepers of life in the churches. God anointing only comes to those who stretch.

Until the four (4) walls come down like the Jericho Walls except one (1) wall with a red string or scarf saying save me. We can not achieve success within the Kingdom which is to come.

Four (4) Ingredients for success:
1. Vision
2. Faith
3. Passion
4. Perseverance

We must be still and do what God says! Beware of negative people.

Leaders that who are off course when they will do these 3 things and get caught up in their on vision in stead of God vision for the people.
1. Compete
2. Compare
3. Complaining

We must remember God was about the PEOPLE and not about who knows your name, how many members your have or if you have a title.

Jesus, the King of Glory was servant to all. As chosen messengers, we are supposed to be servant to all. The mind of Christ is to be like Him not ourselves. We must decrease so He can increase.

With the selfish attitudes we become powerless and useless to the people of the world and to God. Yes, were anointed but we are broke in our spirit, weak in souls because we have disconnected ourselves from HIM. It is ashamed that the church is gifted and powerless.


This fight is all who believe in the WORD. The Kingdom is ours, if we want it. We can not change individuals mind set but we can plant a seed and apply the word for fertization.
I'm not saying the church isn't sleep because the lukewarm attitude is part of being sleep. People just come to hear the Word and leaders just want to preach the Word. To me spreading the Word is more than just being in church preaching on Sundays. Don't get me wrong I think fellowship and edification is a great thing but we need more in this day and age and I feel it's what the first evangelists did and that was spread the Word to everybody and not jus those that come to church. This is a battle and the only battle I see working is spread the Word everywhere to everyone. That means go to the parks where the gangbangers are, go to the crackhouses, go to the streets, strip clubs and talk to the homosexuals and really talk to the politicians that go along with anything to get a vote. Peace and love.
I'm with you John we really NEED to go to the strip clubs......
Can I get a witness..... ha ha ha ha ha

So we can see where all of that missing tithes money is going.... lol

In all seriousness, a great ministry would be meeting finacial needs, no not of the strippers a the club! Well not exactly. If we as the church could provide funds for those sisters many would never embark on that profession. This is especially true for prostitutes. Many are only walking the streets to make ends meet.

(I've done this so I know it works), the next time you see a prostitute walking along the street, ask her how much money would it cost to send her home for the night. She'll think you're talking about spending the night, but then tell her that you want to make her night and ask her what she's hoping to earn that night and give it to her with $10-20 more.

Then explain that your actions are indicative of Christ's love for her and for others. Also explain that her not tricking helps the community in terms of communicable (STD's) diseases, rape, extra marital affairs, etc., and then in a really compelling voice tell her you love her.
This really works, I've seen it pull folks right from off the streets just because they know that somebody cares for them, and about them and believes in them.

Now that's ministry outside of the box!
What I'm talking about Brother Harris. They won't come to you so you have to go to them. I feel you!
You on point man, the church is supposed to be an alternative. Not just an alternative lifestyle (see my posts about reclaiming our language), but soooo much more, we're supposed to be an alternative reality to the world we live in.

This translates to virtually everything you're talking about. The church would do well to study adamantly the tennents of Marcus Garvy, and some of the Nation of Islam's indoctrination regarding nationalism and the formation of a seperate state. I say this because we need that mentality, we gotta start thinking about taking care of our own. We're knocking on doors that God has given us a Biggie Smalls annointing to "kick in the door." We're praying dead prayers that are mere routine, until we activate them through effort and put arms and legs on them!

How is it that as a people we have more now than we've ever had, rescource wise yet do less and have less in terms of social status?
How is it that as a people we have more now than we've ever had, rescource wise yet do less and have less in terms of social status?

This statement is as real as a heart attack my Brother. We're in the me and I generation.
You hit the nail on the head. I've said before fellowship is great but what benefit is it to fellowship with believers when they are saved already. It's those that don't come to church that don't read and study the bible that don't pray that don't believe that God cares about them THAT NEEDS TO HEAR THE WORD! They AIN'T in church or coming so you gotta go to them. I truly believe that's what Jesus and His disciples would do not just preach to believers. They are already fruit, we need more fruit and they aren't in church.
I am mad that more folks aren't engaging this post!!!
This is a sad reiteration of your point!
Brother Harris I just think so many are so complacent and (I know I keep saying it but I have to) satisfied because of this Laodicean mentality. You know, I'm ok, you're ok so we're all ok and I don't have time.
Brother Harris to me you young ministers have drive, determination, energy and a newness that I just don't see in the older (ok mature before I hear something) ministers. Man I think they get tired and take the easy way out. I know I'm 60 and I don't have the fight about things I once did. But I hear you young Brothers and feel the zeal and passions and I'm gonna say it but you youngsters (ministry years) are gonna have to change the ways and do what needs to be done out of no disrepect to the elders but out of respect to Jesus and if it seems like a revolution to do what you talk about doing then by all means with Gods Will go do it because it needs to be done. Go reach out my young Brothers. If you wait for the elders it won't get done the way you feel it should. They gone just keep waiting for people to come to them in the church and preach to those that already know and believe.
Now, before we get started on the world, please don't forget about those folks in the church. You see it those who are lazy in the spirit that's in the church with the assignment of posioning the newly saved by drugging them with religious practices. We have two issues, saving those outside the church and re-claiming those inside the church, which both battles are achievable through God.

Let's do something different. Let's stop talking about the problem, pray up, man up, and get up out in the streets and let's report on the results.

The goal. Let's talk to two strangers a day about God and let's talk to one member a day about their relationship with God. After 1 week, let's discuss our experiences.

Remember: As a seed Planter, we plant in fields where we may not see the fruit of our labor, That's God's part. So we are not looking for how many we reach, but that we reach out to those that are lost.

Let's discuss our adventures.
wit it


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