I recognize that preaching is a spiritual task. It has as its primary focus to bring people into the very throne room of God. Yet it is still an oratorical event, which means that it is a skilled artistic expression as well. Thus the act of preaching is multifaceted.

With that being said who is your favorite preacher and why? Or who are your favorite preachers go head give me a top three!

They can be famous revivalists or local legends it matters not to me I just want to create a place to recognize powerful preachers, and allow young whipper snappers like myself to have an account of what really moves and inspires folks.

Be blessed, and as always your comments ,questions, concerns, and critiques are welcomed.

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Don't be look at what I did!
Oh yeah Black is cool too! I gotta do another one A Calling All Preachers 3 that is just for Closers!
1.) Gardner Taylor, he just has a way tith words, and his sermons always have a way of leaving me with a sense of what I ought do as a reasonable service to God. His vivid descriptions can place you in the biblical text as a witness to the biblical narrative. Besides just to watch him in his old age still doing the do so seamlessly is amazing!

2.)Ceasar Clark, Man he's so substantive, and that close of his is amazing. Besides he refined and adapted the "IIIIIII know He's Alright" like no one else! I know Tim Glynn out of Tx. is doing it big now, but man he ain't got NATHAN I mean NOTHING on Clark. Don't believe me check out his sermon "The Worms Ate Him"

3.)William Augustus Jones AKA Bill Jones, OMG, he just can flat out do it! He will make your heart rejoice. A pure wordsmith like Taylor, but he'll close on you too.

4-5.) C.L. Clark and Jasper Williams, I ain't even gone waste you're time with a description. You know what they did for preaching as an industry (record sales) shux they're the reason we even got tape (audio) ministries. You know they the reason folks even whoop the way they do. The revolutionized the art of whooping.

6.) Martin Luther King Jr. - yes he was a phenomenal speaker, but man above all else King was a preacher!

7.) Brad Braxton.- He taught me what preaching was really all about. You wanna be a preacher, read his quinticential work "Preaching Paul"

8.) Samuel Dewitt Proctor,- The man has a confrence for preaching named in his honor, moreover, there is a whole homilitical approach named after him.... I mean comeon

9.) Calvin Butts,- I heard him preach the best sermon I've ever heard in my life at the Fisk Memorial chapel!

10.) Henry H. Mitchell.- He is the epitome of a scholar, no he's a modern day scribe!

11.) Carolyn Ann Knight- OMG her sermon "Built For the Road Ahead" shouted me in the parking lot of our city Congress. This sister is BAD

12.)Vashti McKenzie- She's the 1st woman bishop in the AME church. Nuff said!

13.) Martha J. Simmons- She Is The QUEEN of preaching! Nuff said

14.) George L. Parks Jr.- He's one of may mentors. He can flat out do it! He has a way of connecting with folks and pastoring through his preaching!

15.) E.Dewey Smith- He's just phenomenal. He can do it however you want it! He is the epitome of what old school meets new school looks like! His preaching requires that you but the tape, cause, man it's gonna bless you for years to come. When I hear him preach I get inspired. He also is bold enough to tackle tough issues. He's just a beast. Oh and that close.....

16.) Jason Turner- This guy, man he calls me on stage at the National meeting in front of a convention center full of young folks, and gives his presidential address. Now I am really laid back mind you, but by the time he got through running through that text he killed me. I'm crying and snotting and carrying on so bad. Folks I don't even care for were trying to console me! My babygirl still teases me about that to this day! I think he called me up there on purpose!

17.) Damion Durr- He's just a machine, seemless, and precise! He really has a way of helping folks!

18.) Napoleon A. Harris IV- When he's on he can easily top the list. My old man can run with the best of em! He's gifted mentally he can turn a text on it's head or open it wide enough for an oil tanker to pass through.

19.) Don Darius Butler- Unusually gifted.

20.) Leroy "LEEROOY!!" Elliot- He's guilty of having a great message on many occasions but above all he's on here because his close is just ridiculous!

21.) Ralph Douglass West- hecould have easily gone higher, he's just amazing.

22.) C.W. Goodwin- He's my pastor, nuff said

23.) R.A. Williams- whew he's just nice!

Honorable Mention
A.Louis Patterson
F.D. Sampson
Cedric Cheatham
Cedric Veil
Phillip Pointer Jr.
The Duke Twins
Jason Curry
Larry Wayne Howard
Charles Adams
Zach Mills
Shauna St. Clair
Asha Hunter
The honorable Rev. Jimmie B. Keel/ Bethel A.M.E.C. I still remember him from being a boy, not just because he's my former pastor, but the brother has a way of delivery, not a hoop/holla type brother, but Educated and very humble.
If the A.M.E.'s are in need of true leadership, he is the man. This man is on fire:
Whether he preaches 2 minutes or 60 you get it all wrapped into one point, and that is Jesus.

Then there is:
Elder Benjamin Adams Jr/ St. John P.B.C. you talkin' about a showman, an annointed brother blessed, and whatever else you can or will say, and a negro with a golden tonsils, just a gifted man of god.

lastly, Louis Farakan enough said: I heard this brother preach on the healing power of Jesus changed my attitude trmendously, and helped in my deliverance from the world.
I thought to give him honorable mention, cause he is annointed, but he just rambles to much for me. He really has no centering thread throughout the sermon, he be here there and everywhere! But shoot he is bad, he can preach 5 sermons in 1!!!!!
Even though he's a Muslim! He knows the BIBLE inside out!

WEST are you a fan of inter-religious dialogue?
Brother Harris
You have got to be fair to us and separate this catagory to Old School and New School even though they all take us to school....

ol' school list
G. Taylor - The preimer of Preaching standards and practices

Rev. Leo Daniels - The first sermon I had from a album...

Rev. C. L. Franklin - Whose spiritual son is Rev. Jasper Williams - style are identical. Williams Whooping package is worth the price. I grew up in Salem BC - so we got it every week.

Rev. Clay Evans - No hynm was safe when he mounts the podium

Rev. Leroy Elliott - OMG

The Sampson brothers F D & S O - They let them in the same room.

Bishop G E Patterson - Blessed

Rev. Donald Parson - One of the best out of Chi town

Rev. Wm Glenn - check him out on Youtube

Bishop Wm Ellis - as a matter of fact every Ellis I've heard can simply bring the word.

Nu school

Pastor Dewey Smith - Been following this guy since he was lighting up Macon, Ga.

Clinton McFarland & Cedric Veal - MS will never be the same.

Sedric Beard - This boy is crazy.........Youtube it quickly.
(FYI.....2 years ago Jasper Williams had Clinton, Cedric, Sedric, Clay Evans, Donald Parson, & Leroy Elliott in revival alllllllll in the same week.)

Pastor Rudolph Mckissick - My...My....My Jacksonville....is not ready

Terrence Johnson - Houston Tx, - Check him out on streaming Faith

Craig Oliver - Atlanta - Elizabeth BC -

On the list as well
Pastor Rickie Rush - Dallas TX best keep secret
Pastor Marvin Sapp - Harvest Time Church
Bishop Joseph W. Walker III - Memphis
Rev Joseph Williams - Son of Jasper Williams........awesome
My Favorite Preacher is a high ranking, Anglican Bishop name N.T Wright. He is one of the world's foremost Bible Scholars, and has written heavily on Paul. I love the way he breaks down Paul teachings, and combine them with what Christ taught. He is such an awesome preacher who is immensely read, and his mission is to make the kingdom of God a reality. I recommend him to all of you on here.

I also recommend another foremost scholar. His name is James Dunn. He is also immensely read. Great guy


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