Ebony Magazine published this article several years ago and I remember how it profoundly affected and excited me. I was glad to see some of the preachers I had grown up meeting and listening to with my father getting national and international mainstream recognition. In preparing some of the content for this site, I ran across the article again and started wondering... how would mainstream black christians of today rank these preachers and others who have vaulted onto the world scene. So let's talk about it. What do you think? "Who's in your Five?" lol.... or 15 should I say.

Here is the article:
The 15 greatest black preachers
Ebony, Nov, 1993

In the most extensive media poll of its kind, 15 ministers were named America's greatest Black preachers .

Selected by EBONY's 100+ Most Influential Black Americans, former winners of the Greatest Black Preacher designation and religious scholars, the 15 honorees represent "in the highest degree the great Black pulpit art of passion, eloquence and wisdom."

Leading the balloting was the perennial preaching favorite, Gardner C. Taylor, who was followed by a first-time entry, Jeremiah Wright, and three veterans, Samuel D. Proctor, Charles Adams and Otis Moss, and another first-time selection, H. Beecher Hicks. Although no woman received enough votes to crack the magic 15, several women were nominated. The leading woman nominee was the Rev. Prathia Hall Wynn, pastor of Philadelphia's Mt. Sharon Baptist Church.

Three of the 15 top preachers, including one from Harlem and one from Brooklyn, come from New York City. Two each are from Detroit, Dallas and Washington, D.C. Six other cities -- Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, Oakland, Columbia, S.C., and Durham, N.C. -- contributed one each. Eleven ministers appeared on the 1984 list of Greatest Preachers. Cited for the first time, along with Wright and Hicks, are Wyatt Tee Walker and J. Alfred Smith. Since only a handful of votes separated some nominees, all nominees with substantial support are listed in the Roll of Great Preachers (Page 158).
Almost all respondents said in submitting their lists that there are so many great Black preachers that it is impossible to choose a mere 15. "As a matter of fact," one respondent said, "on any given Sunday, depending on the mood and the occasion, almost any great Black preacher--and there are thousands of great Black preachers--could preach a great 15 sermon."
It is with that understanding and in that context that we present on the following pages 15 ministers who are indisputably among the greatest preachers, Black or White, in this land.
Experts And Leading Blacks Name Select Group Of Ministers

The Rev. GARDNER CALVIN TAYLOR, 75, pastor emeritus of Concord Baptist Church of Christ, Brooklyn, "stands in a category unto himself" and sets "the modern standard for poetic homiletical eloquence," Dean Clarence Newsome of the Howard University Divinity School said. President James Costen of the Interdenominational Theological Center said Dr. Taylor "stands alone" as "the president, dean, provost and master artisan of Black preaching...Hearing him preach gives one the impression that he has a direct pipeline to God. If I could only hear one sermon, it would be a Taylor sermon, it would be a Taylor sermon."

The Rev. SAMUEL DEWITT PROCTOR, 72, pastor emeritus of Harlem's Abyssinian Baptist Church, and professor emeritus, Rutgers University, is a professor at United Theological Seminary and the Duke University Divinity School, Durham, N.C. "Brilliant, witty, engaging and a storyteller par excellence," he was cited for his "richness of experience and depth of insight into the human condition." Dr. Costen said "he handles a manuscript better than anyone known to me...He is to preaching what Bessie Smith was to the blues."

The Rev. JEREMIAH A. WRIGHT JR., 52, pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, "represents," one respondent said, "the first of a new generation of African-American preachers who blend a Pentecostal flavor with social concerns in their pulpit discourse." A fellow preacher said, "He gives a contemporary, African-American, Afrocentric flavor to the traditional Black shout." A religious scholar said, "A Wright sermon is a four-course meal: spiritual, biblical, cultural, prophetic."

The Rev. CHARLES G. ADAMS, 56, senior minister, Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, Detroit, is, one respondent said, "America's most unique preacher," an essayist who reads from a manuscript and makes people weep and shout. The Harvard-trained preacher has been called "the Harvard Whooper." He "reads from a manuscript," a fellow minister said, "but in a way that does not depreciate the art form." Another minister said he has an electrifying style and "the unusual gift of setting a manuscript on fire."

The Rev. OTIS MOSS JR., 58, senior minister, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, Cleveland, is, a religious scholar said, "a preacher's preacher, eloquent, profound, mesmerizing and deeply spiritual." He added: "He peels away the layers of meaning that hide the central core of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: love, liberation and justice." Another respondent said, "He engages in holistic preaching where there is no dichotomy between the so-called |sacred' and |secular.'"

The Rev. H. BEECHER HICKS JR., 49, senior minister, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Washington, D.C., was praised for "exhaustive preparation, striking vocabulary and social compassion that give him special skills as a preacher." One expert said he has "excellent command of the language, is highly alliterative and often uses popular sayings as the launching pads for his sermons." The third-generation preacher has occupied pulpits from Asia to South Africa and is the author of three books, including Preaching Through A Storm.

The Rev. JESSE L. JACKSON, 52, Washington, D.C., is, one respondent said, "a preacher with a national ministry that transcends and encloses his secular positions." A religious scholar said he is a "master of succinct and memorable expression with a unique ability to analyze the contemporary situation and to relate the mandates of the faith to the mandates of the day." In the last 12 months, he has preached in pulpits in America, Europe and Africa.

The Rev. CAESAR A.W. CLARK, 78, pastor of Good Street Baptist Church, Dallas, is, a fellow minister said, "the most sought-after revival preacher there is. In the arena of traditional preaching, his unique style--colorful language, witty anecdotes and a rare musical style in climaxing a sermon--places him in a class of one." Another preacher said, "His longevity and downhomeness in his declaration of the Gospel make him almost without peer."

The Rev. JAMES A. FORBES JR., 58, senior minister of The Riverside Church of New York City, is "possibly," a fellow preacher said, "the greatest scholar and preacher of our day." He was praised for "scholarly preaching, replete with passion and pathos, undergirded by Pentecostal fervor." One of his peers said, "He brings to his preaching the wedding of classical Pentecostal warmth with concentration on the Holy Spirit and the incisive mind of the academic."

The Rev. JOSEPH ECHOLS LOWERY, 69, who pastored United Methodist churches for 45 years, was cited for preaching that is "consistently well prepared, consistently probing, consistently biblical and consistently demanding of a response." A Lowery sermon, several respondents said, "makes you want to do something." One expert said he is "the consummate voice of biblical-social relevancy, a focused prophetic voice--speaking truth to power."

The Rev. WYATT TEE WALKER, 64, senior pastor, Canaan Baptist Church of Christ, Harlem, has, Dean Newsome said, "the tone and lyrical quality of the biblical prophets." A fellow minister said he "preaches in an authentic voice and does not try to outshout his fellow preachers." Dubbed "Harlem's Renaissance Man" by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dr. Walker has written 14 books and has preached on every continent except Australia.

The Rev. MANUEL L. SCOTT SR., 67, pastor, St. John Missionary Baptist Church, Dallas, was cited for "the poetic brilliance" of his sermons, his "masterful delivery" and "eloquent teaching." A religious scholar said, "His sermons reflect rich literary research...deep faith commitment and a strong conviction for justice." He is the author of two books and has served as evangelist and guest preacher for numerous citywide revivals and more than 40 interracial state conventions.

The Rt. Rev. JOHN HURST ADAMS, 64, senior bishop, African Methodist Episcopal Church, Columbia, S.C., was cited for "a brilliant application of the Gospel to the contemporary world" and for "his ability to apply age-old answers to current life situations." The leader of a national organization said he is "among the best poetic preachers I know." Dr. Kenneth Smith, president of Chicago Theological Seminary, said, "I like preachers who grab your attention. Bishop Adams grabs your attention. He is poignant, electrifying and vividly relevant."

The Rev. FREDERICK G. SAMPSON, 64, pastor, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Detroit, was cited for his "depth of exegetical insight, brilliance of illustrations and captivating style of communication." One scholar said, "He laces his sermons with moving, real-life illustrations and is highly dramatic with respect to both language and gestures."

The Rev. J. ALFRED SMITH SR., 62, senior pastor, Allen Temple Baptist Church, Oakland, Calif., was cited for preaching "the Gospel as empowerment for minority people." Dr. Smith, who speaks Spanish fluently and who is professor of Christian Ministry at the American Baptist Seminary of the West, is developing "a significant ministry to Hispanic people." He has written 14 books. "He wins my award," a preacher-scholar said, "as the best example of Black evangelicalism... Listening to him is a homiletical feast."
COPYRIGHT 1993 Johnson Publishing Co.

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Wait a minute, there's a name missing: TREVOR T. GREENE!!!


Seriously though, I'm surprised that few people mentioned Apostle Dr. Fredrick K.C. Price, and I seen NO MENTION of these men:

-Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake
-Bishop Clarence McClendon
-Bishop Eddie Long
-Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III
-Apostle Tudor Bismark

My GOD, I even seen Benny Hinn's name up there before these guys!! Whats going on here!?!?
They said Greatest Trev!!
I know, thats why I mentioned my name! LOL

Rev. Wright has no right to be up there amongst the "Greatest". Rev. Dr. Floyd Flake has more right to such an election than him. And what about Apostle-Elect John H. Boyd? why wasn't he mentioned by anyone?

Ok Here is the new list and I am going to say that I am not putting these in order but the top 15 living preachers of this day without all of the media pushing them is:

1. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor (still have to give respect where respect is due)

2. Dr. William Houston Curtis

3. Bishop Rudolph McKissick, Jr.

4. Rev. Donald Parsons (listen to him b/c he is not just a great whooper, dude can really preach)

5. Dr. Charles G. Adams

6. Dr. Brad R. Braxton (the greatest preaching scholar of this day)

7. Bishop Walter S. Thomas

8. Dr. Carolyn Showell (ANOINTED!!!)

9. Dr. James Forbes

10. Dr. Charles E. Booth

11. Bishop T.D. Jakes (I know I said w/o the media but Jakes is a Bad man!!)

12. Dr. Jeremiah Wright

13. Dean John Kinney

14. Dr. Stephen Thurston

15. Dr. Maurice Watson

All of these preachers are a balance of substance and charisma. And they all have a dose of scholarship as well. Nothing can beat that combination!

I don't mean any disrespect to any of the 15 preachers mention but Pastor E. Dewey Smith could easily be included and/or placed in this top 15...

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Bishop G. E. Patterson, E. Dewey Smith & Lance Watson should be taken into consideration among the greatest preachers.


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