I know this should spark a good discussion. I open this conversation for an opportunity to review and share your perspective and views.

I'm a Dem. (by choice) and I have been watching the race closely as things become interesting. Question? Why is it that Hillary takes the African American vote for granite? Time after Time she sends Bill in to rally the ol' guard to get the support, but will not show up herself, why is that? Why has some of our Civil Rights leaders, who claim to have fought for the DREEAAAM!!! to reach this point when we could have a good candidate, who is African American to run in the race and they refuse to support him because they feel we are still entitled and owed Bill for his years in office. Bill is not Hillary. Hillary ain't no Bill. History is repeating itself. We pray for the opportunity, which is then granted, and we refuse to accept and go back and pray again.

People, this is the closest time we have been to seeing the Dream come to life and instead of celebrating, we sit back and ask the question "is this the one or is there another?" I'm a supporter, but I'm not suggesting who you should vote but that you need to vote. We have complained tooooooo long about what is going on and we need to get involved or we will be left behind again. What am I saying? Don't give your vote away, but let it be earned. Learn what each person is saying and how you feel about it. You have a voice, you can say what you from your candidate, and you do count.

I think it is amazing what history is occurring in front of our eyes. People are forsaking color and looking for who is best to represent and not concerning themselves with the candidate of entitlement who you will not see in your church anytime soon. a recent CNN report qouted Hillary as saying, "I'm send Bill because he knows how to speak to them and he is carrying my message." I don't know how you take it but you decide. If you have not registered...do it now. If you are not informed....seek answers now. Do the research and make your decision. This is not an endorsement but a challenge to get involved.

PS.......This is News/Events. Todays News is yesterday's history...be careful who writes your history or you may become history.

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Go into hisory and see that Hillary was a Godlwater girl and we know Goldwater was against the Civil Rights Act. Also why did Bill Clinton when President make it so no one could see the paper Hillary wrote when she was in school. Does anyone know about Hillary's idol that she followed who was a very radical guy in his beliefs that she followed. When you get dfown to it politics is not very spiritual anyway no matter who is in office. It's all about them and not the people.
It all about them and NOT the people...MY point exactly..John

Second to that "HOME school your kids"... Get them away from the clutches of the system..
If people knew what is coming,... they would... NOW...not later,...NOW
I do agree with Home teaching (school) because this school system is truly a thing of satan I feel. When they took prayer out of school it should have awaken our spirit to understand who's work that was and is. It was good enough for me when I was a child in school and should be today. When people are offended by one praying I wonder about them and then not really.
Now John, that is the case I would make on my campaign agenda, more public prayer, prayer back in school, and every church should take the initative to adopt a school.

It is successful in our town. Attendance, Test scores, moral, and community involvement is at a all time high, while discipline issues are down. Reading w/Seniors was recently completed with a huge success. However, the benefits of having educators that are truly saved teaching your children is priceless.
John Keep Standing for RIGHT-NESS

A true Prophet of YAH....ALWAYS brings his people back to Torah Truth !
1st Kings 18:21..Choose now who you will serve!!
2nd Kings 17:41 shows 16 genersations of following Traditions to the Childrens children.

The church today is no different than in Matt 15:v9 Traditions/Doctrines of Mere men have this whole system screwed up.
Recently a judge in Washingtom State made this opinion IF THE PEOPLE keep silent they will eventually have erroded away all of their constitutional and Amended rights...

We keep in the church Pagan worship and think it is ok... Waasss up with that???..
2nd Kings 22:v3&4 the High Priest [ Kohen Gadol] bring out of the Temple the instruments used for Baal worship
Second Kings 23:v4 [what are those instruments???] Strongs #842 states it is a TREE or POLE..the Tree is a symbol of Asheroff the sacred tree is set up next to the Altar sound like todays Church with a tree next to the Altar...And when a sephardic jew like me who knows G-Ds Torah Truth tells a Christian that there is paganism in the church,.. they want to give you the left foot of Fellowship...
Essentially that is Baal worship and That is a NoNo ...
YAHshua was not sacrificed once for all,... for us to keep up paganism in the Church and call it ok ...

So John how do we right America if the CHURCH does not see the time and season we are in????

IF THE CHURCH does not stand for RIGHT ness then who will speak up ...all these career politicians certainly are not the answer...Second to that the Church is to far into paganism to even know it //The Catholic church made a publication stating that there is no where in the BIBLE that changes the Sabbath worship to SUN-DAY and the Protestants follow us because it was revealed to us ..{ Who revealed that lie>>HMMMMM!} Violates the Mitzvot of YAHweh..
That states the Catholic Harlot of Rome made a decree that is against the Mitzvot of YAHweh,... and we all fell into the Pit....again we have the Blind leading the Blind...
Presently the Master is pulling out of the Church' HIS remnant..why they are being prepared for AliYAH.

The Barna report verifys this ...we are being pulled out to Learn of HIM and to get away from the Traditions of Mere men...Hope to see you out soon....Your friend
Well maybe these are better facts

Subject: READ ALL=FOCUS ON FAMILY--OBAMA=very expensive change!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Minnery
March 24, 2008
Dear Friend,
What does it take to be the most liberal member of the United States Senate
– farther left than Ted Kennedy, John Kerry or even Hillary Clinton? For the
answer, take a look at a man who could be the next president of the United
States: Barack Obama.
Sen. Obama was recently named the most liberal U.S. Senator, based on the
annual voting analysis by the non-partisan and highly respected National
Journal. If he emerges as the Democratic nominee, one of the critical jobs
of Focus Action will be to uncover the real Barack Obama—not the feel-good
orator who speaks of “change” and “hope,” but the man who would be the most
left-wing president in our nation’s history. And we’ll need your continued
help to do so.
Obama: As extreme as they come on family issues
On abortion, Obama’s 100 percent lifetime voting record from Planned
Parenthood and NARAL only begins to tell the story.
While in the Illinois State Senate six years ago, Obama was the only senator
to speak against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which protects babies
who are born alive after a failed abortion. In other words, it prevents
flat-out infanticide. A year later— while the U.S. Senate was passing Born
Alive 98-0 – state Sen. Obama quietly killed an identical bill in the state
committee he chaired!

Not surprisingly, then, he also opposes the ban on partial-birth abortion
and supports allowing minor girls to be transported across state lines for
abortions without parental notice or consent.

Perhaps most chilling is his avowed support for the Freedom of Choice Act,
which, if signed into law, would threaten every pro-life law passed at the
state and federal levels over the past 30 years.

In addition, while the next president could effectively overturn Roe v. Wade
with the right Supreme Court appointments, Obama is proudly committed to
appointing judges who will uphold legal abortion. In fact, his judicial
philosophy is typical of the radical left. He believes that judges can
change the meaning of the Constitution at their discretion. Not
surprisingly, he voted against the nominations of Justices John Roberts and
Samuel Alito.
How about marriage and the homosexual agenda?
First, he opposes the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). If given the
chance by the liberal Congress, Obama will overturn DOMA, potentially
forcing every state to recognize homosexual “marriages” and guaranteeing
that you and I pay federal benefits to support homosexual couples. Please
note: Technically, he says he is “opposed” to same-sex “marriage,” but by
standing against DOMA, he is standing against the only thing that prevents
same-sex marriages from spreading state to state.

Second, he has pledged to homosexual leaders that he will sign the
Employment Non-Discrimination Act (forcing businesses to defend themselves
against discrimination lawsuits should they not hire a particular candidate
who then announces he or she is homosexual or transsexual). He also supports
hate-crimes expansion (potentially putting churches at risk if they preach
the truth about homosexuality).

Then there’s his support for teaching schoolchildren (in 2nd grade, no less)
homosexual relationships. He also wants to require women to register for the
draft. And, as a state senator, he even refused to support a measure to stop
sex businesses from opening near schools or places of worship!
Make a
difference in 2008
Help support the
work of Focus Action.

The price of “change”: Hold on to your wallet!
Sen. Obama talks constantly about the need for “change.” But what he doesn’t
tell you is the price tag, so allow me: It will be very expensive change.
He supports raising taxes to pay for universal health care, his free college
program and a host of other government expansions. Among his pet projects is
a bill he sponsored called the Global Poverty Act, which would commit the U
S. to spending 0.7 percent of gross national product on foreign aid. Over 13
years, that will amount to a whopping $845 billion increase over current
foreign-aid spending! Get your checkbooks ready!
National security?
One area where Sen. Obama seems to have an aversion to spending is the War
on Terror. But it’s not just the admittedly controversial war in Iraq where
Obama has shown himself to be soft on terror:
He has repeatedly voted against funding our troops in Iraq—unless the
funding included a date certain by which our soldiers must withdraw from
their fight against al Qaeda. Even with the troop surge producing superb
results, Obama has called both the surge and the war a failure. In fact, he
and Hillary seem to be in a rhetorical contest to see who can abandon the
battlefield first.

He, along with Hillary, voted to give captured terrorists and illegal
immigrants constitutional rights that are reserved for American citizens.
Can you believe that Sen. Obama actually favors granting citizenship to
illegal immigrants convicted of crimes against children, aggravated felonies
and other serious crimes? It's true.

Perhaps, then, it should come as no surprise that Obama also voted against a
resolution proposing a constitutional amendment to protect the American flag
from desecration.
One has to ask: Did he learn anything from 9/11?
Ditto for Hillary?
On most of the issues I’ve mentioned, Hillary isn’t far behind Obama’s
extremism. In fact, she ranked as the 16th most liberal senator in National
Journal’s scoring. But the reality is that most people know about Hillary.
They remember her push for government-run health care. They know of her
radical pro-abortion stance. They may even recall her support for allowing
young children to sue their parents.
Obama, though, is the new kid on the block. In fact, a little more than
three years ago, he was still an Illinois state senator. Now, the media is
fawning over him … and isn’t about to delve into his leftist record.
That’s why Focus Action—with your help—needs to sound the alarm. Whoever the
Democrat nominee is, the truth about their stands needs to be told in clear,
bold colors. And, of course, the pros and cons of the Republican candidate
need to be laid out as well.
Focus Action is blessed to have some great channels to communicate the truth
to the American public. From radio programs to mailings to webcasts to
advertisements of all sorts, we have the vehicles to get the word out. But
your gifts are needed to provide the fuel to make those vehicles run—so we
can inform millions of voters, not just in the presidential race, but in the
critical contests for House and Senate as well. If you haven't done so
recently, please consider making a donation by clicking here.
Throughout our history, great Americans have stood up to grave challenges of
all sorts. As this latest wave of secular liberalism threatens us, I look
forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you in prayer and action – in
defense of the family.

Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President
Focus on the Family Action
P.S. We continue to get strong reviews from many of you about our live
“webcasts” on the presidential race. If you haven't yet had a chance to view
these webcast, I hope you'll take advantage of our pro-family perspective on
the candidates – a perspective you won't find in the mainstream media!
Thanks for partnering with us to make it all happen!
Also what is not mentioned here is mr Os outlandish attitude re:IsraEL

Now Christians.//Messianics Folowers of Messiah are NOT to align themselves with any harlot Not for Israel...Guess that means Pickings this election are pretty slim...

Shalom upon your home'..."Y&T"


ONLY YAHweh can change the World ...When New Yerushaliyim comes down::: when T'Siyon is established.

When you think a mere human is going to change the world you are sadly mistaken,..... it has taken thousands of years of perversion to bring us to this degradation..and Obama and all the other harlots combined are not going to fix anything ..only make it worse.

The last President that wanted to change something and actually abolished the FED-RESERVE was John Kennedy and he paid with his life five months later.
His brother after that.
WAKE-UP America,... where is the Fire of Righteousness.

Martin L.King wanted to change for the good and he is either critisized or loved ....YET he too paid with his life ....
Messiah YAH'shua tried to Change things for the Better and He paid with HIS life ...
What makes you think Mr 'O' Wants to get real extream???

Just like all of them They are sold out to the EU-Genics Illuminate plan ...Study History...Adolph H. had nothing on what these guys have planned... for the "O.W.O" you just need the blinders off.

CHECK his voting record along with the other canidates,... it but stinketh according to Biblical values.

It is no longer a time to vote Party,... it is however a time to Get back to Biblical Basics...Trouble ahead

Oh btw Shabbat Shalom
I voted for McCain and I am unashamed. I am certain on the issues that matter to me, I voted in the right way. I sincerely believe that Obama is a Saul, the people’s choice. The people cried out for a king, and God gave them one. Perhaps a “David” will come out of all of this, “a man after God’s own heart”, or better yet, JESUS!!!!

Where is the church? Where are the prophets? Where is our voice? Here??? In San Francisco, a 2nd grade class was invited to the wedding of their “beloved” teacher, who married “her” girlfriend – during school hours, a field trip and they called it educational. Where is the church? Where are the prophets? Where is our voice? Here???

Over 50 million babies have been killed since Roe V Wade – and we have the most liberal politician in the highest office in America. One of those babies could have had the cure to cancer, or been the next red, yellow, or black Christian president, who would have stood for our values. We were so close … and now we have been set-back decades. Where is the church? Where are the prophets? Where is our voice? Here???

America has been bamboozled – and even God’s elect!

Where is the church? Where are the prophets? Where is our voice? Here???

The writing is on the wall … Jesus is coming soon! And I am completely convinced that Obama is the puppet to usher it all in.

Guess we will all soon see!
YOU ask where are the Navi's the Prophets ...We are here OUTSIDE the walls of religon blowing the Shofar',... Screaming for the rooftops,... and yet the sheep follow the NWO religon and not a word do they hear.

Those who have ears to hear will hear all the others will soon have a rude Awakening
It is time to Arise n Shine for the covenant people
My sister,
I understand your frustrations but the state of the world is not Obama's fault. You are looking for a single person to blame. It is not possible nor is this one the final solution. What you are seeking can not be found in man. It doesn't matter if you are conservative or liberal, both are not of God. Being a conservative does not make you a Believer of Christ (ie McCain) nor does any man made label. Remeber only what you do for Christ will last.

Jesus is coming no matter who was elected, and to throw the blame is not the solution. YOU are your voice if you choose to speak.
To be very clear, and to make sure that there are no misunderstandings, I do not blame any one person, group, or race for the current and fast decaying condition that our great country is in and experiencing and by the way will continue to experience. We know ultimately that all of this began in the Garden of Eden and will end with Jesus Christ reigning as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, by which every knee in heaven and on earth will bow.

As a Christian and lover of Jesus, I have a responsibility to stand up for what I believe to be the truth as God has revealed to me in His word. I could no more vote for Obama in good conscience and be able to reckon it with any sort of justification that I see many people have posted on here. There is no justification if you are a Christian, who claims to know the Word of God, for voting for Obama.

Obama’s political positions and deep convictions are contrary to the Word of God and any true believer and lover of Jesus, should have been able to recognize it. I believe and continue to maintain that Obama is merely a puppet or forerunner who is being used to set the international stage for what the Bible said is coming, “The end times”. Whether we agree or disagree is a mute point and in all fairness only time will tell.

I am reminded of the scripture when Jesus said, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matt 10:34) This is what is happening – Divisions, factions, all sorts of things – and we are being divided because He said that would happen. My own home has been divided on the issues relating to the current political and economical landscape of America.

I maintain that we need not focus on those things, but rather put everything we have into the current spiritual landscape of America, which my dear brother, is in dire need of “change that we can believe in.” Change that we can believe in comes from God, turning hearts back to Him. The way I see it, the stage is set for the direct opposite. Eyes are turned upon a man or our Government to fix what is wrong in the world we live in. I stand strong that what America needs, is a spiritual fix and that will only happen as we individually, collectively and corporately take a stand for what is right, true, noble and praiseworthy. I continue to maintain that our highest office in America would be best served by a man or woman who KNOWS God and is led by His principles in ALL that they endeavor to do.

I am completely convinced, we don’t need more welfare - we need more churches taking care of the poor, the widow and the orphans. We don’t need universal health care, we need more churches to build and maintain our own hospitals and clinics. We don’t need more government, we need the Church to rise up and establish the Kingdom of God, here on earth. In our current Government, we need spirit-filled, Jesus loving men and women of God to pioneer the Way guided by biblical principles.

In good conscience, I believe with all of my heart, I have sided with God and what He has laid out in His Word. I cannot be moved from my position in Him, or in my personal and deep convictions.
One of the things I love about the God I serve is He will always shine a light in my heart through His word, for the sole purpose of revealing what is in my heart, the good, bad and the ugly. He asks the questions and I respond. While I believe that God’s elect has been deceived, (THE GREAT DECEPTION), I know in the very depths of heart that God’s purpose and plan is prevailing and will prevail.

As for me personally, what I am doing to contribute and to manifest Jesus to the World? I lead several ministries at my church but the one that is closest and dearest to my heart is a ministry to and for Single Moms. We have over 171 single moms registered with us, and of those 80 are active, most of which are from outside of our church. I am watching God change their lives one at a time in such a powerful way. They are going from welfare to work. They are being healed from years of abuse. There children are thriving academically. Our men’s ministry recognizes the mandate from God that they are to be a “Father to the Fatherless”. Our children are receiving mentoring from Spirit-Led, God-governed men of Biblical Principles.


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