I know this should spark a good discussion. I open this conversation for an opportunity to review and share your perspective and views.

I'm a Dem. (by choice) and I have been watching the race closely as things become interesting. Question? Why is it that Hillary takes the African American vote for granite? Time after Time she sends Bill in to rally the ol' guard to get the support, but will not show up herself, why is that? Why has some of our Civil Rights leaders, who claim to have fought for the DREEAAAM!!! to reach this point when we could have a good candidate, who is African American to run in the race and they refuse to support him because they feel we are still entitled and owed Bill for his years in office. Bill is not Hillary. Hillary ain't no Bill. History is repeating itself. We pray for the opportunity, which is then granted, and we refuse to accept and go back and pray again.

People, this is the closest time we have been to seeing the Dream come to life and instead of celebrating, we sit back and ask the question "is this the one or is there another?" I'm a supporter, but I'm not suggesting who you should vote but that you need to vote. We have complained tooooooo long about what is going on and we need to get involved or we will be left behind again. What am I saying? Don't give your vote away, but let it be earned. Learn what each person is saying and how you feel about it. You have a voice, you can say what you from your candidate, and you do count.

I think it is amazing what history is occurring in front of our eyes. People are forsaking color and looking for who is best to represent and not concerning themselves with the candidate of entitlement who you will not see in your church anytime soon. a recent CNN report qouted Hillary as saying, "I'm send Bill because he knows how to speak to them and he is carrying my message." I don't know how you take it but you decide. If you have not registered...do it now. If you are not informed....seek answers now. Do the research and make your decision. This is not an endorsement but a challenge to get involved.

PS.......This is News/Events. Todays News is yesterday's history...be careful who writes your history or you may become history.

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Name 1 principal that McCain stands for today? My point is you can't blame Obama or any single man for the sins of the world which began before his birth. Your concern is not based on a political issue but one of spiritual warfare which the two are not related. I applaud you in your efforts but I questioned this.......Was Mccain ever blame for going to church? Was mccain ever accused of being baptized, or even associating with a ministry? Obama, married to one woman, father of two kids, and has spoken many times of his faith, attends church.........his party happens to be democrat but that is not his faith. check your facts
I have some info you would be interested in reading Sis....

It is an eye opener for those who voted for Obama just because he is black. As well as informational for those who voted for McCain just because he is Republican.

Christians need to WAKE UP!

beautiful answer Shannon..I like your heart
Just two small corrections...NEVER was a Jew named J-sus..and no Hasidim would name their child a Bar/Bat [Son /Daughter] of the covenant,... a name from ROME.
Well, Mainly because all Jews Azkenazi or Sephardic like me know that the NWO religion is an infiltration of mere paganism totally missing the mark of the Marital Covenant First established at Sinai.
A little Leaven leavens the whole loaf"

The RE-NEWED Marital Covenant was at the FIRST wedding feast where the Water of our existence was turned into the Wine of prosperity in the Brit Chadassah story...And the MASTER' of the ceremony stated prophetically:"The Best was saved for last"

When we try to get folks to focus on the TORAH truth it is because that is the main Words given to Moshie as INSTRUCTIONS [the word TORAH means INSTRUCTIONs] to the Covenant people @ Sinai desert

MANIFESTATION:...What is the Anti Christ?
One who does not allow the MANISFESTATION of the FATHER/RUACH haKodosh in and through them

In simple terms Our Father Creator Likes to WALK with us, In' us and Through' us to this sick and dying world.

A good lesson for your next Shabbat Teaching would you agree?
Shavua Tov

You lost me when you said Focus on the Family; they have nothing for African Americans and not just that they are full of propaganda and half truths.



ONLY YAHweh can change the World ...When New Yerushaliyim comes down::: when T'Siyon is established.
When we begin to walk as Covenant Servants to THE MASTER, and to the King of YIsrael.

When you think a mere human is going to change the world you are sadly mistaken,..... it has taken thousands of years of perversion to bring us to this degradation..and Obama and all the other harlots combined are not going to fix anything ..only make it worse.

The last President that wanted to change something and actually abolished the FED-RESERVE was John Kennedy and he paid with his life five months later.
His brother after that.
WAKE-UP America,... where is the Fire of Righteousness.

UNTIL the Sheep begin to read the scriptures through the eyes of the author they will never understand what writers like Peter had written.
weather it be to the KING Supreme or...

Folks do a deep word study:: the info is there stop following the Blind'
SUBMIT means to Obtain to Torah /Mishnah=[the chapters of the Father] Submit ///hypo-tasso [greek] anything arrainged/in an orderly fashion

NOT FOLLOWING MERE MEN in this worlds system.

When he speaks of being subject to your Masters in the Hebrew the word masters is your Rabbi who is teaching you a man in TORAH understanding NOT a mere man who has been selected by the Bilderberg group. That is not a Man of G-D A Man of G-D Scriptural is a man like Hillel who restored the Torah to Israel or like Yeshua who walked the walk of a Torah observant man why because his father Joseph was a Tzadakim [ A Righteous man] who was in the rabbinical order of leadership.
We the true followers of the King and the MASTER's covenant word are to come away from all this ..Simply we are to UN-PLUG from the NWO and do the real work of covenant servants house to house...If you do not learn this lesson then you will follow the teachers of christology right into the waiting arms of the enemy.

The only government we are to submit too is the governed of G-D in Teshuva [ For the Laymen, That means to return to G-D and His commands]

History is repeating itself and we are on the verge of another halocaust or even worse.

all the sign were there Yet Hitler used the church and propaganda to cull the herd and It is happening right before our very eyes...
.A Watchman warning...Ezekiel 33:
I agree with your every word Rev. Moore , I watched out of curiousity a video which presented a sermon by a non-denominational preacher from NYC named Rev. Manning, a black minister who supports Clinton. His hateful remarks (which included a few choice words) about Senator Obama would have made the grand dragon of the KKK blush.

I also watched a History channel documentary about Dr. King, I watched as a Birmingham, Alabama police cheif named Bull Connor, and Mobile, Alabama sheriff named Jim Clark spew out their hatred towards Dr. King and black people in general.

I thought to myself, Rev. Manning a black man is no different than these two racist that Dr. King had to confront back in 1964. It is the spirit of racial hatred that is still going up against the dream here in 2008. This spirit has grown so strong until it has blacks not wanting to identify with their blackness. Some still think that if they received a glass of water from Bill as oppose to Obama his water would be colder and taste much better.

I'll say what you didn't say, it is a slave mentality we are dealing with. Hillary and Bill represent the good master; and Obama represents the uppity negro they think that we should all be obliged to Bill Clinton because of what he has done for us.

Rev. Manning said that we should be ashamed of ourselves for not wholeheartedly supporting Hillary because of what her husband has meant to black folk. Well, as for as I am concerned Obama represents the Joshua who will through the help of God get us closer to the promise land not just for black people but for all people.
I am not endorsing anyone as well.
It is NOT a Color issue son;;It is however a covenant walk issue
When a man states he is going to lead you you want to know where you are going Right?

Mr "O" get up election night and states We may not get there in a year...We may not get there in one' term but we are going to get there>>>>My Question is WHERE are we going Mr"O"

And really he is stating he will be there two terms...by that time you and your friends will be Chipped for free medical care or Something???... as a GOV. suppression' gift.

Personally I like the guy,..{Nice smile and I sense he loves his wife and family} but he like so many wanna be leaders has no real Biblical Moral underlining...
In Other words you do not kill,..or endorse it, if you do it is a Mitzvot before Ha'Shem and carries penalties.

In Judaism which is the root of all religion; The value of life is a HIGH value system only in the case that the Mother would succumb would an unborn baby be taken.
The existing life takes presedent..yet Mr."O" and others like him cannot make a stand...So Does that one issue say something...No if you see this as a dream for AmeriKa being fulfilled...then it is not an issue.

Will he stop Monsanto?
Will he stop the Chem Trails?
Will he overturn the Illegal tax system?
will he right the wrongs of War?
will he restore life to these who were killed for profits?
Will he be truthful?
No he was chosen by the World Controllers, The Bilderberg-NWO-puks and He will do what they say to do.
Do you not see that Hillery is being placed in as successor?
Do you know what that means?
Does anybody really care?
And really what is the Promise land... If not a covenant people; Among, amidst and between the People with HIS covenant word, breaking bread, House to house,in fellowship as unto the MASTER with all reverence.

Shalom...it is time to come out of the Harlotry of Babylon
you know i agree with john , it doesent matter what color the person is , is he or she the right person to do the job, i have heard that he was raised as a muslim, and that when he visits his parrents he still goes to there church. is he muslim? is my first question. or does he serve God Our Almighty God.The one who delivered the isrealites out of bondage. i have never voted before , i registered last week and i am going to vote for who God tells me to . im going to pray hard and try to vote for who God tells me to . I like what he says and i must say I like what she says . but as john pointed out are they going to keep there promises after they get in . the bible says it is going to get worse and worse and as a christian who loves God with all my heart andsoul and Gods people black , white , red .and yellow, no matter .I want to do what God wants me to . and not what man tells me .we must pray for souls to be saved and be concerned for our friends and love ones making it to heaven cause like it or not the time is at hand we are in the verry end and the biggest question are we ready to make it to heaven . and insendently God is all colors he's red, black yellow and white , he is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth . and there wont be any race in heaven we'll be children of God praiseing him continuely. He loves us all. your sister in christ christine
First It is not a time to vote party,, as the statement above indicates party{I like what he says and I like what she says tells me =PARTY"}

It is however a time to deal with Biblical values..Harlotry in the Eyes of YAHweh is still Harlotry no matter what color of package it comes in.
Theirfore we need to line up with Biblical values..What are the seven Abominable things YAHweh does not like...are they in these fleshly vessels running for control over your life, or do you see the covenant of YAHweh being FULLFILLED.

Messiah was from the House of Hallell,.. The house of Prophets and fulfilled the Mandate to Speak Emet {Truth} even at the cost of HIS life...
Do you really see ANY canidate wanting to put their life on the Line and come against the EuGenics/Illuminate agenda...which includes the United Communist/Fascist Nations agenda.

J.F.K. did and it cost him his life. He tried to dismantle the Fed Reserve..think about that.
The cost is high ..Billerary pulled the W.I.C. plan out of the trash can of the supream Court. of the USA ...looking for a health plan.
She chose one already rejected by the High Court, as it had come from a UN delegate....and then had the gall to userpt the Constitution,.. go past congress,... and have her husband Darling Bill the Adulterer sign it into Law...

That little law is the one they use to TAKE your children from your arms and Collect 62,000.00 dollars from the GOV. coffers per child taken...then put them in a drug enforced stuppor and place them in adoption services....Sound like the Love of G-D...to you?????

It is after all your vote and Really it is not about hillery,... it is However about getting Bill back in the house called white....Ponder that.
On another point:::::
Mr "O" seems to think we need to embrace our Homosexual sistars and Brothers...NOT IN MY BIBLE does it state that,.. and I read a little Hebrew and english and some Aramaic.
And so He has already shown who he bows to...and certainly it is not TorahTruth from the Bible.
The Bible clearly states when a stranger comes into the knowledge of G-D they are turned away three times and when they come back a fourth time you are to embrace them and lead them into covenant truth ALL of the TRUTH.

Simply said He or She is to Follow the Masters rules and HIS rules alone.

You cannot make up your own set of rules,.. That is why Messiah spent so much time fighting with the relidgeous temple priests.

Back to the point;...Really any one running for the High Office of the Country MUST in fact bow to the pagan Alters.
These Alters of mere men are NOT of HIM.

YAHweh"...is either your covenant G-D and you follow in HIS Truth or you accept the Roman guard,...take your pick...Slavery is the choice,.. they want control, control, control.that is all the world wants...First Kings 18:21 we are to stop halting between two opinions" He is either our Covenant G-D or we bow to the Other one...{ A little paraphase}

YAHweh is looking for yielded vessels HE' can place HIS' treasure with-in.

Some-where a REAL man of YAH' needs to go to the pulpit and give himself over to the G-D of Abraham, Issiac and Jacob,.. and tell the real covenant truth,.. instead of lining their pockets with the spoils of war.
When you went into the Temple in YAH'shuas timeyou had to change your money of Ceaser for a TEMPLE Sheckel,... today the church is sold out to the worlds system and hardly do we hear a voice crying from the wilderness TESHUVA" {RETURN to G-D}

Your hard earned tax dollars are being misused for more control Now they want you to foot the bill for a 47billion dollar new driver license program designed by homeland security..complete with facial incription, by the DigiMARK corporation right here in Beaverton Oregon...and Only19 states are fighting it...that shows that the people are either not seeing what these politicians are doing to their freedom OR they do not care anymore.
A judge recently stated in Washington State Because the American people are not speaking out they are loosing there rights granted by the constitution...
It is the Constitutional right for every citizen to drive on the People owned roads of america without a license and it further goes on to say a police officer Must insure you right to drive and get to your point of destination except if you harm others along the way.
It further states The only time one is issued is when a citizen is using the roadway for financial gain,... not just to drive from place to place, as most of us do.
This is in Four amendment places and goes along with Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness' Ponder that.

The "Blacks Law dictionary states a License is issued in America to allow for "UnLawful" activity...So why this high charge coming out of your pocketbooks,,,Any canidates dealing with that question???

I want to ask "Where is your Spark as servants of G-D to say Enough is Enough"""

It is time to empty out the other boat in the Boston Harbor... We need a Tea party in America and give America Back to the People for The people....
Sweet people::::... Politics is Politics and has brought us to the place that the Sanhedrin were in at the time of YAHshua.... Money changers at best,...Hellinistic Pharisees,... and it is your hard earned money they use to further the one world agenda.

It is time to Speak out against the corruption,... I see NO canidate calling for complete reformation back to Biblical standards..
When they do I might even think of voting again...otherwise flesh begets flesh and power corrups... ,,,Absolute power corrupts absolutly.

...It is the New Year biblically speaking,.. it is time to get the Leven Out of our hearts,... it is time to Celebrate the real Pesach/Passover.

It is time for RE-FORMATION of our heart...Shalom Aleichem /// Peace unto you.
It is truly amazing that we would rather search hard to find something wrong with Obama than to accept and believe that he is a creditable canidate. I have been just reviewing everyone's post regarding "WHO IS THE BEST CANDIDATE"

the Question is not "is the government corrupt or is the goverment troubled?" yes it is. The question is not whether Obama is muslim or not. Because of the Rev. Wright issue, you should be smart enough to figure out that was a lie. The question is not "who is the most truthful candidate? Hillary has lied and keeps lying, McCain has denied and keeps denying. THe question remains and is still the same.......

"Who is the best Candidate?"

The last several weeks, Obama has not only proven himself to humble, but one who admits mistakes. under scutiny constantly, he has answered every question and resolved every doubt. Instead, you have use this post to attempt to assasinate his character without proof. You have convicted him, past judgement, and if you had some wood, you would probaly crucify him. Are your words any different than those who walked with Jesus one day and cried out crucify the next?

When Obama mentioned the most segragated hour is the church hour, he was right. We have become what WEB Dubois predicted years ago: "If we remain in a foriegn land long enough, we will become just like the people that despise us. We will be taught to hate ourselves." The question is "have you learned this lesson?"

History is being made.......will you become part of it?


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