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Is the African-American Family on its way to becoming extinct?

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Saving Our Children is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of the alarming number of missing, abducted, abused, and abandoned children within the African American Community.

Our Nation is in a state of emergency. Every 40 seconds a child is reported missing in the United States. Of these missing children, 33 percent are African American children who are being torn from their families. It is crucial that the African American Community in our country become more involved in the safety of these precious children. There are astronomical numbers of abused, missing and murdered African American children that fail to get the needed exposure in the media. Very rarely are their precious little faces posted on milk cartons and bulletin boards, or reported on network and cable news shows.

The Open Your Mouth campaign is a very powerful one. It encourages, even challenges everyone to do ALL that is necessary to keep our children safe. The fact that 33% of all children who are abducted are African American is a staggering statistic. However, if everyone "opens their mouths" it will shed light on the fact that very few of these children receive the news coverage that they need in order to be found. Therefore, "Open Your Mouth" not only will help to give a voice to such families, but also will provide educational and preventative services so that families can learn ways to avoid tragedies.

For more information, please call Saving Our Children at: 516-333-9882

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