JEREMIAH WRIGHT is all Right with me.... The Media ain't though!

Recently, the Black church has come under attack. The media is vehemntly denouncing Wright for his explosive preaching which is nothing peculiar to the black church experience. We all listen to passionate sermons every week! But dig this they never berate Hagee and Parsley who copy our style and use it to denounce and decry Muslims and Palestinians. They purely preach gospels of hate. Wright on the other hand is a former Marine who has served the nation and thus earned the right to critique our military exploits. In addition he being a Black male has the unalliable right to crittique society at large. What we're witnessing is a 21st century lynching!
He spoke out about the wrong doing and injustices of society and he's being publically dehumanized for it. If he ain't a prophet then who is! (definitely not those tv guys and gals who profit-sy.... they're really soothsayers and diviners.... ouch I ain't talkin' bout ya favorite preachers am I? Well at least I ain't drop names. Dr. Gadsen, I'm growing in Christ you must be praying!)

Here's the deal, the media cuts out the whole sermon of Wright about Obama and Clinton. Then they take only a clip of that clip and air it! Talk about eisogeting! Where's their integrity! Ah HA we never call it into accountbility! Secondly the complaint is that he actually said something. See the white nationalists (AKA evangelicals and conservatives, and nearly all of American Christianity.... yeah them folks who write the books we read too!) push and promote a gospel of status qou! (I suggest reading Peter Gomes' new book the Radical Jesus) Wright challenged the status qou and had to thus be killed off through charachter assasination.
Now to do this they said his words were insiduary. What? yeah right! So a Black man can't speak freely, only docile and meekly. Sounds like the slave codes to me.
So have we really progressed down through the years. No! we're still being lynched just with different ropes. And you though all that speaking in tounges, praising and shouting was breaking yokes! Shame on you! Even when the Isrealites sacked Jericho God knocked down the walls but they still had to fight! So here it is:
please don't reply plea the blood, Jesus did His part He took a stand it cost Him His life, please be willing to do the same

As always your questions, comments, critiques and concerns are welcomed, wanted, and warrented. (P.S. sorry for all of the spelling errors)

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rigt and wrong, truth and lies are never going too mix. if one can be wrong on any point then surely you can not bring good from it.understand it has too be a whole truth, not a partial. the gospel should never be seperated into, (social, prosperative, salvific, etc..) It should always serve everyone, whether excepted or not, it should be preached. but seems that we as preachers are too busy kissing up and covering up our own messes that whatevercomes along it's alright with me9 God damn that) don't call them sissies, call them alternative lifesstylists. Why not call them reprobates. We fall down and get up, whatever, ( My bible says that i is a dangerous thing too fall into the hands of the Lord). get it right if America is damed so is the black man. Our people do ore too harm us than anyone else. so America and the rest of the World do not concern me. Look at self first, then Damn that. None of us are perfect, but there is no need for us too be fools either.

Min. West
that's fine, but I think you presuppose two things in your statement. The 1st is that salvation is this inside job which is between a man and his God having no outer effects barring baptism. If this is not so then how does one demonstrate their salvation? The correct response for ordination is by having love for the brethern. So my stance is this if I have genuine Christian agape love, then my salvation ought to allow folks room enough to lay down and stretch out besides the quiet streems of God's ever-flowing grace. Secondly, I believe you're failing to see that Wright as most prophetic preachers is voicing a national concern. His message had national and global significance. Thus it was performed, executed, preached in such a way to insure that the message sunk in where it needed too. In other words because he had a national platform he spoke up. This activity isn't like those TV vangelists who sit at the White House meals and say nothing. No, this was like Nathan speaking to David. Wright used the platform of Trinity to preach as Christ would have done
And now he is in Washington, Tampa etc... eating at the banquets, with nothing too say


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