Can believers of Jesus Christ assist or promote productions that showcase homosexual acceptance?

I would like to know if the word of God means abstain from all appearance of evil relates to those believers of Jesus Christ who are marketable and beckoned to help in productions that clearly showcase homosexual acceptance. Should they do the production and set aside their religious faith as it is just fictional characters or is their evil intent behind bringing these productions to the mass population... meaning subliminal messages.

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Minister Palmer, It is not impossible for me to be wrong, however regarding this subject matter, I don't believe that I am.But I am glad that the gender part of your profile page was simply an oversight. I do commend you on this one thing though. You do not judge harshly against those taken in fault. But do you not judge because of love, or because you do in fact judge, not against but for homosexuality? You need not answer. It profits me nothing to know this. It has been interesting to have met and discussed this topic with you. Go with God my Brother.



We ALL know homosexuality is wrong HOWEVER it is not speaking against the sin that is the problem it is HOW it is spoken about.

We have too many church folk who fornicate, divorce, commit adultery, and have abortions YET the only sin the church wants to "destroy" is homosexuality?!
I can name you close to TEN PREACHERS right now who are committing all these offences YET they are loved beyond belief but their followers and others will damn a homosexual to hell.

Hypocrisy is a sin as well- Jesus had ALOT to say against it.

How about we get out of people's bedrooms and get in their hearts where the REAL work is and maybe we can get more people outside the church IN the church and get more people IN the church saved as they are supposed to be.

LOL...yes Bro. MarQ and ALL sin is SIN.  The error is NOBODY want to REPENT, turn from their wickedness.  If only they will HUMBLE, SEEK HIS FACE, PRAY, TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS then the Lord will HEAL.  Then go and sin NO MORE, church is not preaching the true Gospel, which is the TRUTH.


In Love, Sister Denise


P.S.  Bro. MarQ, why do they want to change what is in THIS BOOK, that is what the Word say in Revelation...THIS BOOK and go to other books and doctrines and believe it...go  Scholars...I'm scared of  in a rul pauls  But we must LOVE one another to tell the TRUTH, which is the Gospel and it is all addressed in the Word of God...there is NOTHING new, why do they go searching when God already said there is NOTHING new under this sun...They believe one area of the Bible and not some, don't make any since and then go search for other man written materials that explain something else and the believe it...hummmmm?????  That is why they are


In Love Sister Denise

It's not about making someone repent.
Our job is to PREACH THE TRUTH and let the chips fall where they may- let God do what HE is supposed to do and we do what WE are called to do.
How can we preach one thing but then WE allow something else.

The church in 2011 is a complete joke and I for one am tired of the church being laughed at because that means I am being laughed at.
Everybody wants to throw a stone because they believe they got it all together and DON'T!!!
It's not about what the world is doing its what the CHURCH is doing.
If the church didn't accept mess the world wouldn't either.
They are not trying to change THE BOOK they are trying to see HOW the church can allow all the sin it does but then want to come out to the world and condmen them.

Let's call it what it is- hypocrisy.

We want to preach obedience but we aren't obedient to the Word of God.

We want to preach love but we aren't showing love to each other.

We want to preach togetherness but we are more seperated than ever before.

We want to preach against sin and the church is LIVING in sin.
You see my point?!


Let's not blame the world for the problem WE created.

LOL Bro. MarQ...I am talking about the CHURCH...I have nothing to say about the world, because I am not of


I am talking about those of us who say we are Christian (Christlike), because the world knows NOTHING about the word.  They only know what the church is saying, because the world has not accepted Christ, nor are they seeking Christ unless the Church brings them the word.  So, I am TALKING to the church and quoting the scriptures to the church that say they know and love the Lord.  It is the church that Christ is talking too also, because the world know Him not...The church is preaching to itself, because all kind of sin is in the church and the Bible is speaking to the church not the world.  I hope I am not repeating myself, I am just typing without  looking because I don't have the means to actually see what I am as you know I am a typist by and I will be able to go back and see this when I get home.


In Love Sister Denise


I just had to respond, because I do agree with what you said and again I am talking about the church and too the church....


Oh and by the way if we PREACH THE TRUTH, which is the GOSPEL, we will be telling the people to REPENT...because that is WORD and we can't take or add anything to that.  God word is TRUTH and the word of God say repent.  NOW AS far as making someone repent....NOPE can't do that, it is the spirit that does that...the spirit of sorrowfullness...a persons has to be sorry or have encountered the spirit of sorrowfullness to repent.  And just by hearing a word sometimes can make one sorry.  But the word of the Lord say repent and turn from your wickedness, I did not say it, but I will show it and tell it to someone when I am sharing the word of God, because without it a person cannot see the Kingdom of God and God wishes that none perish and nor do I.

In love, sister Denise

Minister,  why are you insisting that a man burning in his flesh for another man is more honorable than a man burning in his flesh for a 14 year old girl?
Is a man lying with another man more honorable than one lying with his sister?

Why do you insist that the abomination that these people carry out is NOT an abomination (as thus sayeth the Lord) but is something that should be affirmed in their spirit?

What scripture tells me and the saints that we must no longer call men lying with men sin?




Pastor King,

I understand your view on doctors, I have no problem with it.  What I do have a problem with though is the saints of modern day christendom no longer having faith in the POWER of God for healing.  They have swung the pendelum all the other side.  Its to the point that now, whatever the scientist or physician or psychologist says is from the very heart and wisdom of God.  Thus - they believe any wicked nonsense that they speak.  Such as - HOMOSEXUALITY is not wrong, its just as 'right' as a heterosexuality.

It is my belief that those that have perverted desires must fight against them and hopefully they will be delievered.  However if not, then they are 'those' who Jesus speaks of that become EUNUCHS on their on accord.

If their only desire is have sexual relations with animals and have not been delivered from that desire - then they must live the life of a eunuch.  Same thing for a man that burns in his flesh for another man or the sibling who burns in his flesh for the other sibling. And the one who only desires children. 

If you serve Jesus and you're feeling some 'special kinda way' - sometimes you just have to live a life refusing to live out one's desires. 


And to be quite honest with you there is nothing so evil about being a eunuch - many folk just dont bother living sexual lives whethere they are hetero or not - they just rather devote that part of their life to Christ.  I dont see anything wrong with  it.


Also - what you wrote to the dear Minister was quite profound.

I agree with you Newview. My thoughts are not contrary to your own. I too believe in the power of God, i only say that we should be as wise as serpents, yet harmless as doves. Know you not that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just?...All of their wealth; not just money and material, but knowledge and technology also. Grant it we have a spiritual technology also that we must hone and familiarize ourselves with more, but still all things belong to us. It is given unto us a greater wisdom to manage what tools laying before us. I believe being a eunuch is an honorable vocation. I was an abstinent man up to the age of 27 when I married my wife. Some of my friends always told me I had "the gift" (whatever that means). I seriously considered in those days to continue in abstinence to the glory of God, but, well the woman was added to me,and well, praise God for wives. For when a man find a wife, he find a good thing and favor with the Lord. I have learned that I could be married and still serve Him, not as wholly as I could if I did not have the wife, but my relationship with Him has not been injured by my union with her, but strengthened in many ways. May God our father continue to uphold you in the right hand of His Righteousness.

These church folk STILL IN here condemning homosexuals?!


Do any of you have anything better to do?


Or you have made it your "ministry" to degrade and treat homosexuals like lepers in order to "save" them?


I'm still waiting for my question to be answered.


WHEN are the church folk going to remove and shun those men (and women) in leadership who are homosexual (and those who are for gay rights) and they yet follow them?


Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop T.D. Jakes

Donald Lawrence

Richard Smallwood

Bobby Jones

Ricky Dillard

Deandre Patterson

VaShawn Mitchell


Do I need to continue?!

Homosexuality is a stench in the very nostrils of God, but I will also agree that there are a lot of them in church leadership and people do indeed blindly follow them.
Where is this stated in the bible?


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