As we all know today is April 15th Tax Dead line! The IRS requires you to file a return or requset an extention for more time. We have come to the end of the first quarter of 2008 and what is your return looking like? We have prayed for More POWER, More ANOINTING and INCREASE and God has meet our request as we ended 2007. Just like in the natural we pay taxes on income and purchases, so it is in the spirit. When God blesses us we owe taxes on the blessings of the Lord.Taxes means tithe, application, and execution of the Word of God. The spiritual IRS is seeking you today, for God has given you IRS status (Investments, Resources, and Seed). He is looking for His return. There are people that you have been instructed to bless, but your resources has been depleted, buried, or destroyed. My question to you today is do you need an extension? If you need to file an extension read John 5:30 and Isaiah 55:6-11.

Because of Calvary,
The Tax Collector
God's Man

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