Do you know what an extra $25-$525 can do in a person's life today.

Do you know what $25 -$525 of extra money can do for some people. Pay their rent, get some food in the frig, Gas in their car, a new suit to wear to the job interview. Maybe something nice for their wife or mother for Mother's Day. Or maybe even the seed money to help them start a home based business. The possibilities are endless.

Yet many of us are turning our noses up or casting a blind eye to a program that is giving this money away and we are not taking full advantage of it. Maybe it is fear or doubt, but for what ever the reason, we are leaving money on the table. And then we have the nerve to complain.

Well anyway, I will share this with you and what you do with the information is up to you.Even if you do not need the money because you are "blessed and highly favored", get it and bless someone else with. I am sure there is a food bank somewhere in your neighborhood. And there are plenty of empty collection plates being passed around every Sunday morning.

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