I think it is very important that preachers of today need to be seminary trained .

i say that because there are no more dumb folk in the church and i feel that it is a sad day for the preacher if he has somebody in the congregation that knows more about the bible than the preacher. Also i feel that if the pulpit is dumb then the pews are dumb.

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Oh I hear and read you loud and clear. I do understand what you said and I know we all need to be taught by others that have been fed because God will teach us by Him whether that means through another or by Him personally (His Spirit) in His Word. I guess when it boils down to it I'm not too trusting of our so called school system with it's man made rules to determine whether one is capable or uncapable by a grading system. Once again I don't take anything away from anyone that does this. I believe that anyone that professes to be a prophet and nothing they prophesize comes to be are using God's name in vain because the profess to be speaking in the name of God and they aren't. I know we are in the times of false preachers, teachers and so called prophets and we are to be watchful of them and it would be better for them to not have been born I guess. I truly am trying to learn all I can and I ask God daily what is it He wants me to do for Him because I'm so tired of trying to do things for me. I want to be led by Him. Thank you for the words of confidence and kindness. Much love my Sister in Christ. By the way I grew up with animals (dogs, cats) and I don't want any more not at my age. LOL
While I agree to the extent all carriers of the word should have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of what they preach, I want to emphasize the even greater importance of a spirit filled, consecrated LIFE that we not just satiate the intellect of man, but persuade through our own convictions that Jesus is the answer.

My homiletic out line, theoretic debate, three point sermon and or argument will not cause for transformation, it will be the spirit of God.
I agree totally, you said a lot ain afew words! I would like to add that the tools you have listed Bro Ross can help put the TRUTH in a context that is cogent and that logically flows so that people CAN recieve it....we have got to deal with these folks minds (and they are at all different levels)....Lord have mercy....but it is the power of Most High that transforms.....you have said well Sir.

Thanks for sharing ...
Bishop H.
Ach Moreh...all is well with us. I thought I had offended YOU, and felt badly....if in some way I did, please forgive me as well....we'll get it right before it's all over with....lol
that was a yellow rose between believers and it was beautiful.
Friends, I am sooooooooo tired this morning. I fell asleep with my bedroom light on and the tv on and I guess it robbed me of peaceful sleep. Talk about dragging .... I don't drink coffee or energy drinks but I do drink hot chocolate. Lord help me make it through this day! its going to be a 15-16 hour day today. YIKES!!!
I beg to disagree...I dont think there's any such thing as dumbness in the house of God. Yes, there are instances where the pastor seems to be lacking in spiritual food in comparison to some members, but God knows best.
My opinion is that all good gifts come from God...wisdom, knowledge, understanding, speech and all others.

What men of God need in these endtimes is to stop preaching what they think people want to hear and start preaching what God is saying. We need those who will offer their hearts and mouths as instruments, regardless of what people say and follow God whole heartedly.
You see when we fear God, so many things fall into place. We no longer consider ourselves as being so highly placed, but we look to the one who abounds in all greatness to work in and through us His perfect will and in so doing we place ourselves in a position that says "My meat is His will" and then we find fulfillment.
God doesn't need your education to do things through you...the bible says He uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise.
What glory will He gain in using a well learned person? The man would probably say it's his education that has made him prosper in his ministry. But imagine using a man who can't even read and by the power of the Holy Ghost he opens the bible, reads from it and teaches others it's hidden treasures....men will surely know that God is real and wills as he pleases.
Education enlightens a man, but with that, it's really difficult for such a one to be humble enough to say 'Lord, teach me thy word by the power of the holy spirit.

Beloved, let us follow the one who has been sent to us to guide us into all truths and we will not bother with "false negatives' the enemy tries to make us focus on. God can use anything, anyone, anywhere because HE IS GOD!
I wonder why so many feel that the Holy Spirit is not at work in their professors, or that the Holy Spirit stops operating when one is in class? The Holy Spirit does teach all things but what stops the Spirit when we are being taught in seminary, just like the Spirit doesn't stop when our Pastor or Sunday School teacher teaches?
This is true of any one in any one in any occupation...there are a lot of "Holy Ghost" preachers who aren't saved either.....

would you agree or disagree?
Especially when people that understand the needs stay at home along with their anointing.
MarQ: just curious Sir, by what factual evidence have you draw such a conclusion? Certainly, in my case, this is not true. I was taught what I needed to be taught--I was taught the things that I lacked, especially in church law, church finances, and church administration....these were invaluable courses because I found out just how out of order most churches are admistratively. Many pastors simply do not know (just as I did not know for YEARS about church law and financial management).

Since there are more untrained preachers in our country than there are trained ones, then this could not be the primary reason the church is out of order....though I will completely agree that it IS out of order....we have out work cut out for us, that's for sure--both the trained and the untrained.
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