I think it is very important that preachers of today need to be seminary trained .

i say that because there are no more dumb folk in the church and i feel that it is a sad day for the preacher if he has somebody in the congregation that knows more about the bible than the preacher. Also i feel that if the pulpit is dumb then the pews are dumb.

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You are so right, there are so many preachers who know nothing about the bible, or God, people want the status .that they think a preacher has, they want recognition, and they think preaching is all about entertaining.If they are not feeding you with knowledge and understanding, they are not called by God. Jeremiah 3:15 And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.church today is not what God called the church to be .we got too many cemetary preachers, not enough spirit filled preachers.
I would like to thank you for your post! The pastor/preacher must have some traning in the areas of Theology, Bible Exegesis,and Hermeneutics. Why so that they will not lead a stray God's people.
So are you saying that God Hates you! Seeing that you are the one telling on yourself!!!!!!!!! I want to tell you in fact that God loves you but hates your sin.
No, No you keep saying that God hates you. I don't know what happen in your life that makes you feel that way, But God does love you but once again I need to tell you that He (God) hates your sin.
See I just know that you would stop repenting of your sins here. I just know that you fully understood that your sins are washed a way. My brother the only way for you to stand on the Word is to get into the Word. Please, please never stop confessing your sins it is good for the soul...
Alright, to confess that you have been sinning you whole life is very very good. Keep up the good work....,
See once you confess that you have been twisting your words around you can move foward. Keep up the good work...Blessings
Just stop with the self flagellation, now stop it.
Okay, I know that this will make some people angry. But Truth is truth. Every believer is given the Holy Spirit and the point of conversion and every believer has the Holy Spirit for life. That being said the point of education is best understood the way my grandfather said it to me years ago. When God calls you to preach He gives you the headd of an axe, going to Bible college and or seminary puts a handle in that axe. God is not against education, nor is education a short cut to better blessings from God. All education does is aid the preacher/pastor in their understanding of this 6000 year old book. Study it
I do agree that it is very important that a minister be trained in a seminary. However, seminary does not gives an individual "intregrity". Also, a seminary trainning will not make a person live Holy, but the Holy Ghost Will! I know first hand men who went to some seminaries, and practiced openly a Gay lifesytle. And I know some who did not and are the greatest ministers in this age? T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteem, Joyce Myers and many more. The emphasis should be place upon a conversional experience. Then the desire will be in a person's heart to attend a seminary. How much seminary trainning did the apostle have doing the their life time? They were with Jesus 3 years? But mostly important they receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. Thats the most important element, knowing Jesus personally. Even today if a person don't have a seminary trainning they still can be just as effective as someone who has a great training, such as myself!! Brother
Amen, my Brother
I agree that education is not a guard against sin, everyone remembers Ted Haggard. You’re also right that seminary training will not give any person integrity. What it is that I’m saying is that we allow people to tend our souls with no clue as to the purpose of the book (Bible)! And if education was not important than please explain why all the false degrees here on BPN. I can mention a few in this discussion. The preachers that say they hold Th.D’s, Ph.D’s Master’s all while never receiving a bachelor and when you look up the schools on the web there nothing more than a diploma mill. 2000.00 and you’re a Ph.D give me a break.

That is the stuff that cheapens the work that those of us who study all night to write that paper or hired a tutor to pass that exam. And for you to say that the Jakes, Myers and Osteen are the greatest ministers of our age is just wrong. They all claim to hold degrees that are not real. The fact that the preachers you name are all noted false teachers that spread a perverted gospel that only sicken the Body of Christ is the very proof that we must up hold the standard of training in our churches.
As I said before all believers are baptized in the Holy Spirit at conversion. That element is always there!


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