I think it is very important that preachers of today need to be seminary trained .

i say that because there are no more dumb folk in the church and i feel that it is a sad day for the preacher if he has somebody in the congregation that knows more about the bible than the preacher. Also i feel that if the pulpit is dumb then the pews are dumb.

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No, I wasn't going point you to any scripture. If that's what you believe then there is no point, because you are grounded in what you have been taught or studied in your personal time, as am I. That'd be a fruitless conversation leading us nowhere. I just wanted to be sure we both understood one another on the reply made.
Okay, but that leads us to a problem. We can't both be right. Seeing that we can not both be right than one of us has to be wrong! That is just the nature of things. But the good thing is that the Bible is never worng. It is always right. I stand with the BIBLE in that I know it is always right. Even if I'm not...
True. One of us has to be wrong; at times both are wrong (not saying us, but just in general). And you are correct, the Bible is never wrong, it is always right. We both just have to continue to serve God and accept whatever He tells us and continue to be humble about it (as I believe we both are).
With that I say men still need to be trained in college and or seminary. Then they can learn that the Bible is always right. Be blessed and stay in the book.
There should always be some form of biblical training, instead of just going about. I will and you be blessed as well sir.
You're right. I wonder why people never put the medical docctor's down for persuring their degree. No one ever says that they should just read Gray's Anatomy and open a pratice. But all we need is the Bible and you can open a church. Call yourself a pastor and that's it....
So true.
iam bless to join your group thank you evangelist pastor susie houston
Jeremiah 3:15 And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. By this we know if pastors are entertaining you or trying to make you feel good, or just dont know what they are talking about , God did not put them there. Some were called, some were sent some just picked up a bible and went. The bilbe is not intellectually discerned, it is spiritually discerned.
The Holy Spirit will bring all things to our rememberance. Once again, training in any form is good, it's needed because inorder for the Holy Spirit to bring things to our rememberance, it has to be something there to remember. I think schooling is great, it brings on life long friendships and fellowships and also a network of believers...However, there is what I call: Kingdom Connection that only GOD can give and whenever we as believers get with one accord GOD can really move. I learned that those who have acquired degrees in whatever field can sometime look upon others who have not as less- than, however in God there is no respect of person. Let's celebrate eachother as gifts to the Body of Christ and with the love of GOD.
It is true that many preachers are under-qualified, but in defence to those who are active in ministry, what is most essential is your knowledge of the Scripture and your relationship with God through praise and prayer. Do not forget that most of the Apostles were "uneducated" by human standards (1Cor.1:1-2) but devoted themselves to prayer and ministry of the Word (Acts6:4). As leaders in the ministry we must not be so arrogant as to think we are always going to be the smartest one in the building. follow me on Twitter @ApostleRick

Dear Mr. Sweet,


There are so many things that I would like to you, but for peace sake I am going to limited it to a few corrections of points.  Sad to say, you really don't understand seminaries in comparison to bible colleges?  You're right the Board of Education monitor school's policies and procedures.  Therefore as I said, we don't allow them to dictate to us!  We hold the Bible as our faith, rule and practice and that is how we set the standards of enrollment.  For example, we don't enroll women in Pastoral studies, and they can't receive a Doctor of Theology Degree because that is a degree for pastors only.  We don't allow homosexuals to enroll in our seminaries because their lifestyles is opposition to the teachings of our doctrinal statements. Second the biblical dialects your mention all are a branch of Hebrew tongue, you would know that if you knew Hebrew but you don't!  If you were a student of the languages you would know these things.  Also, Mr. Sweet, in our seminaries individuals don't receive a Th.D., just because they complete the class requirements, and write a dissertation.  They must be proven in ministry, as a ABA  minister.before their outline would be accepted.  I finished my class work in 1992 when I received my Masters of Theology.  But I didn't have experience as a Pastor, Church Planter or a Missionary.  Therefore it took me from 92 to 2007 to prove myself and to get a church to sponsor me as a missionary.  According to the Board of Education that would not have happen, but because of our standards as Missionary Baptist we set our own guidelines.  Now I hope I have been helpful. Finally, I would appreciate if you could speak to me from example, and not just things you think you know.  Most of the schools you mentioned I sought them out when I was living in California.  Fuller, Talbot and California Graduate School of Theology would accept our students because of the reputation of CMBI, but you would not know that because you never attended to any of these schools yourself.  Also, if my seminary education was not respected by Dallas Theological Seminary and New Orleans Baptist Seminary, why would I have been the first African American southern baptist missionary  of the Louisiana. and Mississippi.  It is not about me, but I am qualified to speak of were I have been, and my relationship with the people that you mentioned.  So, Mr. Sweet what have you done and what accomplishments have you made among the people you mentioned?  Let me say to you that you sound like a bitter, jealous and broken preacher that want to be more, but don't have the heart nor the Love for people and think putting others down will make you feel better about yourself, but I had to learn the same lesson. IT DON'T WORK! I also wrote about that disposition in my Master's Thesis.  I called that frame of mind an inferiority complex with a positive reaction.  Sounds just like you right?  Mr. Sweet at our seminaries we stress a true relationship with Jesus.  Its not about trying to carry a hammer but the Love of God toward everyone. For example, you mentioned that God gives us an axe head?  The reference to axe head in the Book of Kings refer to one that was borrowed for building, not for beating people.  Where did you say you studied?   I would be happy to discuss this matter further but I'm trying not to  being harsh, because I think you mean well.  Good Luck, and I hope you find your way to peace.  It was a long road for me too, but I praise the Lord that I think I am in the position where God can trust me not to hurt his people, but yet share the truth.  Please stop saying those school teach those biblical languages because they don't.  I know because I considered going to most all of those schools you mentioned. 


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