I think it is very important that preachers of today need to be seminary trained .

i say that because there are no more dumb folk in the church and i feel that it is a sad day for the preacher if he has somebody in the congregation that knows more about the bible than the preacher. Also i feel that if the pulpit is dumb then the pews are dumb.

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Wow. That was back in June of last year!

If you want to go that far back okay!

Let me start by saying that I fully understand both Bible Colleges and Seminaries.

Unlike others here on this network I hold a real Bachelor’s of Science in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership, and I’m currently working on a real Master’s in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in Pastoral Leadership and Bible Exposition which I may change to Old Testament Studies.

In my studies both in college and seminary I have never taken a class in pastoral ministries with women. I am sure about this Dallas Theological Seminary is the best educational institutions in the Word. The schools tract record speaks for itself. DTS  does not allow homosexual to study in its classes and to say otherwise is a lie!

I have never personally attacked you in June I mention all the people in the church that lie about their education! I never said you!!!! I am not here to check the sheep skins on the wall, yet when one holds themselves out as a Ph.D's, and they have no undergrad or master’s you will agree that something is wrong.


Next: You write “Second the biblical dialects your mention all are a branch of Hebrew tongue, you would know that if you knew Hebrew but you don't!  If you were a student of the languages you would know these things.” WOW! You know me that well.

But I do not mean to correct any noted scholar like you but as I said before “Every real bible student knows that the languages of the Bible are Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. At DTS if you major in Old Testament you study languages such as Ugaritic, Akkadain, Assyyrian as well as the others. Not to mention French and German.

Hebrew tongue! The language of Hebrew is one of a group of Semitic Languages and at DTS we have scholars in each of these languages. Thus when I studied the Old Testament I learned Aramaic and Hebrew so I can read the book of Daniel which you know is written in both languages. Right!

I’m very glad that your seminary does what it does to the glory of God. I will not put down a real school seeking to educate people for ministry. Yet I am willing to tell the truth. As I wrote before the Department of Education only set guideline as to how many hours a given degree takes to earn. Every Bible College and Seminary is open to teach their own theology. The Government has no desire in teaching theology. You know that. The point of accreditation through the Department of Education is so that people will not be taken by diploma mills. Such as Friends International Christian University; this school gives you a degree when you pay the money just ask Fred Price, T.D. Jakes, and a long list of false teacher…..There I said it!

You are right I know nothing about your school and I chose to go to DTS because of its reputation. CMBI may be a very good school; I never said that it was not. I just know nothing about it, if you all have a PhD program that offers degrees in Egyptology send me information I may look at your school if not okay I can look elsewhere.


You ask me what have I done…Brother you stated that it not about you yet

“I finished my class work in 1992 when I received my Masters of Theology.  But I didn't have experience as a Pastor, Church Planter or a Missionary.  Therefore it took me from 92 to 2007 to prove myself and to get a church to sponsor me as a missionary. 

Dallas Theological Seminary and New Orleans Baptist Seminary, why would I have been the first African American southern baptist missionary  of the Louisiana. and Mississippi.  It is not about me, but I am qualified to speak of were I have been, and my relationship with the people that you mentioned. 

DST is not a Southern Baptist Seminary but you know that!

You also mention that you were a missionary of Louisiana and Mississippi praise God for your work in the area of missions. And thank you!

Man I cannot believe you said this….” So, Mr. Sweet what have you done and what accomplishments have you made among the people you mentioned?  Let me say to you that you sound like a bitter, jealous and broken preacher that want to be more, but don't have the heart nor the Love for people and think putting others down will make you feel better about yourself, but I had to learn the same lesson. IT DON'T WORK!

I will not debate my resume but I too am a church planter and senior pastor and so on…..

My God you know me so well…then you go on to mention your seminary! Now that is funny. I have yet on the site to put any person down! But you just did that to me! How Godly of you…I have not call any person any names not like you, bitter, jealous broken.

The last thing you say is “Please stop saying those school teach those biblical languages because they don't.  I know because I considered going to most all of those schools you mentioned.”

WHAT! I will not speak for the others but I will speak for DTS seeing that I am a student there….

Every ThM student take 120 credit hours of which we take 3 years of Hebrew and 4 years of Greek and if you major in the areas of Old Testament or New Testament Studies you will take more than 25 hours more…

Now you know! And knowing is half the battle... If you would like to talk more in person or by phone email your contact information.

Hello just a thought!  The next time you guys who don't believe in proper biblical seminary preparation get sick.  Don't go to a Doctor with the proper medical education; go to the person who don't believe in structural preparation.  Well, I don't think so, you will look for a doctor who can properly treat you.  Same with a Lawyer, Dentist or even an auto mechanic.  So why do you guys place so little emphasis on feeding your inward man the truth of God's Word.  If most ladies had been prepared in the Scriptures would know that the word Pastor, teachers, evangelists, prophets and bishop are all masculine nouns and don't address or apply to women in the Hebrew Bible, Greek Bible and the Arabic Bible.  All of the three bibles agree in number and gender, so why are you using masculine words as adjectives to describe women?  Well the seminary I attended was all together different than just a bible college, it was 7 days a week, from 8am to sometimes 10pm during the course of 6 years.  It made a difference in my life, and assisted me in becoming a godly man, and a sincere student of the scriptures.  After being saved at 16, and surrending to preached at 17 and attending college, business college and then seminary; I just fell in Love with the Lord and His Word.  So that's just a thought!

Do you feel that if a Pastor is not Seminary trained that they can't Pastor? I am missing something in your commentary because the "Sweet" person you mentioned doesn't have a comment present. I think Higher Education is good but I don't think that we should blanketedly say that ALL should attend Seminary to Pastor. I think we would be blocking God's ability to use whom He chooses to call to fish for saints. 


Where in the word does it say you have to be certified to Pastor? I may be missing that revelation. If we believed that you must be Degreed to Pastor or Preach, or Teach the word we would literally bring down the body of Christ.  

@ Dr. Joshua........Amen!
What did I miss?

Not sure about what you missed, I just agree with the Dr....This time! I have been on both sides of this debate. I once was one that lacked formal training and now I have one degree and will soon have master's degree and will move on to a Ph.D in the next five to six years. I believe that education is just as important as calling. My grandfather put to me this way. When God calls you into ministry He gives you the head of an axe, when you go to seminary you get the handle to put into it….That’s what I believe!

Praise The Lord My Brother,

I think we are missing something and we must be careful to no supercede God ability to do what he wants. It seems to me that the Educated folks might discriminate against those that are The Called Ones for the sake of their investment. I worry that with our move to a more charismatic ideology on alot of issues that we might set aside the Sovereignty of God for Education. I hear some saying if it's in the WORD then I'm walking and talking it but there are things in the word that are not socially acceptable today but were in biblical times. Let's be mindful that no one here is saying that Education isn't important but my Bishop is a wonderful teacher and preacher and he only holds a Bachelor's in Pastoral Studies. His messages are filling and balanced and spiritually nutrious. I've been to some Churches with Harvard Trained Pastors and Wharton MBA's and I found them to be a little...just a little out of touch with the people they are leading. So can we agree that with that Education should be a Calling and some Anointing and other spiritual gifts at work? I'm concerned that if the store front churches go away becuase we start regulating who should lead then we could change the way God moves to appease man.  



Romans 8:30 -Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

1 Corinthians 6:11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

I think I understand what your fear is but to me it sounds like your view of God is too small. Just because a preacher has no education does not mean that God works more through him than the one that has education; for that matter it does not mean that God works more in the life of the educated than the uneducated. The point of seminary training is not to gain favor form God, it is to better know the Word of God. I really do mean that…You say “I've been to some Churches with Harvard Trained Pastors and Wharton MBA's and I found them to be a little...just a little out of touch with the people they are leading.” Remember this is not an election the Preacher/pastor is to minister to the people the Word of God not our socio political-economic views. The black church suffers from a lack of training in the pulpit and the errant teaching found on Television, radio and the internet is in large part due to this lack of training. If the preacher/pastor is called as you say that “he” is called to training at the highest levels.

This is a joke right? You must know that there are some people in the pews that are even more anointed, educated and intelligent than their Leaders. They are supporting and following the Leader as they follow God but those leaders should be encouraging and imploring their flocks to read and study beyond Sunday Service, Bible and Sunday School. The word says "STUDY TO SHOW THYSELF APPROVED A WORKMAN NEEDETH NOT BE ASHAMED RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF TRUTH" There is nothing anywhere in the word that says that the man or woman of God must be smarter. We taking that sheep thing too far when you assume that the people of God are dumb. The word says "HE WHOM I HAVE CALLED"...That means that God can pluck up a saint and drop them into the five folds. I have issues when folks are so educated but don't understand Pedagogy. You have to understand how to MINISTER, TEACH, UPLIFT and ENLIGHTEN. Education without ANOINTING does not a Preacher or Teacher make. I happen to think that the people of God recognize that their Leader must study and invest time in the word in order to be a deliverer of the word. Seminary is wonderful if you can afford it and desire to get that deep in the word but SUNDAY SCHOOL and BIBLE STUDY is a good learning tool as well. I want to be clear that I recognize that a Pastor must have more but schooling isn't what is lacking.  If we believe that then we would say that GOD IS NOT SOVEREIGN if he called someone that was capable to deliver the word. We must be care not to think that degrees supercede God's calling on the lives of people.




Let's be careful not to cosigning on the things of God the way we do the things of the world. Anointing has to count for something and I'd rather have a Preacher with an Anointing that a degree any day. When I go to the Doctor I want them Educated, When I send my kids to school, I want a certified teacher, When I go into the court room, I want a Lawyer who passed the bar...WHEN I NEED A HEALING AND DELIVERANCE...I WANT SOMEONE WITH AN ANOINTING AND NOT JUST A DEGREE. In that case and that case only your Education don't mean a thing to me. I want you to be touched by God and a degree doesn't mean you touched by God. Oh yeah by the way...People who don't believe in God go to Seminary so that they are knowledgeable of the Philosophy behind why people seek a higher power.


As always...I love a healthy and lively conversation.

I agree one should have a seminary experience however being God connnected, directed and anointed must be the foundation.

I agree that Leaders should be knowledgable. Certainly it is necessary to not have the people feel that they are more knowledgable than you.

But, Seminary may not be the best route. How many have been to the siminary and appear to have no common sense let alone God-sense in regard to Christianity? I say be lead of God, but most definately gain knowledge.


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