"Woman of GOD"

You question why you were created, I asked the FATHER the same question and this is what HE said to me;

In my image did I make you a design of excellence in all thee earth. My beauty handcrafted with skill and detail. There is no other do men hail. The splendor of your beauty and wisdom is astounded. The wise ones try to duplicate your shape and size, but why; you were created from a diamond in the sky. Rubies and gems stones they are rare but you my beloved are forever in my care. Why were you created?

You were created to represent me, with hope and glory cant you see, the seal of approval a design with no patent created, by the AUTHOR the only writer of your fate, stamped and inspected before you left the gate.

Do not ever question your existence, it is not a mistake, you have so much to offer and it is never too late. In you, there is life, purpose and a desire to teach. In you, there is wisdom beyond human speech. In you there is a treasure hidden deep within the walls of your flesh. In you, I have placed the very best.

However, you may weep, wonder and question why I would choose you out of all. I chose you because I foreknew you, I chose you because I predestined you. I chose you before the foundation of your frame was formed, to do my will. I created you my love, for ME!

We have lots of exciting news to share.

Pastor Wannetta A. Walker, Editor

ndmi2010@g mail.com


(240) 713-0448

Noble Woman of the Month; Betty Wright

In every monthly newsletter, we will be featuring a Noble woman of the month. This will allow you to see how Holy woman of GOD live and are kept. Thank you Ms. Betty Wright for being our example of a noble woman. . We care about you and the women you are and shall become, we shall behold her! She is woman. Our young women’s ministry is "Noble Ladies in Waiting" ages 12-25 please support us in encouraging our youth, they need to know that it is worth the wait.

Sincerely Pastor Wannetta A. Walker,

The "Noble's" Women Ministry

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