For where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men?

I am very saddened by what happened in our nation's capital yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes at the mere fact that there are such hatred and divisiveness in this country that these insurrectionists would storm the hallowed halls of our capital and destroy and try to intimidate our elected leaders who were trying to perform their elected duty. This was, in my opinion, an intentional effort to destroy our democracy. 

It also painted a perfect picture that we are living in a divided nation (house). As a divided nation/house, our democracy will cease to exist. It still stands and will continue to stand as long as we come together as a nation under God.

Destroying our democracy, is this what the man occupying the Whitehouse wants? In the past four years, he has done nothing to heal this nation of its division from the divide brought to light during the 2016 election. Instead of unifying the government, the Whitehouse occupant has stoked fear, hatred, and further division through divisive rhetoric that further stoked this segment of our country's anger. This is not real leadership.

This country needs healing (2 Chronicles 7:14), and I am praying for this country to come together and be healed. We must stand firm on the truth, what is right, call out wrong regardless of who commits the wrong, and we must stand firm on the truth of God's Word.

A house divided within itself will not stand. Consider the members of our bodies and how each part functions together, and when one member of the body is ailing, then the body does not function properly. The breach has to be repaired; this principle applies to our nation.

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