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Topic: "To Crown A King"

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I guess this is like we are of a royal priest hood. 

I dont see anything different than any of the other odd stuff church people make up for their services rather than follow the scriptures like they should.

I wonder how much this Jewish couple got paid to come do their thing on stage?


Bother Gill, what is your disdane based on?



My sister, I have never seen anything like a coronation in a church service. Pastors are not kings over God's people; least of all, an operator trafficking in spiritual abuse. This is super-creepy from the congregation's standpoint.

Well, bless your heart because I have seen way creepier.

I think a little over a year ago or earlier there were some videos of the strange goings on in church services on this website and this is childs play.

I heard this morning that this pastor who has been made a king in their church services has since apologized to the Jews for using the Torah I believe to do his wacky show.

I dont think this is any worse than ppl doing comedy acts during church or putting on face paint and hopping around in the name of all thats holy.

Its just what ppl do nowadays.

I guess at least Pastor Long is not barking like a dog or crowing like a rooster.


Well, I won't defend these mime shows that have become the rage. I don't understand how this newfound obsession with "liturgical dance" is anything other than flesh on parade. And although I haven't seen a comedy act in a church service--other than the skits kids have done during the Resurrection Day or Christmas Day pageants--I wouldn't defend Christian stand-up as part of the worship experience either.


But there is no face-painted mime, leaping around to the latest Christian contemporary music, that would have the spiritual significance that a newly installed "king" would have. Why not also declare the pastor to be your "Messiah"? I still say the New Birth congregants have gone insane if they can't see the raw blasphemy of this.

Discussing devilment gives the devil power.  We need to get on with what matters.  We are all kings and queens meaning that we have power over the kingdom of this world.  There is one who is King of kings.  There is only one King of the church and of the Kingdom of Heaven.  The kingdom of this world love to create kings and queens.  King of Pop, Queen of Soul, King of Rock-n-Roll, etc.  People are looking to follow behind something. Blind leading the blind.

I don't understand, how do Long go from being the Mega Church Sandusky to a King?


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