God has granted us a special gift,
A gift that we call Life.
In it He gave us His only Son
Whom we know as Christ.

These two are like a pair you see,
For they can not be torn apart.
The celebration of such a special gift,
Can bring joy to your heart.

Eternal life, love and care,
Can all be given unto you.
For God Himself has spoken this,
And you know His words are true.

There will be times of distress,
When you will want to put it all behind.
But hold on to God's unchanging hands
And faith ye shall find.

He never promised an easy road,
Only His Son to help you through.
For if you continually praise His name,
Blessings shall be given to you.

It only takes a little time
To thank Him once and again.
When all left you during your despair
He remained until the end.

He has been a mother, father, sister, and brother,
And given you all that you need.
Is not the Lord God Himself so great?
Oh yes, He is indeed.

His love for you is more powerful
Than the strength of the strongest man.
My God is so good you see,
He holds all powers in His hand.

God has truly been good to me,
For He put me on the right track.
Do not try to stop me,
I'm moving on
And I REFUSE to turn back!

Written by: Tanaka Braxton (my daughter)
Teen Fresh; July 1993

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