A special Word for SINGLES.....Married folks read this toooooooo. I love you all!

Ladies and gentlewomen (gentle now)....and all Single Men:


                                                     From my heart to you all


This is a wonderful day and time to regard the Lord and His goodness (Romans 14: 5, 6). A word of encouragement to all who may FEEL LONELY, and isolated from God's purpose in your life; maybe you feel alone because of upcoming Valentine’s Day with no special person in your life. Do your soul a favor and consider an encouraging scripture from Jeremiah 29: verses 11 to 14.  The people of varying status in life [then] were led away captive from Jerusalem to Babylon. Perhaps there are moments in your life you feel captive in your loneliness, in a broken relationship or one about to fall apart, feeling left out of the normalcy of a stable and healthy relationship.  Maybe such is complicated,  and you're dealing with issues or dilemmas in life! WELL, ladies and gentlewomen be rest assured THE LORD IS THINKING OF YOU and HIS THOUGHTS are towards your situation(s) in life. You can plug into the heart and  promises of God with
comforting words from Him. (yes, the Bible).  I pray this day for all the singles struggling and patiently waiting on the Lord for a breakthrough. We all need someone in our lives and wecan be held captive in many ways.  Let's be real.  Think of those particular days you said, "I wish I had that one special person. When is my day coming?  Why am I still alone and still singled?   For once in your life, trust Him this day and time even for strength and for those you know may feel captive in their problems. Give someone this day a hug, a handshake,an encouraging text or email,  a kiss on the cheek (maybe)or simply a phone call.   Exercise your agape love and let them know that GOD IS THINKING OF THEM AND HAS NOT FOR FORGOTTEN THEM  (Hebrews 6: 9, 10).  I was singled before and have a heart of understanding where some  just might be.  No one on this earth knows where your true feelings in your spirit as you do.  As Paul addressed the question, " For what
man knoweth the things of a man, save the sprit of man which is in him?"  (I Corthinians 2) Think about it.  Do stay encouraged my brothers and sisters.  This day and time, let us be "fellowhelpers together with Him".  Married folk out there, encourage the singles.  They may look up to you for spiritual and moral support.


Chaplain Donald Perry





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You're welcomed my friend.

Chaplain Perry,


Thank God for these words of comfort and encouragement.  The God of all comfort (2 Cor. 1:4) has comforted you, and now you are able to comfort others with the same comfort you have received from God.  God bless you!


Apostle Diana

Thank you sister.  Some have replied with tears of joy and encouragement because some aren't real with them with real life questions.  I am never ashamed to share how I used to feel when I was singled.  Why some married folk think they were born married and don't remember they were once singled is a nightmare for me to think of.


Stay in touch.  Love you much!

Greetings Chaplain Perry,

I'm a single female Pastor and I must admit this has been a rough time for me since I've received my call to Pastoralship 2 years ago. But I just want to say thank you. Thank you for the encouraging words you thought enough about us single people waiting patiently for our mates to just encourage us to hold on.

This coming up Friday ill be celebrating 2 years as the Senior Pastor of Keeping the Faith Ministry with 14 years of being saved. But here lately praying and now thanking the Lord for my mate has been laying heavily on my heart. I know God has not forgotten about me in his season will the man of God be sent to find me but only in his season!

God Bless,

Pastor L. mcFadden

All is good my dear Sister.  You know the drill to wait patiently on the Lord.  I'll be real with you.  You see a nice man, maybe regularly attending your services or someone you regularly see at a convention or program; introduce yourself and/or just make yourself visible.  It's ok to spark up a conversation.  The first Sunday before I joined the ministry out here, I testified to the glory of God and didn't realize that I was advertising myself.  Pastor Jackson whispered to me, "bro. Perry, you just advertised yourself to all these single ladies out here"   I said, "Really"?!  It's crazy, but I testiefied that "I am a saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled, black, young, and educated single man who loves the Lord......."  I kept on shouting, of course, from what I remember.

You never know what nice man is watching you or has heard you.  When I was singled, there was many a day that I would hear female preachers, guest female speakers, leaders of Singles conferences share bits and peaces of their trusting God for a husband and for him to find her.  Many were genuinely honest.  But should a man approach you in church, a convention (maybe support and help in a Men's Conference!)...let him be himself but don't throw the question, "are you flirting with me" or "you got children?"   I'll eleborate on that as the Lord leads me; but it's a turn off to a real brother who may be seeking a wife, moreso a date....you got to let him start somewhere.   Stay in touch Pastor.  One thing we learn in Chaplaincy is to hear each other out and share stories........love ya!!!


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