Dearly Beloved, this year is now at it's closing. And we must take the lessons that we have learned from our journey's past, ans use them to propel us into greater depths and heights of of God, our call and/or ministries. As it has never been acceptable or tolerated by God, mediocrity, engagement with sin,  tolerance to sin, procrastination, idolatry of things and people, selfishness and pride should have no place in our lives as they have been in the past. You will never become the greatest God-you, reach your fullest God-potential and reach your fullest God-purpose if you do not deny your self, submit your total being and self to God, His word and His Spirit, and walk in total obedience with Him. You must also be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to be more Christ-like, and allow for God's word and the working of His Holy Spirit to have their full function in your life to wash, cleanse, heal and deliver you, and transform you into a God-being through which the power and works of Jesus can be demonstrated.



It is long over due that we as God's leaders, churches and people rise up in our spirituality, our power and authority that has been delegated unto us, that we may take ownership of all that is spiritually and naturally ours inherently,  as made available through Jesus Christ.



Not only is the year 2011 coming to an end, but the world and every thing therein. There is much  and great work that needs to be done in the body of Christ and in the world to bring souls to Christ, to heal them, cast out devils, deliver them and help set them free, and work miracles. But we can never do this if we continue to limit the gospel or the word of God to just preaching or teaching a sermon, a good message, lesson, etc.






We have been called to do greater works of Jesus and to do the acts or works of the apostles in the book of Acts.  Paul said  “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration and power.” I Corinthians 2:4



People are leaving churches, bibles studies, home groups, week after week, year after year, remaining in their same state of mind and spirit, being bound by the same tormenting demons, being vexed in their spirit and being afflicted with all manner of sickness and diseases. If the teaching and preaching of the word of God was going to do it all, then Jesus would have never commissioned us to go and heal the sick, cast out devils in His name, speak with new tongues, etc. And you just can't think that you can just sweep under the rug, or ignore some of  what  the word of God says because you don't believe it, understand it or just don't want to receive it, and think that you are going to get results that will totally heal, deliver and set man free from sin, habits, obsessions, bondages, sickness & diseases, etc. And so what the Lord is saying  “My people, I have given you My Son, I have given you My spirit and power from on high to set the captives free, to root up, tear and breakdown, penetrate barriers, break down  walls and annihilate any and every thing that would come against you and My people; I have made available everything that you need to be a victorious believer walking in the name of Jesus to do the works that My Son did, but you refuse to heed all My word. And you have picked and chosen what was a liking to you and have cast the rest of My word behind your back. This is why you are fruitless, this is why there is bareness and this is why My people are still hurting, dying and lost. You have come up with your own prescriptions, your own plans and  your own ways of doing things that bring you numbers of people but not numbers of souls for My kingdom. They bring glory only to your self and they are vain. I have made call and continue to call My people to rise from their ashes, to rise from their shame, to rise from their places of idolatry. I have made call for My pastors to feed My sheep, to love them and nurture them, but many have beaten them, abused them and left them to hurt by themselves. They have not poured oil into their wounds, but instead they have brought more affliction  upon My people and have added to their hurt. But for this I judge You, for you fear Me not, and for this I will take My people from you as a bear takes her cubs away to protect them. I would that you would be clean or unclean, holy or unholy and keep the profane and vile from that which is holy, clean and pure. But an uncircumcised heart cannot do this, as you would not yield and submit your total selves to Me, that I may have circumcised your heart to give you a heart like Mine. But I say to you to rise, rise up from your ways, rise up from the pits of your ingenuity, rise up from the thrones that you have made and set up, and turn to Me with your whole heart.  For then will I do a new thing in you, and then will I work a new work in you, and then  My glory and My power shall be revealed to you and work through you to bring My people into that which I have prepared for them in your earthly kingdom and in the world to come.”



And this be the word of the Lord, wheeew!  - 12/23/11 – 11:16 pm



My final words,

It is time for us to stop and cease from preaching, teaching and speaking with man's wisdom, and have a demonstration of the Spirit and power of God in and through our lives, that we may do the works of Jesus and the apostles of old. We've been commissioned to do so - Mark 16:14-20.



And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them , and confirming the words with signs following.” The Greek word for 'confirm' here is 'bebaioo', that means to make firm, , establish, secure, corroborate, guarantee (Strong's Exhaustive Concordance).  The miracles  that accompanied the disciples preaching, confirmed to the people that the messengers were telling the truth that God was backing up their message with supernatural phenomena, and that a new dispensation,, the age of grace, had entered the world. (Source:Spirit Filled Life Bible Word Wealth.)



Melody Barclay

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Why are we afraid of the power of God and the demonstratio and movement of His Holy Spirit to  perform signs, wonders, and miracles, healings, .....the supernatural?  Why have we just settled for a nice little service, or a nice little message week after week while people continue to stay in their same state without real change, week after week, service after service? Why have we reduced the power of God to loud hollering, screaming preachin, etc. without the Lord working with us with the demonstration of manifested healings, miracles, and wonders as the greater works of Jesus? Why isn't the Lord working with us like He did the apostles confirming His word with the signs, wonders and miracles following? Why have we taken the word of God that we want to like or accept and cast the rest of the  word that we don't want behind our back or act like it's not part of God's word or that it's just not in there?


A powerless people, means a powerless church and powerless ministries. What good is a powerless church, powerless ministries and powerless people to people that need demons cast out, need a miracle(s), healings, deliverance, etc.


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