Abstinence; Are you practicing what you preach, and teach our children and family? I am.

How many of us are practicing abstinence? How long have you been abstinent?

I have been abstinent off and on for 9 years and decided to STOP disrespecting God and my self three years ago and I have never felt more cleansed and stress free by practicing abstinence.


I'm divorced, so I had no business partaking in fornication in the first place. Each time I participated in fornication, I noticed I began to enjoy the sinful act less and less, until I realized that God truly wasn't going to bless any mess and that included my messy fornication.


Ofcourse I enjoy making love with my husband, but I'm not married now, so I can't do that ever again until I remarry. And if I never remarry, I won't ever be making love again. I truly believe and know that 'act' should only be shared with a husband and wife. And soul ties should only be shared with a husband and wife.


Not partaking in fornication - having sex with a man that isn't my husband, was easier than I thought it would be. I want to please God and honor Him and wanted to STOP disrespecting my body.


Whenever a guy approaches me, that is the first thing I tell him is that I am waiting to make love to my husband, so therefore, if that is not something any man is willing to do, I don't want to waste their time, because they BEYOND are not going to waste mine. And partaking in fornication, to me is not worth the sinful act of going to hell over.


We need to set a 'real' example for our children and grandchildren, we need to 'practice' what we preach and desire our children and grandchildren NOT to do.


God loves me and you and if we are to marry initially and or find the best mate for us via another marriage, He will send us our husband or wife, and if He doesn't, I trust in Him and still believe whatever He has in store for me alone or with a Husband is fine and acceptable.


God has blessed me so via this economic demise. I have been laid off since March 2011, yet God still provides a roof over my head and food in my home....Lord I thank you! Lord I thank you for the job you have in store for me!


I still praise the Lord and thank Him for all my challenges I have conquered and the challenges I have yet to endure. God truly doesn't put more on us than we can bare. After every 'storm', in retrospect, its just like a college exam/test, after the test is over, we always realize the test wasn't that bad after all because we pulled through, maybe not with an "A" but we pulled through and survived and if we didn't get an "A" on the test, we passed enough to understand the lesson that we were to learn and it made us a better person.


Thank you Lord for continuing to bless me, my two adult children and my two grandchildren! I love you Lord, because you firtst loved me, more than my parents or more than anyone could or ever will love me, and knowing He has that kind of love for me, I can't help but love, worship and live for HIM :-)

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