Address me as my TITLE!!!! Will you be offended if someone call you Brother, Or Sister

Praise the Lord,

I beleive some are really on a power trip... Not coming aganist any titles.. But there have been churches I visit/ not only churches.. out side in the public....... that people has really gotten upset because no on didn't reconize them as Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist..etc..etc... they really get offended/ angry if you called them Brother or Sister.. and will stand right up in church and correct the matter.. Oh my name is ..... Bishop Icecream........oh I'm Pastor dreamboat and I pastor two chuches..etc..etc. ...........Then I heard one said in one church...... yall disrepect me and yall owe me an apology... If you can address the President of the USA surely You can Address those with titles in the church......

My question is Does it really Matter??

What is it that is taken from you if someone don't address you as your title?

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It doesn't really matter to me. I answer to God not man., Whatever people call me thats alright with me. i know who I am. My mission is to please God not man. It should never be about us, never ,never, never. It should always be about letting the mind of christ rules in our hearts. So what if people don't call Minister Marilyn. It about completing the mission God assigned us too.
Basically, I don't get offended if they call me Brother Justin. To me, it make no difference if they call me Justin, Minister Justin, or Brother Justin. I'll just let the good works that I do to speak for myself.
Hi Evangelist Lisa,
This is a very wonderful topic. Coming from Africa where there is a strong passion for Titles; Names are for friends and family members; Titles is what u are known with by the Community. It's natural for u to hear us saying "Don't throw my names around" an american came to Africa to work and was calling a certain Elder by his first name. This american attracted the full wrath of the elder and corrected his mistake when he travelled to the next town. Here, he addressed the leader by his title, as a parting gift; The leader told him his full names stating that "he is now his friend" We in Africa understand how powerful title is. As such don't call me by my first name. My Ecclesia responsibility issued me a Title. But if i find you a good friend then you can call me by my first name.
*As a member of the heavenly Family i am your "brother" My Title is a gift unto me by God when he sets captivity captives.
*I believe in enculturation that just because i accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior didn't mean he didn't elevate me also into Royal Priesthood.
* By the way Saul didn't by his Kingship, neither did David, Saul borrowed a quarter of a shekkel of silver from his servant when he was visiting a seer(Samuel) in conversion some few cents not even up to a dollar. So Saul couldn't afford Royalty but God made him Royalty. So God gives Titles and takes it away when we are too full of ourselves. Saul lost it to David. Title attracts honor by Obedience not Manipulative Sacrifice.
I won't be offended if you call me brother but respect yourself by addressing me by my title and you will be my friend. God bless you.
I had a "minister" get upset with me because I introduce them by their first name at church once. When he express his upsetiness(LOL), I told him that when I first meet him his name wasn't minister and if his mama doesn't call him "minister" I ain't calling him that neither.
I feel it doesn't matter what any person addresses me as good, bad or ugly. What is important is that you know who you are to Him who has chosen you and what your purpose is on earth and God's Kingdom. Because we all want to hear "Well Done, my good and faithful servant." Amen

God Bless!
This is not a true statement.
I have been to plenty white churches and around white churches (pentecostal churches that is) and they don't debate and have issue with titles as the black church does.
You can go to a white church and call the pastor Brother Jim but go to a black church and call the pastor brother and see won't somebody come up and correct you.
Your title is NOT on your birth certificate so you need not have an issue with someone not calling you by you title- especially when you didn't work for the title, you got it by deceit and lies or you are acting as such.
How are we informed by Matthew 23:8-10? "But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ." Jesus said we shouldn't seek appellations and titles in the church. We don't have examples of believers called by titles in the bible. Paul was an apostle, teacher, and minister... but when referred to in Peter's epistle, he is designated "our beloved Brother Paul." If "Brother" was good enough for the man who wrote half the New Testament, isn't it good enough for us?
Pride is what it is.
Lord have mercy!!!

I believe the HOLY APOSTLE PAUL was addressed as 'brother'.

Power tripping indeed!
Anyone who is offended because someone called them by their NAME and not their title has issues- serious mental and emotional issues.
The majority of people with these titles don't even deserve them- they don't even respect their own title.
Your work should prove your ministry not a title.
It really doesn't matter at all because your anointing isn't in your title. Titles can't get you into heaven or hell but its what you do with your title. My people calls me Q or by my nickname preacher boy it doesn't matter to because I know who and what I am in God. So no it doesn't really matter but its proper protocall to address the man or women of God as Bishop, Apostle, or Pastor
I was just talking with a fellow church member about this. I am amazed at how many people are running after titles! Don't get me twisted: I believe in the dignity of the office in ministry and yes, I do believe if we can respect offices in the world system (i.e. judges, the President of the United States, Congressmen, Senators, etc.) how much more should we respect and honor those in our faith communities. I think that what has happened is that we have a generation now who did not come up the ranks of ministry as many of us who are older did. Back in the day when you went to your spiritual leader and told them that God was calling you into ministry, the FIRST thing they did was hand you a broom and a mop and told you, "Ok, now go serve!" You did whatever you were told: you read the required books, did essays, got the water, cooked the meals, ran the errands, went to leadership class, Bible study and Sunday school. You were at the services and attended the workshops, in other words, you earned the title you were given, and when it was placed upon you, you did not blow up in pride because you were made to understand the with each progression came new responsibilities, which means more work. Ministry is not fancy robes, shoes, suits and a hairdo, its work-- work to increase the Kingdom of God and reflect His glory and redemptive love to a sin-sick world. Its not about you. So to get offended if someone does not address you as your title should not offend you because at the end of the day, it is your devotion and service to God and mankind that matters. A sinner does not care if you are a Bishop, Evangelist, Apostle or Pastor; all a sinner or anyone wants to know is can you show God's love towards them, and if your title prevents you from doing that, I question your very motive. Let's get back to God and allow Jesus to come back in the church so we can get the right perspective, God's!


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