If all I got to do is Teachu2Fish , I want have to worry about you being FEED,,,,, this link allows you to do just that:  http://teachingu2fish.blogspot.com/  . My wonderful friends Janice Rodgers and Marcus Brewer partnered with Elder Wilson (founder of Bless7/Teachingu2Fish) and now we are unstoppable in our pursuit to bless the world and make them part of this Phenomenon ,this spiritual experience goes a long way in proving that their is power in unity and everyone is important and they all matter in times like this. We really can't make anymore excuses for failure, lack, poverty,homelessness, violence,greed,abandonment etc. This activity addresses all these issues and much more, all you have to do is watch the video attached to this link: http://teachingu2fish.blogspot.com/    , and be amazed as I am that a opportunity like this is even possible ,but even more than that is already in effect and people are living this dream as I jot these lines to all of you.
Now the 1st level of this 7x3 forced matrix we all help each other fill it in REALLY,we don't just say it like other programs we actually DO IT to make sure you are available to receive your daily entry of income on your Bank of America debit card that will be issued to you upon joining and that is just the beginning.
Their are so many other features ,gifts and opportunities that I can't even mention them all in this letter, but the video does a great job of explaining what you need to understand. Now you need a inviter to begin this activity and that would be me: David Turnipseed,
 you may sign up here: http://bless7.globalteambusiness.com/
for more infi call 773-609-0026

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