I finally understand that gay people are in total denial of the mental problem they have. Almost all creatures on the planet work together in a biosphere cycle of population with a male and female union. All major human cultures agree that people who are gay have a problem. The major religions say that acting on gay impulses is immoral. This means male and male, or female and female relations is un-natural, un-acceptable and first and foremost, ungodly. This is fact and a fact that cannot be debated against by logical human beings. Humans who claim attraction to the same sex deny having a mental health disorder. They are pushing for others to agree to their un-natural state of mind. Their problem is like dyslexia and autism, and the majority of them are born this way. Unlike eating, mood, anxiety or personality disorders which are learned behaviors. People with the mental disorder we know as being gay, need to recognize that their feelings are un-natural and that they need to seek spiritual & medical assistance. People who are not gay need to remind those who are, that we love them, but they need to seek spiritual & medical assistance for un-natural thoughts. Throughout the Bible, this type of mentality and behavior is looked at as a sin, but no different from lust, greed, idolatry, adultery or hatred. We should learn from Jesus and extend a hand of love and compassion for people who are gay, because they do need Him and medical attention. They are still children of God, just confused on their mental state of mind. It's no different from a person who is color blind telling everyone that what they see is normal to them, so we have to embrace their reasoning as human normality out of respect. No... they need to follow God's word like everyone else.

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