I am not here to state who is going to hell or who is righteous or not. I am here to ask this question: why are homosexuals so bent on calling what they want "marriage"? First, from its origin, marriage does not reflect the model that the homosexual community is presenting----the same gender being joined as life partners. Second, the concept of "marriage" is a biblical endeavor whose standard is set with the first man and woman. “Marriage” is to join separate and complimenting components merging, bonding or blending them. How can joining two separates that are the same represent a complimenting circumstance? To say testosterone can compliment testosterone is to say a lamp compliments a lamp rather than a bulb being the complimenting factor. Just as attempting to join two separate north poles from two separate magnets represents conflict and an anti-marital environment by nature of their structural content so does the concept and attempt to create “Same Sex Marriage”.

 Marriage is meant to reflect the relationship between GOD and his creation; displaying the love, provision and interaction that He communicates along with man's role as expected to show gratitude as well as reciprocating love and interaction is only part of what's to be mirrored. Also, in a marriage, commonly, it is rightfully assumed that a couple will reproduce or "procreate" which furthers this reflection of the marriage mirroring GOD's dealings with man whereas GOD "creates". Even in a case where a man and a woman are joined and cannot (whether the problem lies in the man or the woman physically) procreate it at least has the appearance of the possibility of procreation.

 The pretentious petition for “same sex marriage” is an attempt to make a mockery of faith and of its essence is to Edge God Out! Marriage holds for mankind a reminder that GOD is a Great Creator, in fact, the Creator of all things. Every time a child is born it is a reminder of the awesomeness of creation. Life is first in the man delivered to the woman for her to carry for a hopeful 9 months. This is why we call GOD a “He”, not because He has gender in His Spirit form but because He “is the first cause of a thing”. A homosexual couple cannot represent this possibility which is why it would be redefining “marriage” to ultimately become something that is not Marriage at all.

 It is evident to me that the attempt of the homosexual community is indeed pretentious. I firmly believe that those for “same sex marriage” have set out to “DESTIGMATIZE” homosexuality and are on a quest to normalize its lifestyle. In doing this they are doing to others what they don’t appreciate having done to them; they are disregarding the faith, convictions and a wholesome societal paradigm for a selfish behavioral cause AS homosexuality is a BEHAVIOR and not an ETHNICITY. Though I am not for same sex unions at all, I ask, why not call it something else if these attempts to legalize such unions have no ulterior motives?    



C.E. Burns Jr.


Please share with anyone that argues what GOD says about marriage.

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@MarQ, has Richard Smallwood come out and said that he loves physical intimacy with men? Of course, accusations are present concerning his persuasion but if I were to dig into every artist' life how many would I listen to? If he openly displays or professes this orientation then I would agree with you with reservations. By the way, a sister named Vanessa Williams sings the song you referred to so she would be the worship leader in the instance that you cite not Mr. Smallwood but I understand the spirit and premise of your concern. When he represents homosexuality in his music and is out of alignment with the word of GOD in his lyrics then will I cease to listen to his compositions. Is a "hateful" or "gambling" or "lying" or "faithless" man's composition acceptable so long as he does not openly profess these short comings? I tell you Yes! that you listen to these things all the time if you listen to Christian worship music at all-and I am against all of these as well.

Note, Hashem uses who HE will to accomplish HIS purpose:
Numbers 22:28 And the LORD opened the mouth of the ass, and she said unto Balaam, What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times?

Lol sir you did EXACTLY what I knew you were going to do- use the Word of God to excuse your hypocrisy- but unlike some people that doesn't fly with me.


See, I grew up in the old church where they had the REAL HOLY GHOST- you didn't have to open your mouth because the TRUE spirit of God would let them know something wasn't right.


If Richard Smallwood has to come out to tell you he is homosexual then that means you either are ignorant and have no common sense or you don't have the true spirit of God working in you and you just choose not to face reality because of who he is.


YOU stated that homosexuality is wrong- so it doesn't matter WHO is leading the song.

Who wrote the song that is leading you into worship?!


If you are going to be real then let's be real.


There are no ifs, ands or buts (no pun intended) about it.


The Bible is clear however, when it suits the church, they create a loophole for who they deem worthy.


Look at what happened to Tonex?


You think Richard would come out and face the hypocritical judgment of the "loving" church and lose his place in gospel music history?


There is no grey area with God.


We can't pick and choose how we interpret the Bible in regards to whom we like.


In your response to me alone you've given me three excuses and with the last one you used a scripture to defend your hypocritical answer.


Oh, and just to let you know he (R. Smallwood) has been in the same "same-sex" relationship for almost 30yrs- I heard they had gotten married but that hasn't been confirmed yet.







@MarQ, it seems you have followed Richard Smallwood's Life a lot closer than I have cared to. Sadly, your maintaining a perception of my position as hypocritical on the premise of "Ignorance" ,as you mentioned, is indicative of the same spirit that has maimed so many by way of so-called "REAL" saints. Whereas they say they are out to win souls they exercise a form of faith that resembles a "Religion of Conquest" rather than true evangelism leaving many "Put in their Place" and few if any won to CHRIST.
I Have No Clue "What happened to TONEX"; My life and Ministry are way too busy to keep up on the latest gossip concerning who's up and who's down in the gospel music world. It seems we have two different agendas when listening to compositions, mine is not Seeking "LEADERSHIP" as you assume.

Again @MarQ, I have not taken the time to analyze the life of every gospel artist I have listened to as I am sure neither can you honestly say the same. Just because there is something that you are aware of don't assume everyone has the same level of familiarization as you. And as for "who wrote the song", do you know about the lives of many of those that wrote beloved Hymns? You profess to be a studious guy; why don't you try an exhaustive investigation and I know if done thoroughly you'll find something in the lives of many "song writers" that you never considered while singing an intimately embraced Christian song- that is if Truth is what you're actually in search of rather than just contentions to prove superiority.

Sir, I haven't followed his life. To be honest I am not a fan of Richard Smallwood, however this does prove how "well-known" his life and lifestyle is in the black gospel and church community.

Next, again you are trying to take the cloak of hypocrisy off your back by using "religious commentary" and not being real about it- which is what I asked of you when I began my conversation with you. In having the Holy Ghost indwelling in you this means He will NOT leave you ignorant to the truth so the "don't assume everyone has the same familiarization as you" is nothing more than a cop-out. We need to stay on this point- the HOLY SPIRIT does NOT leave you ignorant. And honestly, that is what you are trying to tell me.

Next, this conversation is not for me. Personally, I don't care to know about the lives of people. They are grown they can do what they want to do. So, to be honest with you (as you are now having a hard time being with me) I'd rather be ignorant to some things. Also, I don't go on witch hunts as church folk do because if a person is living reckless God is the ONLY judge they have. However, I am coming to you because YOU wrote this long thesis against homosexuals and gay marriage then you have the audacity to be the fan of a homosexual gospel artist. Do you not see the issue with that? Then, you try and tell me that "you don't know."

Hmmm, okay. And I bet you didn't know Bishop Long was a homosexual either, right?!

Yes, I am a very studious young man- that's why I know my Bible good enough to know you trying to double talk me but I was raised under a great leader so he taught me well about double talking when it comes to the Word. From what my Bible tells me you not being real about this issue sir.

Then, to try and make a personal jab at me with the last line of your response?

Sir, I don't have an agenda. I'm not the one with the issue with homosexuals and gay marriage- YOU are. So, if anybody is trying to "prove superiority" it would be you.

Now, if you want to take it to the Word then we can but be mindful that I wasn't taught under this "new revelation" of thinking. 

Right is right and wrong is wrong and it doesn't matter how I feel about it- right is right and wrong is wrong.

In conclusion, you (in this response) refuted alot of scriptures that prove the opposite of what you just stated.



@MarQ, you have made many assertions concerning my motives and to know my thoughts in pursuing arguments and taking positions. It is easy to suggest that someone is contradicting something without giving a proof of your claim, that is called a blanket accusation- you have made many of them. YOU SAY that I'm double talking and why? Because I don't purpose to keep up with the current affairs that you profess to be apprised of?

Again, you are projecting your personal knowledge of something upon me as though it should be my understanding and experience as well (something that has not been publicized). Obviously, it is not as well known as you suggest concerning this "fact" that you suggest I should be aware of.

And correction (while you are categorizing my objectives), I am not against "homosexuals" as you stated but the behavior of homosexuality. There is a difference and I am able to differentiate therefore I can minister to the person unto deliverance as opposed to cutting indiscriminately with a butcher knife leaving the potential candidate mutilated without visible recourse beside condemnation.

@MarQ, thank you for sharing and articulating your spiritual pedigree along with your views and insights. May we all come to the greater knowledge and revelation of the Person of CHRIST. LORD bless

I've made my claim but AS ALWAYS when you men and women of God are taken to task regarding your negative views on homosexuals/homosexuality (along with your desire to listen to preaching and go into worship with practicing homosexuals) you do your best to make it seem like the one taking you to task has the issue.


Thank you for proving (once again) how hypocritical and judgmental the black church is when it comes to homosexuality.


I knew eventually you'd back down after you realized I'm not an amateur to combating the inconsistencies the church preach today.


You be blessed pimpin'!!!



Though you may not be an "amateur" you lack transparency in your motive which is found in your comments on other Discussions which very many of them you continue to engage the argument of treatment of homosexuals and not simply righteousness...that is interesting.

While you would like to set a standard in your, now flagrant ("pimpin"), illustration you speak in haste out of emotion rather than the Spirit you claim to be sensitive to.

As Paul stood on Mars Hill with the Anthenians do you remember what he stated in Acts 17:28? Do you know where he got it from? Do you know who Aratus is? Do you realize his belief system? So does G-D not use what and who he will? Mind you, that doesn't make Aratus (who was already dead by Paul's time) saved b/c Paul QUOTED him and used his quote to win some to CHRIST but nevertheless Paul used something that did not originate as an expression to the True G-D but as an expression concerning Zeus but in the same took it and thought it necessary as a tool.


You don't determine if G-D speaks through an ass as it was with Balaam or if he takes something that was written for idol gods and uses it for HIS own purpose to bring about an end in HIS own people. HE too can differentiate and use what they do and cast them away if they refuse to repent.

If I be a "pimp" let it manifest in the next turn of the day! If you be something other than what you have represented let it likewise come forth unto repentance. LORD bless

I lack transparancy? WOW you are the one who condemed homosexuals.  I would say that that is a true lack of transparency.  I can separate homesuality and righteousness  But I see that you are unable to.  Paul spoke to a certain situation at a certain time in a certain place.  I do not take the Bible literally but as a guide.  No one can take the book literally onlyfiguratively.  God may has spoken through an ass during the prophet Balaam's time but today satan is speaking though asses.

Education is a wonderful thing.

Are you telling us that God has no law or teaching against homosexualty for His people or even mankind in general?
@Evangelist, yes..."Education" is a wonderful thing as well reading attentively. If you noticed another discussion was going on and the last comment was not dealing with you but perhaps you identify with it. You said that I "condemned homosexuals". Well once again, paying attention is priceless as a proponent of one self-educating themselves; in the opening sentence of what you decribed as "NOT" being analytical I stated "I am not here to state who is going to hell or who is righteous or not" so it is impossible to propose in your comment that I "condemn homosexuals" that you are answering based on gathering FACTS.
Do I condemn because I stand on iterated examples in the scripture concerning this lifestyle? If I had, not I but the word of G-D whether it is your embrace or not. If you take the Bible figuratively because you believe in a god that is not equipped to articulate HIS will in lieu of humanity's weakness rendering such a god stifled that's sad for you. Some how this god you stand to represent with the title "Evangelist" is weaker than you since you have set out to accomplish degree after degree, as you report, while your god cannot get HIS point across. Since every example you could point to has man's hand in it what source do you ascribe to in order to know "what thus saith the LORD"? Do you believe there is one who is LORD? Do you believe HE has standards?
With constant verbal flauntings of your knowledge in your sharp tongued fashion have you ever considered the Apostle Paul's view of his knowledge? Paul knew at least Latin, Greek & Hebrew, studied the law under the doctors of the law in his time and held one of the highest orders in Judaism faith and still counted his knowledge and accomplishments as "Dung". You, on the other hand seem to present your accomplishments rather than revelation from G-D at every opportunity. So then, is your "Education" your god?
Your entire post was judgemental.


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