I am not here to state who is going to hell or who is righteous or not. I am here to ask this question: why are homosexuals so bent on calling what they want "marriage"? First, from its origin, marriage does not reflect the model that the homosexual community is presenting----the same gender being joined as life partners. Second, the concept of "marriage" is a biblical endeavor whose standard is set with the first man and woman. “Marriage” is to join separate and complimenting components merging, bonding or blending them. How can joining two separates that are the same represent a complimenting circumstance? To say testosterone can compliment testosterone is to say a lamp compliments a lamp rather than a bulb being the complimenting factor. Just as attempting to join two separate north poles from two separate magnets represents conflict and an anti-marital environment by nature of their structural content so does the concept and attempt to create “Same Sex Marriage”.

 Marriage is meant to reflect the relationship between GOD and his creation; displaying the love, provision and interaction that He communicates along with man's role as expected to show gratitude as well as reciprocating love and interaction is only part of what's to be mirrored. Also, in a marriage, commonly, it is rightfully assumed that a couple will reproduce or "procreate" which furthers this reflection of the marriage mirroring GOD's dealings with man whereas GOD "creates". Even in a case where a man and a woman are joined and cannot (whether the problem lies in the man or the woman physically) procreate it at least has the appearance of the possibility of procreation.

 The pretentious petition for “same sex marriage” is an attempt to make a mockery of faith and of its essence is to Edge God Out! Marriage holds for mankind a reminder that GOD is a Great Creator, in fact, the Creator of all things. Every time a child is born it is a reminder of the awesomeness of creation. Life is first in the man delivered to the woman for her to carry for a hopeful 9 months. This is why we call GOD a “He”, not because He has gender in His Spirit form but because He “is the first cause of a thing”. A homosexual couple cannot represent this possibility which is why it would be redefining “marriage” to ultimately become something that is not Marriage at all.

 It is evident to me that the attempt of the homosexual community is indeed pretentious. I firmly believe that those for “same sex marriage” have set out to “DESTIGMATIZE” homosexuality and are on a quest to normalize its lifestyle. In doing this they are doing to others what they don’t appreciate having done to them; they are disregarding the faith, convictions and a wholesome societal paradigm for a selfish behavioral cause AS homosexuality is a BEHAVIOR and not an ETHNICITY. Though I am not for same sex unions at all, I ask, why not call it something else if these attempts to legalize such unions have no ulterior motives?    



C.E. Burns Jr.


Please share with anyone that argues what GOD says about marriage.

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Anytime you "sentence" people to hell according to your interpretation then you are judgemental.
@Evangelist, you raise questions concerning the authenticity of the word that most of Christendom embrace as being the inherent word of G-D that you may marginalize precepts, judgements, law and standards of sanctification in order to make room for charging holiness as being "Arbitrary".

Men have clouded the word not the other way around. Those who charge that the word of Hashem is figurative as to make it an allegory therefore fictional are those who labor and pine away in hopes to justify unrighteousness and mitigate a charge of judgement against prophets thinking it will justify them before G-D yet while in the unrighteousness that Hashem destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah over for which event needs NO interpetation- in stating this nevertheless it has not been the premise of my argument but has been used as an attempt on your behalf to lure me into a sub-discussion and "wag the dog" to demonize the word that you try and make me responsible for.

Still, who have I condemned? With all the commenting, was my Discussion missed all together and the first sentence of my Discussion overlooked? I have not sent and do not send people nor do I attempt to send people to Hell, I don't have that key.
Proverbs 16:25 says "There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." With all of the talk of "Judgement" along with exhaustive studying of the word being challenged did you miss that Righteous Judgement is acceptable in the scriptures? Paul challenged the Corinthians to judge one another rather than going to the law and Peter stated "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God:" (1Pe 4:17)

If "Judging" a matter was wrong then would John the Baptist had made the LORD's way crooked instead of straight due to him speaking in judgement against the generation of his day. There are things that are clearly "demon" motivated but let's not try and demonize banners of righteous standards in order to make room for SIN.
I think you're labeling me with a badge of an experience that you had elsewhere that doesn't fit in this instance. I pray HIS love will overwhelm you and draw you to awesomeness in HIM. Shalom


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