Is it wrong to take another pastor's message and preach it as your own?


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I suppose if comedienne took another comedienne's words that would be a form of theft. However a pastors words are not his. It belongs to the Holy Spirit as freely given, freely received.

I personaly would not care if someone preached on a topic or perhaps a sermon that i previously preached on as if it were their own, because God gives the topics and sermons to whom he wants to. So it would'nt make any sense for me to get upset because someone else comes behind me and think that they are preaching on something that they came up with and not realise that all scripture based sermons comes from the Lord.  God is able to take the same sermon that you and i preach on and give it to twenty other Pastors,Ministers and save a multitude of sinners. We must compare it to the way Jesus feeding the multitude of five thousand who was hungry, people was looking at the number or the competition of the people verses the food supply and formed a spirit of fear, anger and doubt. Sermons from God are not to be competitive or to be labeled as our own, it is to be used for His glory and the building of his kingdom. God Bless  


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