We can not turn the 5 fold ministry giftings into a cult..Exalting the Apostles and Prophets like they died on the cross next to Jesus! the main goal of the Apostolic ministry is for the equipping of the saints. meaning to teach the saints how to walk in spiritual things of God. The giftings and realms that come with the apostolic is still for the equipping of the saints..still meaning teaching of spiritual things. All of this talk about every church under the apostolic is hypocrasy! When God ordained the missionary, the baptist, COGIC, they all have a purpose in the kingdom. To say that they are wrong is a prideful thing. like you know every thing that the spirit of God ever said to each person on this earth? I didnt know that you was omnipresent? This is idolatry and it remeinds me of when moses went to the mountain to pray and the people made graven images and worshipped them. Well God utterly destroyed them, and why do you think that he will not utterly destroy you?? You hav allowed a spirit that is not God to overtake you and your thinking..without mercy you shall be if you dont bow before Jesus..and he will truly allow you to spend eternity with yourself and your God..Selah

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Greetings Min. Jenine. and I love you too sis. I am replying to your introduction phrase, I owe no expanation to who or what I am in the spirit. But what I do know is that God created us all equal and he has a place for us all, every one in their proper place. when you try and exclude someone or denomination from God's kingdom that right there alone is sin, it is self derived prideful and puffed up..I dont need two or three paragraphs to see that when a people exalt their so called own..is not right. and please discern the difference between lashing out and speaking what thus said the Lord, Everything that you hear is not going to be pleasing to your ears. The Apostolic realm is here to teach All believers which way to go and what the word says. Not to take over God's people. and say that every one belongs under the Apostolic. for to be under someone or thing is simply a stronghold.I did not read your paragraphs only the introduction. for many words are in vain, so my suggestion to you is use less words, and do more observing, so in no way am I stating that we dont need the Apostolic for I am functioning in the Apostolic realm myself. but what im saying is that we need to have balance in our lives with the things of God and listen..for if we cant listen to people in the earthly realm we certainly cant listen properly in the spiritual realm. and how can we function properly in the spiritual realm if we cant properly discern what is of God and what is not? So thank you for your comment and you seem to have great teaching skills, however being able to be taught is the greater skill of all!

Im not one to argue or debate about something that I said. comments are great but a argumentative spirit I wont have a part in. and when a person just have to be right then they really dont care to listen anyways. So you are being transparent, very transparent you are showing that you are calling yourself telling me off. however its not me that you are attacking, and im in no offense. I learned a long time ago that this thing is not about me. I already know who I am and what I am. I wish that I could say that I was sorry for hurting your feelings, this thing should be walked out in spirit and not feelings. Our feelings sometimes get in the way of the spirit, we have to have balance in our lives and not allow our feelings to overule our spirits. and ministers of the gospel cant go around being emotional and puffed up. and also the gospel is not about our opinions i did not give my opinion I stated what the Lord said to me. We as ministers have to endure and mature, people are going to treat us real bad, remember what they did to our savior? So I think that prayer is a good suggestion. If you want to truly minister to others then you are going to have to let go of self and status quo. and im def not afraid of my spirit being challenged, for God is real and so is his word, and I have complete confidence in what he says to me. so please take your thoughrts to God but this time..listen to what he is saying to you. sis. I only can tell you the truth, it shall make you free.


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