Apostle Howell MADE CHASE GOODEN delete his page because Howell is in trouble.  Howell the man who said that he never ran from anything is now on the run.  COWARD!



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See, Lacie - Bonny - Howell is just like Apostle Howell - she is bragging on her dimwitted daughter who almost did not graduate.


She was proabably working late nights in childrens' church.

By the way that works both ways and companies such as FACEBOOK have to sign on to protect the privacy rights of those on their network.




Besides Howell, You shold be the one worried that the polizei, and other law enforcement agencies are checking what has been said.  You should be advising your APOSTLE to KEEP QUIET.  Opps - too late.


Why would you sue Lacie.  No one invited you, so get hammered just like the rest of us.  If you don't like it GET OFF! 


By the time this is all over Lover-Lover Howell is going to be the one that is sued.  When those women get through with he won't be able to afford FRUIT OF THE LOOM DRAWERS!

Here is the spirit of the lying prophetess again trying to control, manipulate and intimidate by invoking the Lord into it.  How pious of her. 

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am not Apostle Howell. I urge you though, Read your post back to yourself over and over and you will find that God was speaking to you.  This was for you and nobody else.

Sorry for you Lacie Monique-Howell.  Yes you are Howell if you support him.  You need to read your Bible and see that the word of God is speaking DIRECTLY TO YOU.


1.  Apostle Howell is a liar, Jesus told them those men that they were of their father the Devil and of his works they will do.  Molesting Women is not a work of the Lord.  We have no doubt Lacie-Bonny Howell that you have been sleeping with Apostle Howell and are demonically influenced.  You should know better than to come on here trying to prophesy any of us because WE KNOW YOU ARE LIAR SO YOU WHAT YOU SAY DON'T MEAN A THING.  Just keep doing what you do best - SLEEP WITH YOUR MAN AND SHUT UP!


2. Jesus said he that is not with me is against me, and he that gathereth not with me -SCATTERS. 


For the past 17 years you have been a help - meet to a SERIAL MOLESTER of which YOU ARE ONE OF HIS VICTIMS.  One day Bonny you will be locked away in a mental institution - your mind is already gone.  You are no different than Apostle Ronald D. Howell  of LIFE CHANGERS INTERNATIONAL NEW HORIZONS MINISTRY right here in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

I see you got off work and came straightway to your god, this blog...if only you were as faithful to God in Heaven (think about that).  Yes, you are right the Bible is for me, God yes, especially for me, because I am a Christian.  However, I am not Bonny, though she is an awesome woman of God, a very Godly example to all us women.  Man, it is awesome how God continues to reveal to you by scripture what you are doing and you can't see it is for you...watch this"they were of their father the Devil and of his works they will do "are your works of God, NO, so are they of the devil, YES, How do I know You told me with you told me according to your next scripture reference, " Jesus said he that is not with me is against me" see that, and wait, are you bringing people to Christ, NO, you can't be, you're here tearing down christians, so what was the word Jesus said, "and he that gathereth not with me -SCATTERS." See that, the word is near you, even in your mouth...God don't lie:-)

I said it before, maybe you didn't see it in all these posts, but I did work with mental health patients as an occupation and you have some serious red flags..at the very least you need some anger management classes...that would be a great help, they show you different techniques to healthily release stress and anger.  Your time with them will be confidential and if they suggest medication, you should take it, because it will really make you better, I've seen some significant changes in people.  If you need to discuss this privately email:  laciemonique@yahoo.com , I would be happy to assist you with some hotline numbers and such...that goes for any of you that would like to talk to a professional for anything, I would assist you in finding one.

B.W. had an awesome husband but at the hands of Howell, she let him go to the states while she stayed and supported the ministry (Howell's empire) which is a common occurrence for this CULT “especially” when the woman is attractive to Howell - one example of one of many marriages destroyed. I hear her husband is now remarried and an excellent role model to his new wife and all his children - when it's all said and done Howell will focus in on another victim and she will be left alone and she will have to live with the fact that she gave up a man that was the epitome of what a man should be. While Howell moves on to someone younger while you regret the years wasted on a man that did not value you enough to marry you. If this is you B.W........you messed that one up and should not live in denial concerning this - for good men are not a dime a dozen. There are many good fish in the sea, but sometimes we live to regret the good one that we throw back in pond. Howell as long as he has his empire will always be able to acquire a new concubine - what is good for the goose isn’t the same case for the gander. Nonetheless, I still believe this to be Howell, if I am still correct – B.W. didn't deserve to be separated and eventually divorced from her husband for your selfish desires – even if they had problems. What did you do as far as laboring and counseling them, or did you say to yourself – I will let it go where it’s going so I can add her to the number of my concubines. I guess if she wasn’t attractive to you, she would still be with her husband today. You have no idea what that does to kids but I guess that’s our fault too. B.W. or her ex-husband, my intent was not to expose you for you are not the perpetrator. All marriages have a period where it’s fragile and God is doing the mending to make it sturdy allowing you to be a testimony for others – Howell knew this and instead of exhorting the both of you he exploited you – B.W. you can ensure this doesn’t happen to no one else.

Glad to provide some comic relief.  But, nevertheless, God is not mocked...better reconsider reading your comment over and over. 

Check out therodofcorruption.blogspot.com Victor Jones was bold enough to reveal is identity.

See, we told you Bishop Jones was stupid.  Again, this is another reason why Apostle Howell will never get anywhere because of bauble headed people like him and Elder Petty.


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