Apostle Howell MADE CHASE GOODEN delete his page because Howell is in trouble.  Howell the man who said that he never ran from anything is now on the run.  COWARD!



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I am not Apostle Howell, I am an ambassador of Christ, one who represents Christ with respect and dignity.  You think too highly of yourself, scared of what?  Fear is of the devil and we are of God, we have love, power and soundness in mind.  Another clear example that you are that one anti-christ(ian), devil, beelzebub, mammon,  accuser and many other things they call you.  You were a liar from the beginning and have already been damned to hell.  You chose to exalt yourself higher than the almighty God and were kicked out of Heaven and so you wish to take man with you in your sentence to eternal damnation, devil you will not get Life Changers members or anyone who chooses to heed the word of God over these lies that you tell.  I knew you were the devil when you denied and belittled my testimony, you see, devil, a Christian rejoices with them that rejoice and weeps with them that weep and a Christian forgives and Christian loves and Christian allows God to have control.  But you devil, you kill, steal and destroy....this is not flesh and blood that rules this blog of hate...it is spirit...And I cast down every imagination and high thing that seeks to exalt itself against the spirit of God.


Please flesh behind the name Wanzo and all those that follow, get some prayer, but if you choose to remain cold....you do well for God said I'd rather you be Hot or Cold for if you are luke warm I will spit you out.  You are not doing anything on here for God, this is evil, woe unto you who call evil good and good evil.....yes God condemn me, kill me, if I am wrong, but according to your word God, this is evil....


Thank You Father,


P.S.  Remember when I told you of Hammon setting the trap for Mordecai and getting his ownself hanged...present day the law says I can sue you for defamation of character which is very easy to prove when you leave a whole blog of evidence and evidence and evidence and more evidence not to mention several other places on the internet...I.P. addresses are easy to use by the police to track culprits who have a warrant for these things, now you better be sure all this is true, you and I know it's not, I personally know for a fact with evidence about several lies you've told, maybe thinking it was true, nevertheless, you were wrong and the courts don't hear, "I thought it was true"...Your characters are shot simply by your disgusting delivery in these posts...this is hate mail...you have lost spiritually and lawfully....when does a man recognize he's about to fall into a pit, is it always too late, is it too late for you all right now...it's known that people get loud when they're wrong.....you all are so loud and beligerant, we that tell the truth are calm and clear minded....you are erratic and throwing names like wildfire...you have several cases to fight already of your own, I'd be figuring out how am I going to explain all this mess I've spread all over the internet to a judge...how do I tell a judge this is the truth... what have I done to show that my character is better than that of these I've defamed...what if they have proof of their innocence...what if I have to pay for their time out of work because their bosses saw the lies I spread or oh no what if I have to go to jail until I pay off the debt to all those I've lied on... these are just a few things you should think about


But I know, I know everybody is scared and running and going to jail and getting sold for cigarettes and eating lunch at Landstuhl and doing nasty things and everything good that happens for us is just God's pity on us and this is the end for us and we are stupid heads and idiots.....I know, I know....I was hoping that if you all got dug around and fertilized maybe, just maybe you would begin to produce some good fruit....maybe all hope is not lost, God knows:-)


Jesus Loves,



Lacey- Howell those were some interesting scriptures but Jezebel did use the outward appearance of religion to enforce her agenda. But I do appreciate a review of what’s written in the Bible. Like always let’s address the issue at hand. You seem to be calling people devils but how can you look pass the Mote that’s in your own eye. You have destroyed so many families and marriages and children, but you accuse the ones who are standing up to you to sop this behavior as devils, didn’t you quote the scripture that a house divided against its self cannot stand. So why would Satan want to stop you from destroying the lives of others – didn’t you quote the scripture that’s says,” the enemy cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy – things that make you go huh……. You stated,” a Christian rejoices with them that rejoice and weeps with them that weep” (have you weeped with Andrea and the countless of others you violated and what about the families you broke up because you wanted the spouse you were attracted to or the vacations many were deprived of for the sake of your fleshly empire and the like. Allowing God to have control isn’t being passive and allowing you continue on with your destruction. Like I said in previous post, Paul did not take that approach – he confronted them and called those False Teachers dogs, but I won’t call you such a thing – don’t want you to tell the judge on me. Again, nice quotations from the Bible and an awesome show of outward religion but it’s more effective when you apply it to your life.
It goes far beyond Wanzo. If Wanzo decided to fear and not stand up to you, God would have just raised up someone else. Wanzo’s method are quite radical, I must add, but true. I agree if you set a trap for a righteous person you will definitely be hanged. Can a person in right standing with God be so unrepentant and destructive – I am just saying. Howell you are a Cult leader posing as a minister of righteousness – this scripture does not aplly to you!!!! Let’s talk about the empty threats of jezebel. You just want all this to stop so you can continue to be unaccountable and destroy more lives to fulfill your selfish agenda. Can you really imagine what would happen if a judge really did what you speak of- how many women and men would come forward. How you really would be publically exposed. I know within my Spirit that you are corrupt and willing to come public if the situation calls for such. I love God just that much and His people are well worth it!!!!! If It prevents you from breaking up one family it is worth it. This will only bring more people out of hiding so you can get shut down once and for all, and please stop calling what you are doing, in the your own name, the work of God. Jesus was even accountable to the Father – you are accountable to no one. You call this hate mail; you don’t think these women or men you have abused have any right to be a little disgusted….come on – can you weep with the people you hurt or would you rather use fear tactics to shut them up. I will continue to expose you and your empty threats mean nothing to me. If you want this more public than let’s do it…..so that everybody can see you are a fulfillment of end time prophecy for you are one of the many False Prophets that have come in His name and I will tell any judge that and back it up by scripture. There are many people who will stand up to you in court and anywhere else. Dude, you are only god to the people who are in your building so keep your empty threats to yourself.

I am not Apostle Howell and I never burden him with this mess I read.  I wish you were not blinded by hate.  Your words are very frustrated and anxious.  Please be anxious in nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication make your requests known to God.  You say such silly things, why would you call a man god.  You feel that threats are being made, but, that is just your concious telling you, conviction revealing how very wrong you are.  That's why the bible said if you find a brother in the wrong, you who are spiritual correct him, considering your own self lest you fall.  Otherwise you have what's going on here in this blog, a whole lot of unspiritual silliness.  The very thing you accuse is what you do, that's that evil that is present with you.  I spoke not to you human but to the spirit behind the lies in this blog. You have no power, no authority, and you are all out of the order of God.   None of you all are protecting anyone at LCI nor are you fighting for us, if I did need a defender, I would not choose hate driven people like you all, "I will fear no evil because God is with me" not you.   Because God told me my war was not against flesh and blood.  Deny the word of God all you want to, but in the end it is what will stand.  I'm not worried, I actually attend LCI and I know that God is real and present and I know the Bible and I know that God would not cast out demons by a demon.  You know that's the truth, You know it's the word, and not even your clever manipulation of words can change that.


Smile God is watching:)



I have made my point known and have chosen to keep my pearls in my pocket...


Be Blessed

Good answer:-)

I want to ensure you understand “exactly” what I meant – just a little clarification, if I may. No mistake about it, I will still stand on the wall and warn others about your CULT. The pearls I was referring to, was my attempt to get you to see the error of your ways so you can repent and possibly escape God’s wrath and judgment, so don’t flatter yourself stud. I advise you to watch the messages I provided links for earlier in the blog for I believe they will be of great help to you – see I do care for you dude regardless of how you see it……..

You know I am not Apostle Howell and you know Apostle Howell would not waste time with your babblings, now that's settled. 

You repent, no you repent, no you repent:) That's what it sounds like, right, you said it yourself clean your own eyeball out:)  Did God tell you if I repented today, have you been swimming in the sea of forgetfulness where God throws the sewage of our sins.  You all choose to live in the past, I'm telling you that none of the stuff you are saying in going on in LCI now.  You choose to keep insisting it is even though, you don't go to LCI. 

For clarification God hears the prayers of the righteous, the prayers at LCI are heard and answered, miracles are taking place, people are being saved...while you're on "the wall" whose blessings have you hindered/ stopped lately.  And don't say LCI isn't the only place people are blessed, you don't get off that easy, because God sent people specific places for their blessings old and new testament, you search it out.   


"God sent" that’s the key, Satan can send too, if we aren’t listening to God, for the sake of destruction. Jim Jones is prime example - those people were deceived and the same thing is happening at LCI. If you have repented why haven't you settled the oughts that your brothers and sisters have against you – over 100 to be exact, but let me guess – you’re the king of LCI and the Holy Bible doesn't apply to you. I guess your LCI Bible advocates divorce, fornication, adultery, witchcraft...to many to name- I am just saying.........While on the wall I warn others when the enemy is coming and Howell has opened himself to that very enemy I speak of. Yeah God sent people to specific places for their blessings, but using LCI in correlation with a place of blessing in any testament of the Bible is erroneous and plain foolish.

Lacie Howell is too stupid to realize she was just insulted.


The Bible says cast not your pearls before swine.


Get the point Lacie?

LACIE, BONNY HOWELL you are no ambassordor for Christ.


There is a name is for you - CONCUBINE!  You are Apostle Ronald D. Howell's concubine.  Now go slither away - SERPENT!

Prophetess Williams, if you ever by some reason stumble across this petty blog and read this you are really letting your light shine for God.  Your daughter is beautiful and a productive citizen, you've done an awesome job raising her, I hope to do the same with my own child.  I am so sorry for the loss of your mother.  Please don't be discouraged or allow yourself to be angered by the disrespect these people have just shown toward her.  You are truly an ambassador for Christ and I appreciate you.


May the work of your hands continue to Prosper,


The woman you helped through a really tough time.

yeah, such a beautiful daughter that slept with half the highschool in vogelweh and half in ramstein and used to hang out at blacksounds trying to get laid.

i guess the apple DOESNT fall far from the tree does it?


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