Apostle Howell MADE CHASE GOODEN delete his page because Howell is in trouble.  Howell the man who said that he never ran from anything is now on the run.  COWARD!



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In reviewing these posts, I think I've come across a couple of posts that mentioned someone losing her mind after having been intimate with Howell over the years.......IN ALL HONESTY, I am not trying to take away from the spiritual seriousness of this issue, but she (and he) may want to get a syphilis check/test done............The latent phases of syphilis infection can manifest in mental decline or what appears to be insanity. This is often overlooked and people are assumed to just be crazy.

There is a plethora of information about syphilis (or other STI's) on the internet. (One is http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com)............ ANYONE having sexual contact with any person with such an extensive history of sexual exploits should seriously consider this. WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW CAN/WILL HARM YOU.......Just something to consider.

The direct web link to latent syphilis is actually http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/latent+syphilis


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1 Peter 2:20: For what credit is there if, when you sin and are harshly treated, you endure it with patience? But if when you do what is right and suffer for it you patiently endure it, this finds favor with God.
I had the opportunity to look at a video on Youtube featuring Howell. The title was “persecution for power”. Upon hearing this I was a little troubled in my spirit because I know where this message of false hope was going. In a nutshell, he was telling those who have been exposed in this blog that they are being persecuted for power – instead of informing them that a seed they have sown has grown and ready to yield its due harvest – exposure, etc.LCI leadership, especially those who are aware of the crimes of this False Prophet, you are not being persecuted so you can better assist others. I agree, this does happen when you are being persecuted for doing what’s right, as Peter puts it – is it right to violate countless of women and break up countless families because you just happen to want the wife, how about sleeping with the wife of one of your congregants for this man has to wonder what you are doing with his wife but he dare not leave because he will be cursed as you put it – is that right? None of this is right; is it? Peter said when you are being persecuted for the result of your sin – you should endure it. This type of “enduring” you speak of is not indicative of the power of God working in their lives as you explained it – it’s just the harvest of those involved for their wrong doing – that’s all – just call it what it is and stop jiving. Howell, you are misleading your congregation and have taken persecution for the sake of being in the right totally out of context. Plain and simple, this is false teaching and gives a false hope to those who need to repent and get things right with God. First off, they cover you as you slaughter God’s flock and worst of all; they have made you their god. Like Peter said, you’ll are being persecuted for doing wrong and there is no favor or credit with God, as Peter puts it.

"but he who does not believe is condemned already,"


John 3: 18


To believe means to have "absolute" confidence in the truth.


There is no condemnation as terrible as this - that God disapproves our conduct, and that He will express his disapproval.   God will judge according to truth, and woe to the one whose conduct God cannot approve.


Apostle Howell hid his crimes under his religious system, and false doctrines of manipulation and intimidation.  He continues to attempt to convice people that he has a zeal for God.  Howell is better pleased with error than truth, with sin than holiness.


For the most part Howell has "chosen" to continue in his heathenish ignorance, and idolatry, and to walk in his own ways, in the vanity of his own mind, than to embrace Christ.  Howell talks about a Jesus that for these last 17 years has used to pull people along a path to nowhere.  It has never been about the Jesus of the Bible, it is always about Howell.


If Howell's conscience would have condemned him, then he just like Pastor Davis when he discovered that his name was being used in vain, Howell also would have come on this network and explain himself, instead of hiding behind his Bishop and Pastor.  If his conscience condemned him, we would no longer hear about a man who til this day continues to chase after married women, cheat folks, and deny, deny, deny, a complete imposter who tiny little kingdom is built on a web of lies.


All of us, former members of the past 17 years, though some of us have never met, or attended HTOD/LCI at the same time are saying the same things.  This is why we have confidence that Howell did not repent, nor does he walk in the light.  Yet, Jones and Williams insult us with their excuses.


Apostle Howell is afraid alright; he is afraid of the truth, because it is truth that is exposing him and truth that eventually will destroy him.  Howell knows that his time is running out.  What an awful burden it must be to live with the knowledge that all these years, you have been living a lie, practicing evil against the people of God. 


Apostle Howell, there is still time to repent and make things right.


"But whoever lives by the truth, comes to the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done, has been done through God."  John 3:21

Yes Shelly; time is running out for Ronnie-boy and he is trying everything to salvage his futile empire. In my honest opinion, he will never repent, in which, I hope I am incorrect. He has gotten to the point where he is god in his own eyes and ensures the people see him as such. This is done slowly without the person knowing where the situation is going. Before you know it, they are asking permission to go to the toilet and tattling on their fellow Christian to the Apostle as directed. What makes this sickening is this does not have to refer to a sin per say but maybe someone being seen on a date without his permission to date. That person is now fired because they sought God rather than Howell on who they should date. My question is why hasn’t Howell been fired for all his dastardly deeds – well Howell isn’t accountable to the Word only his congregants are as it concerns obeying Howell. Many women have left their husbands at his request to support this claim.  Moving on, I believe 99.9% of the people who come to LCI do so because they are broken and need God to mend them back together again – after all, that is what the Church is for. Unfortunately, like the enemy, Howell walks about seeking whom he may devour and marriage doesn’t stop his MO it just makes him change his strategy. For instance, promoting the wife in leadership while the man is not – this gives him the opportunity to have her at the office all times of the night ; he then develops a relationship feels her out and then goes for the kill - the old “Divide and Conquer Strategy.” The Lion attacks his prey (woman) while they are away from the herd (Husband).  It baffles me how so many people can have the same story and be wrong for this doesn't pass the common sense test. I really hope Jones open his eyes for I believe him and his wife can have an effective ministry. It was the enemy's plan, I believe, to yoke them with Ronnie-boy so he can attempt to destroy their ministries at the most important part of the development stage . Jones, I am in prayer for you because I know deep inside you know what’s going on is wrong but you just don’t know what to do next – seek God if He already hasn’t given you the answer. This fast we will go on isn’t to destroy Howell but the protect innocent people from this False Prophet. As I listened to some of Howell's clips on yesterday, I can see how someone not stable in the Word can fall prey to his false teaching. He talks about Jesus, however, it’s sprinkled with Howelism while you are not looking and this perverts the entire gospel and before you know it you are being told to take poison and “deceived” that it is the will of God. LCI there is something wrong when you are not allowed to fellowship with other churches, you never have local minsters come and teach in your Church; excommunicate those who leave your church, etc. If we are ALL in the body of Christ, how can the hand (LCI) say to another body part or another Church that I have no need of thee. This cannot be possible but it is possible, however,  if LCI is isolated from other parts of the bod,y it is Cultic and  has nothing to do with God. Anybody can call an establishment a Church – just because I sit on my bookshelf it doesn’t make me a book. 

"Watch out for false prophets.  They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."


Matthew 7: 15


To further establish that Life Changers International, New Horizon's Ministry is a cult headed by false prophet and false Apostle Ronald Howell Sr. I point to the following:


Howell keeps his member so busy that there is no time for life outside of the LCI cult.  We  remember how Howell nagged and complained everytime a family, or even singles went on vacation.  Howell does not like members to leave him for any length of time.  I remember one Saturday ju st because Howell was having a bad day he had his leaders call a meeting of the member-leaders and all of us had to stop what we were doing to report.  Remember Mid night cross/curse?  Howell is always afaid of giving leaders any free time.  One Friday evening, Howell canceled Mid night curse and people were happy.  When  Howell saw that people were happy about the canceling of his brain-washing activity, Howell immediately called the Mid night curse back on.


The reason Howell keeps people so busy is his effort to wear people down so that they will have no time to think for themselves.  This is also another sign that points to LCI being a cult.


Once Howell has achieved his goal of pulling in his victims, he goes to work at driving a wedge between the cult members and their family.  Just like Jim Jones, Howell hates the family outside of LCI.  Howell hates any outside influence.


Yet another sign that LCI is a cult, that I found very interesting is that religious cults like LCI put simple minded people in leadership positions.  These people will "blindly" follow and obey their leader over what any one else says, and will demand loyalty even when the leader is wrong.  When we think of simple minded people in leadership positions like this, the current Bishop Jones and Pastor Williams fill the bill.  They fail to realize that they will give an account for helping Howell.


No outside recreation without the group is yet another sign that LCI is a cult.  Remember those stupid 4th of July picnics?  Howell's attempt at giving us a day off, but we had to be there, or else risk some form of censure.  We had to have permission to miss Howell- holiday.


This is why we are warning people not to go to LCI, and we are not wrong, and we are not haters.

Good grief you all are making this guy famous 

Hezekiah, there is some truth to your statement but to warn others of this Cult, disguised as a Church, is the overall intent. If fame detours an innocent family or woman, then result intended was achieved. I pray this doesn’t stir people to see for themselves but at the end of the day they were warned and many wish they had this opportunity before being trapped by manipulation into this Cult. Hezekiah, good observation, just know that our intention isn’t to destroy but to sound the alarm.

My sister, the word is "infamous."  But, we are only putting the truth out there, Howell did all the nasty acts to make himself the crooked leader that he is and the noteriety he is gaining is not good.  I have something that I will share with the group once the project is complete, but rest assured everyone Howell's 15 minutes of infamy is here and he is going to feel it.


Here of late, I keep thinking about that song that Smokey Robinson use to sing; "the tears of clown - when there's no body around."

This was a good rundown by Shelly; she walked the dog concerning the MO of the leader of this establishment (LCI). This fast and much prayer will be needed to get those under the spell of manipulation to see they are actually in a Cult. They hear Jesus preached and God allowing some miracles to happen because of His love for His people and they accredit that to Howell. This I believe is one of the reasons some of the leaders are confused themselves not knowing that witches can perform acts that are beyond the natural realm. Jesus said in Matthew Ch 7, that many will come in that day that had performed miracles but will be banished from His presence because their relationship with Him was the opposite of what they proclaimed or preached. Jesus did not say, “ you performed miracles so obliviously you were one of my followers. It’s amazing how this portion of scripture was mentioned after defining the False Prophet earlier in Ch 7. Things that make you go hmmmmm. LCI, understand we are not trying to attack Howell for it’s bigger than him – we are attacking the spirit that’s at work in him. Like anyone of us, Howell has the choice not to yield his members to unrighteousness but this blog and testimonies located in Life after Life Changers, by over 100 ex-members, have proven he has done so. We are warning innocent believers like Paul did during his tenure. Paul constantly confronted heretics and False Prophets and this was for the sake of the babes who had accepted the gospel during his missionary trips. This is the only reason this blog is active not to attack Howell but protect the innocent who are unaware of this heretic and False Teacher.

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roar lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour."

1Peter 5:8


After the Jonestown tradgedy goes the saying:  "Don't Drink the Kool-Aid."  This has come to mean not to trust any group you find to be a little on the kooky side  Life Changers taught us that we should always know with whom we are associating with, and not to be drawn into unregretable situations. 


The most dangerous thing that Howell is doing is the erroneous doctrine he propagates.  The falsehood that cause a soul to be eternally lost is far more deadly than drinking the "kool-aid."


False teaching will always contaminate the thinking of people.  The root of the problem is what leads people to consuming this falsehood.  The members of the people's temple in Jonestown knew that drinking poison is bad.  Their better judgement was overcome by putting their "blind" trust in a mortal man.


Unfortunately, when I look at people like my friend Deacon Lowery, I know that he is unaware that he and the other members of Life Changers are ensnared by the leaven of Apostle Ronald D. Howell Sr.  Little by little Howell slowly twists and turns the Word of God and the more those souls are drawn in by the Devil.  That is how Ronald has been able to use BD, BW, VJ, TW, TW, SM, KD, BL and the list goes on.  These people are unaware that they are decieved.  I often wonder if and when they live to find out that they have been following a liar and a cheat, just how they are going to feel.  I wonder how Ronald Jr is going to feel when he learns the truth about his dad?


Since leaving LCI and false prophet-apostle Ronald Howell, I am careful and most of all "prayerful" when dealing with so-called men & women of God.  The more of them I meet, the more less respect I have for their reliability. Because we have no way of ensuring the promises of human beings.  The Word of God is the only source we can trust.  Even demons know the value of trusting ther real thing; remember the seven sons of Sceva?


I learned never to trust anyone who appears to be the person with all the answers.  Because liars can manufacture an endless stream of answer to all questions, their ability to go beyond the mysteries of the Bible clearly indicates their deceitfulness.  We can all look to false prophetess Williams as prime example of someone who can manufacture good lies in that prayer line.  


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