Apostle Howell MADE CHASE GOODEN delete his page because Howell is in trouble.  Howell the man who said that he never ran from anything is now on the run.  COWARD!



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Matt 24:24

False Christs and false prophets would appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the very elect..

what are these signs and miracles??? would casting out demons not be one of them??  I hope someday you get an opportunity to listen or know someone who has been delivered from the dark world and ask him how they operate and you would amaze at how many so called men of god have sold their souls to the devil in the name of power.

Do not be moved by miracles, be moved by character but character is eternal.

Let me once more remind you that Pastor Howell's working of  miracles is not the issue here, it is the damaged he has inflicted upon the wonderful brethren would came to LCI to seek God and he abused them. No amount of miracles he performs would cancel his deeds. He needs to do the right thing.Besides what is need performing all these miracles and be rejected by God. Remember God is no respecter of persons and tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

No Baalam knew he was wrong but out of greed, he went on with cursing. I do believe there's is difference between cursing the man of God, and pointing out his errors. He has erred from the truth and he has to do what is right before God and man.

Question, if Apostle Howell is so terrible why is he prospurous? Why does he have the single largest congregation in kaiserslautern? Why has he been up and running for 17 years strong? Why is he steadly producing four to six times a week power packed services? Why hasn't he been cut from the air on the word network?

Question, if Apostle Howell is running a cult why is it that you all are gone? Why is it a well known public fact that he kicks disobediant unproducing leaders out the church? What cult do you know of with an open door pass freely clause?

Question, if Apostle Howell is so evil how is it he cast out deamons heal the sick and just last week fill children with the holy spirit. How is it he produced such a beautiful Building lined with purple and gold, with wonderful staff to greet you, plush large theater seating so you can be commfortable? Constantily holding cookouts and events todraw in the community, providing a childrens church well your children get the word the same time you do, produce conferance after conferance helping people change lives? Bring gifts for every saint and vistor every chrismas. I mean if he was so terrible how could he do these things? Why would God bless his works and use him to do countless miracles and deliver so much word so often? Check yah bibles an tell me what man of God that comes even close the the lies you say about Apostle kept preaching and getting stronger after 17 years? It seems to me somebodys lieing, on one hand we have and internet blogger(s) who remains nameless, and spead evil, (show me that scripture), and on the other hand we a a prospurous and fruitful evergrowing faithful man of God who is consistantly proving he is sent.... I say let the people decide. If you were serious why not send them to see for them selves? I say if your curious about Lifechangers just come a see.

You see I'm not just some blogger, I'm a member of Life Changers. I have seen the miracles and I have felt the holy spirit in my church and I can tell you. Its the real deal. I'm no leader in not a elder I'm just a saint who's curious? I feel the public should hear from current life changers, not the ghost of lifechangers past. Don't take my word or the others, see for your self. I did, I heard it was a terrible place and so I went to see for myself, and when I fet the holy spirit I knew the truth. Find your own truth.

You know I have a theory, I belive that the. People who are attacking Apostle are ex-members who could not handle the true fight it takes to maintain a standard. I believe after either being sat or rebuked they either left or got asked to leave. After leaving they realized what they lost and being to prideful to be humble and attemt to make things right, the began to attack out of hatred,when the only thing to hate is nothing more than the truth.

Question, how does a fish know he's out the water?
Answer, When he's out.

You didn't know how blessed you all were until you left, now you know and can't stand it.

, A Saint.

Ha!!!! so very funny. Still missing the point don't you?? There is a difference between being attacked and denounces evil. I have said it and i would say this again. Pastor Howell has wronged many and abused some sisters. What he did was wrong and he needs to appologize to those he wronged. All you and some others talk about is the church, ,miracles, he is sent, prosperous... etc. So what???

I praise God for all those who left or where kicked out because My God showed them mercy and set them free


Yet he sinned against the God you claimed sent him and his daughters of zion  and yet denies it and refuses to appologize to this wonderful women/families. What a shame.

Having a big congregation does not mean one is approved of God nor sent by God. Do not be deceived.

Wow do you know you just said a mouthful about LCI. I am so glad it is one of the current members who wrote all these. By the way, the devil can all the things you enumerated and even more. It is said that "hrow some corn grain to catch the chicken". We all know what happens when the chicken is caught? Killed and eaten.

2 timothy4:3-4 for the time will come when  men  will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.

Simple, every time I walk into the house I see the proof of his obediance and good standing with God. I have yet to see any proof other than these post on anything he's accused of. I mean most people when they are hurt or mistreated come with some witnesses (with real names), facts, maybe a sworn statement,. A police report maybe some DNA? Something other than 10 years ago Apostle was a bad guy rants. Where are all these broken familys and woman he abused? I see everyday his good you have yet to produce any creditble evidence showing the bad. He say she say don't hold up in any court why should it hold up on a blog?? Evidence please, a tape I mean something with some weight to it, stop being so religous and just get down to it, You wanna convince the public stop talking and dwelling on a false past and bring some proof. You know why old folks used to say " the proof is in the pudding" cause if your pudding don't taste good than it proves you can't cook.

My puddings at 16 hertelsbrunnenring, kaisersautern 67657 minimum four times a week, where's yours?

If your reply is not proof than please don't waiste my time.

My God you are so funny. Waiste your time you say,??? you choosed to post nobody asked you to . You can as well, unregister from this site.


People who spend their time finding fault or gossiping about others, are certainly not the kind of people you want as friends. Those who gossip to you may also gossip about you. If you can’t say anything positive about someone, don’t say anything. *smile* 


So proving my point, you people no longer matter in the world so you hold on to a dying lie to try and stay relavant. Never proving a thing just talking. You remind me of some people I read about in a book, who walked the cyber streets with fantsy screen names and nice words, proclaiming how terrible Jesus was and how much evil he was spreading, like you, never having proof of anything but calling up false witnesses and making stuff up. But I can't seem to remeber what happen to those guys.... I'll just wait and see what happens to you and the gang, I'm sure it'll come sooon enough,

I belong to and awesome ministry under an awesome man after Gods own heart. God consistantly validates and proves to me everyday its value and truth through his works and seemingly endless wisdom. You people how ever, you don't. Would you buy a house online never seeing it,or being inside of it, just buy based of a description from a team of realtiors who's sale pitch is to attack the one realitor who's know for quality and a high standard of excellance, leting the home speak for it self, holding an open house for you to come in and view for yourself the quality? Hell no, your fighting an up hill battle. You are not the 300, you are not warriors for christs sake, I'm saying if your blogging 24-7, when you at church? When was the last time you did something productive for the kingdom? Sit back and take a good look at what your doing, don't wait till judgement to figure out that you might just be wrong. Never the less I'm finish with this, I can't entertain your speculations, I have a ministry to go to and a plow to pick up,

:SnakeDoc Out.

You ask for facts or witnesses, you ask for names or police statements, the fact is that there just simply are none.   Its a strange thing.  Your not the first person to ask for some kind of proof. You wont get it, what you will get is a load of words, youll get everything but you wont get proof. Some of the authors here just read something and adopt it as truth they seem to lack the ability to examine why they have come up with there conclusion.   Ask yourself this.   What proof do i have to accuse this man.   If you have some, go to the police, make a statement and bring witnesses.   If you do not have proof then just make yourself a cup of tea.

now i know who u are

I too have been to Life Changers and have had the opportunity to witness false prophecies and bad decisions as I was sent.  I understand your stance as a blind follower.  Ask yourself this; if he whom was sent of truth and not deceit to direct you away from harm, would you choose to remain blind to this prophet.  I know that you are confused in this church.  I know that you know that the signs are there...people leaving, people struggling, friendships destroyed, leaders preaching death on those whom leave the church, and relationships and marriage torn apart due to leadership direction.  As a prophet, I know you were sheltered.  As a prophet, I know you want to believe your efforts were not done in vain and they still aren't.  Ask yourself has any of this happened to you or have ye witnessed these signs under the leadership there.  Ask yourself do you question leadership when things are being told to you that don't appear right or do you remain quiet.  I also know that you are not 100% with Mr. Howell because he does preach not to post on internet sites and not visit them.  If you were so sure and believed what was preached, then why are you here and disobedient?  My next question is why speak about what has happened to others and not yourself?  Have ye no testimony?  Leaders have left the church because they've discovered the truth and it has made them free.  It is possible that it is not your time yet as others whom were blind followers.

Thank you. You have spoken well. God bless

well most of it was provided by ripping german constructors off just fyi


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