Apostle Howell MADE CHASE GOODEN delete his page because Howell is in trouble.  Howell the man who said that he never ran from anything is now on the run.  COWARD!



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Nobel Son

This is a reply to your statement:


For the record,  If I am wrong about all of this I will apologize with no problem for that is what God commands of me and every Christian. I agree with you Noble; an apology is due to Howell if everyone else is lying and he by himself is telling the truth. Jeremiah and Ezekiel did speak to nations but there were times when they would address the specific leaders of that nation for leading the people astray; leadership rebuke often times fix most of the  problems. God has always made and emphasis on people who were leading His sheep and on those who abused them.  To say I am not of God is quite foolish. Why would Satan want families and women who were violated avenged for? -  this doesn’t add up. You say agree with some on this board; are you insinuating that some may be correct about Howell? It’s not about belief but what you know to be true in your spirit. You stated earlier to try the spirits and throughout this blog I have seen nothing but the Jezebel spirit in operation and I am fully aware of the destruction this spirit brings if it is unchecked and not dealt with. I have never seen it as potent as I have throughout this Blog – I am just saying. I would not have  been of the number to crucify my Savior but Barabbas if his punishment fitted the crime. There are people that have committed crimes worthy of life sentences, etc. – you get the point. Paul and Jesus were concerned about Gods people and his business. Jezebel is bent on destroying any order God has in place and anyone that oppose her. That’s why marriages there are not important because it’s an order instituted by God. That’s why Howellism is more important than God – that’s for free Ron, VJ and BW. So I guess Christians plot secretly to warn babes to stay away from such Cults as the Jehovah Witnesseses, Mormons, etc. Your establishment, LCI, has apparent Cultic tenants and what has been disclosed and the VJ and BW  are oblivious fruit to support this claim. It’s written all over this blog. Pertaining to David, no sin is worse than the other if a person is genuinely repentant; however, there is still a harvest to reap for David’s household was never the same.  My trust in God has nothing to do with your demise. When Saul was rejected as King, it had nothing to do with David’s trust. I trust that God will continue to handle Howell but in the meantime I will warn others about  the Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons and the LCI Cult. This is not personal but ministry. Do I owe the leaders of these organizations the same respect I owe your leader – they all oppose the freedom and love that Christ represents.

Let’s talk about Noah. Was Sephora blessed for covering her husband’s lie? No, she died with him as a result. VJ throw Jonah(Howell) overboard before the waves take you out – judgment is coming.  Noah was a righteous preacher and I find nowhere in the Bible where being drunk was a lifestyle of Noah where his sons covered his sin constantly. Love does cover a multitude of sins, nonetheless, it compels a Christian to refrain from a lifestyle of sin for his love for the Father is indicative of this.  The indication that we love Christ is we follow His commandments. Adultery, fornication, witchcraft, lying was not the lifestyle of Noah. However, this is apparently the lifestyle of your leader so using this scripture is out of context and inaccurate. Brother I mean no disrespect but this is proof of how uninformed you all are as leaders and how a scripture can be so twisted that someone like Jim Jones persuade so many that suicide is the will of God.

nobody knows or cares what sin is!!!!! This is the whole problem with so-called Christians

Meanwhile we waste our time arguing about some sunday preacher who is nothing but a pimp in a preacher's outfit. 

Hezekiah, I would have to say you are partially correct for the preacher that is in question is definitely what you have described and not a good example of what Christ represents. I would just ask that you consider other men of God who really love God and what He represents. Again, there are some Christians who are trying to live for God and display the love of Christ to others. Be advised, that this particular preacher is under investigation because he is a pimp in a preacher's outfit as you have accurately stated.

This is for Howell:

This is what I have been trying to get you to understand. You stated that we are drawing people from Christ. As you can see you are doing a good job at it yourself.

My point is this none of these accusations have been proven.  But you come on here and speak against Apostle as if judgment has already been made.  But it hasn't.  We as Christians are not to pass judgment on somebody on hearsay.  I have asked people whether or not Apostle has done this to them personally.  I have yet to receive a positive response.  Why would I believe any of what you are saying when nobody has stated whether the testimony is theirs or somebody else's testimony.  The bible says that people are set free by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies.  But if there is no testimony then there is no freedom.  We have come on here and given testimony as to what we have witnessed in life changers that has affected our lives.  You have come on here and spoken of what has affected other people's lives.  What if behind the scenes there is one person telling each and everyone of you a lie trying to play on your emotions.  We know that some of you didn't leave the church thinking highly of Apostle Howell.  So anything negative about him would naturally set you off because you want to hear something that would confirm what you feel you already knew about the ministry. 

We know that Apostle isn't perfect, no man is.  But I also know that some of you are lying.  Some of you have bad information.  Knowledge is truth and belief mixed together, if there is no truth or if neither side believes the truth then none of us has knowledge.  I seek the truth you seek Apostles resignation regardless of whether or not there is truth involved.  That's the difference between us.  I am loyal enough to want to see the truth of the matter, I'm also loyal enough to God to know that His will be done in this situation no matter what.

The truth will set all of us free.  Or maybe even further some people's hatred for Apostle

Bishop Nobel Son Jones, your tone is a little better, but we are not speaking about just one woman, and Apostle Howell continues to allow someone without knowledge to speak for him.  Again, so Bishop will not be able to whitewash the issue here; we do not hate Apostle Howell, we do not approve of the way we were abused by Apostle Howell, and we hate his disgusting lack of respect he has for women.


Apostle Howell has often said that he does not know why people say that he is a womanizer.  He is a liar, he knows exactly why people are calling him a womanizer and all the other names associated with his behavior.


When ever a preacher of the gospel, a leader such as Apostle Howell has established himself to be, becomes as toxic as he has over the years, people should come forward and warn the public about the dangers of that ministry so others will not get hurt.  We have a moral obligation to do what we are doing.


We all know that Apostle is not perfect and no man is, but Apostle has a professional obligation to conduct himself in the proper manner.  His conduct of taking advantage of people's finances by failing to provide annual financial statements to member, so he can evade paying his German taxes, (Ceaser); collecting money for a specific purpose and then stealing the money and using it for another purpose is wrong, furthermore, in order to pay his just tax assessments he asked the peopel to bring him cash, and that is wrong.  Playing upon the emotions and fears of people by using the death of people that left his cult to instill such fear of leaving LCI is wrong.  Calling women "bitches" is wrong; his mother is a woman; how would Apostle like it if someone called her that kind of name?  Throwing chairs at members is not professional.  Running around Kaiserslautern with another man's wife is not professional.  Again this is not about hate as Bishop would love to lead others to believe.


Apostle Howell has used his liberty as to give occasion for railings and unkind remarks against him from former members and even unbelievers, so as to produce contention and strife, and this has given rise to evil reports among the Christian community.  People know that it is true. 


To prove Apostle has contempt for all of us, he has his Bishop and BWH come on this site constantly defending his bad behavior trying desperately to confuse the issue and shamelessly trying to shift the blame onto us, which is another trademark of Apostle Ronald Howell.  Again, Apostle has no honor.

haved you asked the sister that got felt up, because she came to her "shepherd" thinking she had breast cancer? have you asked the sister that was told if she leaves her son will soon die? have you asked the member that has almost 3 million euro dept on her credit report from the church? have you spoke to all those people or are you only talking to the ones that are still in the ministry and are too intimidated to speak?

have you asked the one that caught howell with a married woman in the little room upstairs, have you asked the one that caught him with his tongue down bw throat in the kitchen upstairs? have you asked the one that he admitted having sexual contact with for years (in court by the way) until he got her head twisted all kind of ways? have you asked any of those people..............im pretty sure they will gladly tell you what happened to them. have you asked andrea what happened to her? have you asked the member that he got pregnat and then kicked her out the church after forcing her to get an abortion? who is your source of information? have you asked the lady about buying the parking lot, if she will sell him the property? have you asked the germans about the denial letters he got, cause he couldnt get a dime in his name? have you asked the german member that signed for the million? see you keep talking but you aint saying nothing! if you have been there long enough, you know for a fact that these things have happened. if you dont know about any of this, you obviously have no clue about the inner circle of the leadership and shouldnt be on here wasting peoples time! and if you do know about it and are still covering up for howell, then you need to be right next to him repenting and asking peoples forgiveness instead of being on here doubting their word. dont you think that they have been through enough and that you shouldnt be on here doing them that kind of unjustice, crying on a crucks behalf?



Noble Son,
I know you want to think the best of your pastor and I respect you for that, but when I said you have to wake up, I referring to evidence like this that has been corroborated by many others on here and the Life after Life Changers Site. The proof is in the putting and you at some time have to decide continue to follow a leader that in opposition to God or follow God. At the end of the day I believe you have to call it what it is: I am following Howell and not God. I love you enough to respect whatever path you decide to take but will pray that you choose life. I just believe in calling a spade a spade; Howell is by no means in his condition a Shepherd after Gods heart – he is in reprobate condition and can only lead others where he presently is himself. God is allowing the walls to close in on a Shepherd that has nothing to do with Him or His agenda. If you are in his inner circle, you know about this as well for I have been around the block a few times. I am more sadden that he has taken you down this road instead of mentoring you to become a Minister with clean hands and a pure heart – a corrupt minister can only produce after his kind, therefore, I don’t blame you by no means . VJ, what has happened to you, I believe, could have happened to anyone for you had no one to warn you – but you do now; you came to a Church with pure motives to serve God and ended up seeing the things that you have seen which has now become the norm and you have become desensitized and it is to a point where it’s normal to see this debauchery happening in God’s house. I have been praying for you specifically and I know God really wants you out of this situation for a work that lies ahead. Just know you have to be de-toxed because you have picked up some things that have given you a tainted perspective on ministry. This is essential, for I recommend you sitting under the Word from a Pastor that is genuinely seeking the heart of God before you minister; you will know when it’s time to get back on the mountain top. Like I said, I personally believe you arrived with a pure motive to serve God and like many was taken advantage of and don’t know it “yet”. The freedom is outside the CULT of LCI for the ex-members can now marry who God wills, go on vacations, fellowship with other believers, not get threatened with death if they leave, buy a car/house without the permission of their pastor, etc., the list goes on. From my understanding, this was the first ministry in which you were a minister and I am not downplaying that at all, for we all have to start somewhere – just know, what you see happening is not normal but perverted. VJ, many on this forum are agitated and upset because these horrific things have happened to them and you are downplaying it and attempting to cast doubt. This is hurtful and you would not want your mother, sister or daughter to be in a similar predicament. I don’t expect Howell to do what’s right but you don’t have to follow in his footsteps – “on that day” God will not ask you about how loyal you were to a minister of unrighteousness but how did you handle His sheep. These are God’s people and that did not change because they left LCI – could God be that limited? Howell is not the victim here, but the Jezebel spirit that’s in work in him would have you to believe just that. This, in nutshell, is what I meant by wake up and smell the coffee. You have more of an opportunity to start back over again. BW from what I see, is too far gone.



It feels really good to be free of that bondage.

Howell is telling lies to those on the inside.  Some of them know about what is happening on this site, and I'm sure they have a lot on their minds after reading all these posts.


Again, there are those on the inside that can cause Howell a lot of damage.  I am sure reading this is not helping them especially when they come to church and in their minds they are in a mental battle over thier leader, the liar, the thief and the sexual predator.  They have to be wondering and talking among themselves outside those gates about what to do.


You know, some of them on the inside believe and know Howell is guilty.

Yeah Shelly the freedom Christ died for us to have. Something as simple as being able to get on the internet and go to a men or women’s conference hosted by another Church goes a long way. It’s amazing how bondage can really spiritually blind you huh...... Anyone would have to be blind not to know this man has violated those he shuold have been building up.

Howell has a fear that members will leave him if they visit another church.  The truth is very liberating and Howell hates the truth because of the lies in him.


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