Opinions?And what are your opinions.On the Jehovah's Witnessess?

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Opinion not needed ,the feast of the lord are found in the Lev.23,
All that we "call" christian follow the tradition of men,and of direct festivals to pagan gods Fact can be easily sought out in any history book

Jehovah's Witnessess err as well
Please elaborate!
seems as though you are asking if it is my opinion that these are pagan ,i'am merely saying it is not an opinion these are facts they are all of pagan origin
So how do Christian Churches.Justify Celebrating them?Would these Holidays be ok.If we got rid of some unneeded ones?And why are churches.Celebrating santa clause/easter bunny?And halloween?
They celebrate it because they are fools of tradition. First and foremost, the problem started when they started to veer away from the original mission and format of the Church: to spread the Kingdom. This was done with the Apostles and Prophets fully active. The more they pushed apostles and Prophets aside, the more heresy came in.

If there are any feasts to celebrate, its the Feast found in the Bible, not those that you mentioned.
wow trev ,that is a good oversight on the matter
Wow.. Brother Trevor... You have this understanding... Do you keep these Feasts? It is hard to do when not many people do.. I am blessed to go to a church with a good number of people, so we are able to keep these Feasts.... Much love for telling the plain truth Brother...
I keep the Passover; I have observed Yom Kippur.

These are not by requirement, but by choice.
Thing I don't get.How can a Pastor.Speak for God.Then Celebrate something.That goes against.The Holidays God sets aside.And put something in it place.Like Santa,Easter Bunny?Sounds like Churches need a revamp.Pastors make their members.Thinks it's okay.To Celebrate these figures.I personally think.That Santa&ect.We're created as Money Makers.So that peaple spend more.Because of these False Figures.Go On Youtube.Lookup "Farrakhan Christmas"...I don't totally agree with Farrakhan.But regardless there's Truth.In that Video.


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