I would like your well thought out opinion on the subject of contradicitons in the bible.  If you do not think there are then you can feel free to participate in the many other forums where you have something to offer.  If you think that there are contradicitons I would love to discuss them with you.

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I agree my Brother Anthony, He is sovereign. It is because of his sovereignty that I say He does not wrestle with us in this manner. The scripture says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.Is God who is our creator less than we are that he should wrestle against the creature? Yes there is a spiritual struggle that transpires between God and man, but I do not see that God has put on flesh to wrestle all night with a man and the man prevail against Him. Tell me, Brother Anthony, Did the messenger reveal his name unto Jacob? If not then how is it that you know who he was? Jacob called him a god because he knew it wasn't a man. But from my recollection, God usually let people know, I am the Lord thy GOD. I think we need to study more in regards to the sovereignty of God. None of us really know Him as we think. His ways are past finding out.

Brother Pastor Jacob did not call him a god, He stated plainly that he wrestled with God, And yes we wrestle with God all the time. Tell me what do you tell parents that have lost a child? Or perhaps to someone who lost someone close to them. Or how about the one who just lost his job and the mortgage is coming due, and there appears to be no recourse. To say that we do not wrestle with God is to say that we simply accept everything that comes without question, and no one does that. We all wrestle with God regardless of if we admit it or not, and using Eph 6:12 is not a fair or correct usage when it comes to wrestling with God. We do not war against God but rather when we are brutally honest about how we feel about a thing rather than coming to Him with religious overtones as some do. When we actually get in the dirt and express the pain we feel, and ask why is this? That is wrestling with God, that is being honest with him, that is being raw and that is how it should be. I think we sometimes get caught up in religious overtones that we forget that we were created to be in relationship with Him. One cannot be in relationship with anyone and not be honest with the person you are in a relationship with. Its about being honest before the Lord and if it means wrestling to get what you need, He hits the mat with you.

I have a small cousin who I have played with and wrestled, he cannot hurt me of course and while I could certainly do damage I do not, why because I love that boy. It is the same with God, yes He allows things to go a certain way, and yes He wants to meet us where we are, does that take away from his sovereignty, of course not. Once again God is not so insecure that He distances Himself from us in order to remain who He is. If that were the case He would not have come and suffered the indignities He suffered for you and I.

Also Brother Pastor keep in mind The Lord did not always announce Himself. An example of that is clearly shown when God came down to counsel with Abraham concerning Sodom. He did not announce Himself but scripture is clear on who it was that met with Abraham, Genesis 18 is clear my brother, He did not always announce Himself, but it was always clear who it was that came to the patriarchs of old.

If you are an Evangelist, what bible do you preach from?????My God in heaven! Why preach what you feel is NOT true(The Holy Bible) to ANYONE, aren't you CONTRADICTING yourself as a minister of GOD, but, deny HIS Word. The definition for contradiction is: DIFFERENCE, OPPOSITE, (look it up). So, if to YOU it is a book of contradictions, you really shouldn't preach or teach from it. WRITE WHAT YOU FEEL IS TRUE! NOBODY will STOP you, just do it.

Not denying the word just being intellectually honest, gone are the days when we as ministers can ignore what is there in favor of religious rhetoric.Notice Christ stated that denying Him was rough, He said nothing about consequences of pointing out contradictions. He never granted infallability to the Bible, we did that. your definition is incomplete:

: to assert the contrary of : take issue with em>contradict a rumor>
: to imply the opposite or a denial of <your actions contradict your words>
For example on a subject I am currently studying:Rom. 16:7 mentions Junia a female of whom
Paul says is notable among the Apostles, however in other texts Paul seems to teach against female leadership in  the church... An obvious contradiction, unless you do more than a cursory reading of the texts. But I leave that to you Once again faith not built on  te Bible but on Christ, because of my trust in Him, I can believe His story, not the other way around 

Greetings Sister Denise! I LOVE the way you broke this message down, and sum it up, with The Word of God that even a babe-n-CHRIST would understand it. I couldn't have done a better job myself, may our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST continue to bless you with HIS Spirit(The Holy Ghost), and the love of CHRIST, which pass knowledge, that you might be filled with ALL the fulness of God(Ephesians 3: 9-21). NO, I DO NOT believe that ANY of The Holy Bible, which IS The Living Word of God to us in America have ANY contradictions in it. I believe in The Living Word of God with ALL of my heart, soul, and mind, GREAT JOB sister! Be blessed my sister-n-CHRIST.......:-)).

My question to those that believe that The Holy Bible have contradictions in it. Why do you teach and/or preach from it??????????? Write your OWN book, then teach and preach from it, YOUR VERSION OF THE TRUTH, that's what the devil did, no one will STOP you!!! Why study a book on science or math with the wrong information in it???? IT WOULD BE STUPID TO CONTINUE IN IT!!!!!!!! If one jot or tittle in The Holy Bible is a LIE, that would pollute the WHOLE book(The Holy Bible) from being The Word of God who is ALL TRUTH. WHERE IS YOUR FAITH IN THE LIVING GOD and HIS ability through HIS Spirit to influence ANY individual in HIS universe to write The Truth as HE(GOD) instruct them to write???????????????

I hear and see lots of religious rhetoric in your supposition, however here is why I still teach from it. I do not believe in Jesus because of the Bible, rather I believe the Bible because of Jesus. The obvious contradictions take nothng away from the story of Christ. I did not marry my wife because of her story,her story takes nothing away from who she is. So it is that the Bible is not the foundation of my faith, Jesus is.

If I were to build it on the Bible alone, the cotradictions would indeed shake me to my core, as they do with quite a few people, but if the foundation of my faith is Christ alone, and my relationship based on His personage, then no contradiction that I may find, and there are many, can shake me its not a house of cards but rather a strong house built on a firm foundation. And considering how some eisegete rather than exegete the Bible, I would rather depend on him..

Smiling Brother Anthony, but I can't but wonder about what you were trying to say when you say "If I were to build it on the Bible alone, the cotradictions would indeed shake me to my core, as they do with quite a few people, but if the foundation of my faith is Christ alone, and my relationship based on His personage, then no contradiction that I may find, and there are many, can shake me its not a house of cards but rather a strong house built on a firm foundation. And considering how some eisegete rather than exegete the Bible, I would rather depend on him".  How can you depend on Christ?  Is not the Holy Scriptures where you learned of Him?  Or whoever taught you about Him got their information?  If so, is it that you too are extracting information according to what you want to believe?  I am just asking how can we say we only believe in the parts we understand, or want to understand that doesn't interfer in our way of thinking?  Yes, there is alot of rhetoric going on...but OUR God is bigger than them, that, they etc.  And His truths will prevail not matter how twisted many try to make it.  Without faith it is impossible to even PLEASE God, so how do we displease Him?  With disrepect as making Him a mere man equal to man, God forbid.  He is ALL MIGHTY and NO man could ever erase anything that God intends.  It is the Holy Scriptures that we shall know the mind of God and we can't align up with Him if one do not believe even His written word that He inspired man to write.  We must believe that HE is and His promise of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to ALL truths and we would not know this information if it were not for the Holy Scriptures.  Then one goes else where in the scriptures and extract something not likeable and say it's contraditing.  God said It, I believe It and that settles It for me.  I trust the spirit of the Lord to bring me understanding to His word as I study to show myself approved.


In Love Sister Denise

Thank you Min. Victor.  I just trust the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding when it comes to my faith and how I act upon it.  The scriptures have pointed me in the direction to live a holy and acceptable life and promise of life eternity with the Father.  But through my own disobedience and hardend heart, I have at times done my own thing.  And when I look back over my life and see what the scriptures had already forewarned me about and how I disobeyed - led me in the direction of death.  But God and His LOVE, grace and mercy has allowed me another chance to do it right.  I know the scriptures has EVERY directive for all of Gods children, but if we only obeyed....but there still is that rebellious Isrealite spirit...they were so very hardheaded and disobedient, but God LOVED them so much as He does today, but that seed of disobedience from mans first fall is still running amock, but just like satan tricked Eve, which led to Adams disobedience...man is still tricking people into not believing Gods word with trickery.  Even causing disobedience even with God walking with Him in spirit and the truth of His word, because man dares to obey.  I just reverence the Lord and want to do what please Him.  Obedience.


In Love Sister Denise

I believe the contradictions if there be any, lie in our concept or misconceptions of the Bible.

So Brother Pastor when the Bible says that "the earth is suspended on pillars (Job 9:6, 26:11, Ps 75:3), is it really a misconception. There are men who look at I Tim 2, and cannot tell the difference between eternal truths and cultural suggestions. There is no misconception there, it says that the earth is suspended on pillars, it is implied. Knowing this is indeed a contradiction, along with the other example I cited to say that it does not have its contradictions is to have people build on a house of cards. This is one reason why when kids go off to school churches do not retain them because they fight this losing battle.

Let me ask this question is our faith in Christ built on the word, or is the word built on Christ? If it is based on the word first and then Christ, there is a problem because obvious contradictions require that one check intelligence and common sense at the door of the church. This is not feasible because it is clear that God does  not want automatons who do nothing but blindly obey. He seeks those who make a conscious choice for Him. Knowing that His character is shown in the person of Jesus Christ, and faith built on Him is sufficient, and the word merely reflects Him, not the other way around.


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