Hi there! For those who don't know, my son was incarcerated for posession of drugs 3 years ago. Like so many other parents, it devastated me to get that news one day before I was scheduled to go and do a Prison Ministry Revival! There was no excuse for his poor decision to behave this way. He is an educated young man. Praise God! He was not a drug addict, but guess why he was selling drugs? Like so many other ex-offenders, he needs Jesus and counseling because he is so ANGRY! He had no where to live, lost his job, and had a prior conviction that hindered him from a chance at a job to gain a reasonable income to provide for his family. I bless God that he came home on Monday and God knows I am seeking the prayers and support from God's anointed leading men and women to help me assist my son in his re-entry process. We need each other and this is the purpose of this group. As parents, adults, citizens, and leaders we must examine ourselves regularly to determine whether we are contributing to the crisis our children face or to the solutions they regularly need. Our children don't need or expect us to be perfect. They do need and expect us to be honest, to admit and correct our mistakes, and to share our struggles about the meanings and responsibilities of faith, parenthood, citizenship and life. Before we can pull up the immoral weeds of violence, materialism and greed in our society and world that are strangling our children, we must pull up the destructive weeds in our own homes, ministries, neighborhoods, and justice system. Watching our men going to prison is too common today. But what about the girls! Did you know that even though boys are five times more likely to go to prison as girls? But, in 2003 almost 15,000 girls were incarcerated! And sad to say, but I will anyway......1 out of every 7 juveniles are in judicial residential placement and there are 2.5 million grandparents raising their grand children. From these populations, 963,000 of these childen have no parent in the household! They need support! Now the question is, what are you going to do about it? Will you help me by starting a Re-Entry Family Support Chapter in your city, church or ministry? It's all about coming together to make a difference. I need you to be a part of this group by providing discussions or blogs for moral support and network job, housing, resume writing, GED, college, business, health care, spiritual and various other types of support for the re-entry populations and their families. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your kind support.
Serving our King and others, Dr. Sandy

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