What to do when a person is not being mentored and developed at their home church? I see so many people who are girted, called, and have a desire to go to the next level in ministry but aren't being mentored or raised up! I was wondering what can one do if they aren't getting the proper leadership training at their home church? Should they leave and go to a different church (starting from scratch), or stay and seek training and mentorship somewhere else? Any advice for this would be good... 

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Bible College and Seminary Help

I may have misunderstood the question. So I'll answer it this way.

If you are taking about a man needing to be train for ministry; such as (preaching, pastoral duites) then yes I answered correctly. Bible College and Seminary will help, but if you are talking about lay members than every church needs to have a discipleship program to assist with this! This is what pare of the point of the Gospel of Luke!


But that was not her question! She is asking about being discipled,  if I understand her question correctly; So with that, what we mean by accountability is not always Biblical. Just something to think about! 

Okay sister, When I said that, “I may not understand" I was using a hyperbole.


So why are you being rude. If this is what you mean when you talk about accountability how is being accountable to the command to love? I am a believer save the bullets for non-believers. I stand by my statement that what we “some times call accountability is not what the Bible teaches.” There is nowhere in all of Scripture that teachers that a pastor/preacher is to have a man/woman pick up their laundry, stand by a door while they use the restroom. All are things I have seen.  So when you talk about preachers and degrees or titles the problem with them may be that the degrees these pastor’s have are not real. Also they may not be called to ministry but have found a way to make money on the church. So discipleship is the answer to the question!  

Sister, again I never said that accountability was not a biblical concept, what I am saying is that we (Christians) don’t always practice the Bible teachings in the way the bible teachers, case in point the Prosperity gospel.

The point is that her question shows/revels a weakness of the modern church. We fall very short when it comes to discipleship. What we (the Church) have done well is produce people who faith is as deep as one inch pot.

Sol De Gloria

Pastor Rodrick Sweet

I have given you some examples of a false view of accountability. What I mean is that; the bible teaches discipleship and not this accountability stuff we are all pushing on people. I supplied the dictionaries definition of accountability and that is good but that is not the meaning of the words in the New Testament. Case in point is the first verse you quoted

Roman 14. 12 Reads in a literal translation from the Greek “So then each of us is to give a word (logon) of himself to God. The word (logon) is noun in the accusative singular state, the context informs us how to interpret this verse.

So if as you say that all believers are accountable to each other, that what will you do with the false teachers in your mist! Will you call them out to repent or will you follow them still?

Good insight.  

Amen Min. Jenine! I appreciate you sharing your testimony. I agree to be prayerful and submitted God, waiting for His direction. I do believe my time is at my church is nearing it's end but I'm just waiting on the Lord to confirm this. I'm not moving until He says so, if He says so! I just know something has to change...

     The greater one's anointing the greater the challenges there will be in life.  With every assigned anointing there is an assigned adversary to keep you from your God-given purpose.  Your anointing will help you to get through all of the adverse situations that you will encounter on the path to fulfilling your destiny.  Watch people who just slide on in without any difficulty.   

     I will be preaching "Silently I Move Forward" coming from Psalms 56.   The name Jonathelemrechokim holds the distinction of being 1 of 2 of the longest words in the bible.  The name means -  "the silent dove of far-off places". 

     There will be times that you will not be able to explain what God is doing in your life.  Have you ever looked at a situation and you had no words which could explain what just took place?  All you could do is shake your head in disbelief.  In silence I move forward.  All you can do is trust and believe God.  All you can do is trust and believe that God is working out the details right now that are moving you into your far off places on tomorrow.  Silently I move forward.   I can't explain it, I just have to keep on believing God.  

     Anyone who has a call on their life by God for the purpose of church ministry is going to have to sooner or later be lead by the Spirit concerning their next move and believe that their steps are ordered of the Lord.  Be mindful of opinions.                 

Correction:  Jonathelemrechokim - the name means -  "the silent drove of far-off places".

     Don't let your situation keep you from moving forward.  Don't let any circumstance stop you and hold you in place.  Just keep moving forward in silence and know that where you are at today will not be the place where God is taking you on your tomorrow.   




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