Are you Carrying Extra Baggage? How to Get Rid of Extra Baggage, "Yes we Can"

When are born, into this world we come in the buff, then we accumulate clothes, bottles, diaper bag etc... your own bedroom full of stuff, then whatever hobby we interest, we obtain all the supplies and a bag for each talent, then there's the emotional baggage were acquire along life's journey, Abuse, poverty, self abuse, status struggle, self-image, self esteem, pain, pride...etc...the what will the people say syndrome, am I pretty enough, smart enough, I don't have it all, am not worthy...Well, Well.  I am here to give the good news that you can get rid of those extra baggages you are carrying with know you can make friends but when that negative whining surfaces, you are not welcome to the group, when youare told that you are not equipped to do the job and you reply yes. you are correct, jus a "Yes" girl at all things negative when is comes to your abilities and lack of confidence..Embrace yourself, Self, I can do all things with God's Hand..Say a resounding "YES" that you can learn whatever needed to accomplish God's Business in Excellence to edify the body of Christ.  Prayers availeth much, that thy Abba Father, would send the resources in my pathway as I am obedient to go to and fro doing the will of God.  as the Prayer of Jabez, Bless me indeed, and His/Our request will be Granted.  D. O. G. Depend on God..Seek God to smooth out the rough edges, "Drop that Extra Baggage" with God's Hand, "Yes we Can"

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